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Spring Wardrobe Essentials

You can check out our updated! Fall Wardrobe Essentials here, and here are 17 spring time essentials to add to them. Mix in a few trendy items (maybe a few spring color or print items) that catch your eye during the season, and you’ll have yourself a closet full of quality, versatile items.



It’s just about time for that winter hat to come off, which means it’s also time to start doing that hair again. I have to admit, one of my favorite parts about winter is really only having to do the bottom half of my hair. Generally the top is plagued with hat hair anyways, so [...]


Ways to Layer Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter — she’s just not giving up. I’ve tried talking to her and she just won’t listen. I don’t know about you, but I am B-O-R-E-D with my winter clothes. It’s probably because I’m bored with winter and so over it. Layering all those clothes, sorta helps with the winter blues. So I gathered up [...]


Wear It: Now and Later

The holidays are over and suddenly all the stores are fill up with spring attire. I know for many who live in those dreamy places where Winter is pretty warm and dazzling, the hints of Spring in the shops is probably pretty welcome. But for many of us, we are still plagued with a couple [...]



You might be saying to yourself that it’s a little late to be chatting about holiday attire – but I promise it’s not. Though you might have already made the visit to Santa, we still have Christmas Eve, Day and New Year’s, and these are all great days to snazzy up the attire a little. [...]


Winter Hairdos and Tips

Ahhh, winter hair. I forget that it’s actually a “thing” all year long. And then I’m quickly reminded with hat hair, static, and that annoying rats’ nest that happens when I wear a scarf. Winter hair is, let’s be honest – annoying. Either you fight all the knots, static and mess with every strand of [...]


How To Wear Short Boots

More often called “booties,” but that just sounds like baby booties or maybe even something from a storybook, so short boots or ankle boots is what I’m calling them. They are the boot for fall. They come in tons of shapes, sizes and styles, so everyone can find a style that suits them, no problem. [...]

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