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14 Functional and Stylish Fall and Winter Maternity Coats

Ah! Winter talk! Run and hide, RUN AND HIDE! It was hard for me to type the word, probably as hard as it was for you to read it. But it’s going to come eventually and it’s always less painful if you are fully prepared. I gathered up the best fall and a few winter […]

what is a capsule collection_

The WHO, WHAT, WHY On Capsule Wardrobes

I have put together a few myself and for Hellobee. They seem to be all the rage on Pinterest, am I right? As usual, something that should be super simple comes across as pretty complicated, so I thought I would take a few minutes and just break down the whole big idea around Capsule Wardrobes/Wardrobe […]


It’s Almost The End of The Summer, And Look A Nordstrom Sale!

End of season sales are my favorite. I can almost always pre-buy a few things for next year, and save myself a few dollars and cents. Or grab some pretty decently priced transitional items. The Nordstrom sales always seem to be a favorite, probably because the prices are so eye and wallet friendly. Before you […]


Back To School In Style with Just 16 Items For Her

With the boys I used a few more items, and this is pretty much because of my love for little guys in layers. And girls get the fun options of skirts or dresses, which gives their little wardrobes a bit of an edge. If your kiddo is already back in school or is heading to […]


Back To School In Style with Just 19 Items For Him

My kids are just a week and a half away from starting a new school year, and boy are they excited. They’re mostly excited to see their friends, but also the buzz of getting new things and talking about the whole idea of a new year just puts smiles on their little faces. Are your […]


Just The Basics: mini Summer Capsule Collection for Him

When it comes to dressing little boys, my favorite items to dress them in often happen to be basics. I don’t know about you, but I just think a basic grey tee, a cute pair of slim jeans and a red pair of sneakers is just the cutest. Also my son loves to dress just […]


Just The Basics: mini Summer Capsule Collection for Her

Okay, this for sure would have been even more helpful about a month ago — but I just thought about this post now, so here you go. Hopefully it’s still helpful, or maybe you can use it to buy a size bigger (and probably on sale) now, and save for next summer. When I shop […]

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