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Stylish Warm Winter Wears For Little Ones

It’s mid January and I’m sure by now we are all a little tired of winter. I know I am, but usually there is still at least 1.5 – 2 months of winter left. Hopefully, the usual isn’t what happens this year, but it’s better to be mentally prepared. Or at least, it feels better […]


Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Hopefully your holidays are going great and you are ready to start relaxing. Adding to the existing Spring Essentials and Fall Essentials lists, I tried to build a winter wardrobe using those two as the base. If you have a decent fall or spring base wardrobe, you don’t need to add too much other then […]


What To Do About Winter Hat Hair

Winter hat hair. It’s sorta like a big messy Monday that happens almost everyday of the winter – it’s unavoidable and inevitable. So after, blankity-blank (I’m modest like that) years “enjoying” (cough) winters, I have sorta figured out how to deal with messy winter hair. Or at least how to ignore it, but ignoring is […]


Fall Maternity Style / Stick to The Basics

Fall and winter style when you’re pregnant can be tricky. Actually anything regarding clothes can be tricky when you’re pregnant let’s be honest! I had a heck of a time finding clothes I actually wanted to wear when I was pregnant with my first. And then with my second I had a realization —┬ástick to […]


The Perfect Little Winter Coat To Keep Them Warm

As much as I’m sure everyone (except those that live wonderfully warm climates) want to admit it, winter is coming. And thinking back on last year’s winter, it has me totally frightened for what may be coming. I love a good stylish coat, but something that is also functional. When it comes to winter coats, […]


Oversized Sweaters for Fall

The super cozy and warm winner this fall goes to the oversized sweater look. It’s a great addition to your layer game and a ridiculous easy look for everyone to pull off. For some of you this look might be questionable, but you don’t have to do super oversized to “get the look” and it […]


Party Attire for Him

I think girls have the upper hand when it comes to dressing for a party. Pretty dress? And done. Boys don’t have it rough, but it does take a little more than just the point of a finger in the direction of something cute. Also, it totally depends on the type of party. So in […]

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