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Toddler Activity: Color Coded Sticker Fun

Finding activities for toddlers that are not only fun, but educational and inexpensive as well can be a challenge. I find that more times than not it’s the simplest activities that keep my children the happiest for the longest amounts of time. Take for example these color coded stickers. One afternoon while cleaning out my […]


DIY Jingle Bell Ornament

I have found that my children love creating with the same simple materials I used as a child. From watercolors to play-dough, it doesn’t take much to keep them feeling inspired. As I was brainstorming holiday type crafts to do with my five and three year old, I fell back to some old standby supplies […]

DIY Turkey Treat Bag Place Cards

If you’ve ever hosted Thanksgiving dinner, you know that children are often ready to eat before the turkey is ready. These cute turkey place cards will not only let your littlest visitors know where they should sit, they hold a little snack to tie little stomachs over until the real meal is served.


DIY Halloween Treat Bag

Instead of handing your little one a plastic grocery bag to tote around this coming Halloween night, create this cute, reusable bag. The process is simple and a fun afternoon craft you can enjoy doing together.


DIY Chalkboard City Blocks

Wooden building blocks are at the tippity top of my favorite children’s toys list. They are easy to find (or make!) and provide hours upon hours of creative play. I’ve been a bit obsessed with chalkboard paint as of late and wanted to experiment with some handmade blocks, and this little cityscape is the result. […]


DIY Back to School Ribbon Medal

One of the best ways to ease those back to school jitters is to make the day feel as special as possible. My husband and I make a big breakfast that morning filled with the kids’ favorite breakfast foods. This year I also thought it would be fun to make ribbon medals for the kids. […]


DIY Perler Bead Banner

Chances are if you have children between the ages of 5-10 you’re already familiar with perler beads. They’re fun plastic beads that you arrange on a grid (creating some kind of picture or design) and then use an iron to melt the beads together. My children love perler beads! If you’re looking for a nice […]

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