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DIY Cardboard Cookie Bake Shop

My 2-year-old enjoyed making these cardboard cookies almost as much as baking the real thing! And I say almost only because there wasn’t any real frosting or dough to eat up, which we all know is one of the best parts of baking! But unlike freshly baked goods that last less than 24 hours in […]

DIY Carwash

DIY Carwash Playset

With the Polar Vortex and other erratic weather (hopefully!) behind us, we’ve been spending a good part of our sunny days outdoors. But if your children are at all like mine, you know there’s a saturation point of chalk drawings on the driveway, blowing bubbles and real-life Minecraft (for a day, the boys were obsessed […]


DIY Faux Metallic Oversized Initial

We moved into a new home last summer, but as is typical for me, the “decorating” part of settling in is a slow work-in-progress. I’ve been wanting some oversized initials to display in my boys’ shared room for some time, but not finding exactly what I had in mind, I set out to making my […]


DIY Cardboard Toy Chair

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a project here on Hellobee, but I’m glad to be back! I started a part-time design job in the fall and never got around to making some projects I had bouncing around in my head. Slated for future projects, boxes were fast accumulating in the house and […]

Printable Superhero Fingerpuppets | Hellobee

Printable Superhero Finger Puppets

This is a quick activity to do with the kids, or it makes a great stocking stuffer. All you need is a printer, some mini-glue dots, a pair of scissors (and/or an X-acto knife if you like your cuts to be super straight), a pen or washable marker, and lastly, this Superhero Finger Puppet Printable. […]


DIY Mini Spooky Wreath

This mini wreath project is not only kid-friendly, but a fine-motor exercise for little hands too!


DIY Monster Plants

Are your kids anxious to get the Halloween decor up like mine are?! Hoping to stave off a search in the supply room for bags of faux-webbing, plastic spiders, a cackling Grim Reaper, etc., I pulled together this Halloween craft for the boys. My initial idea involved spray paint, acrylic paint, and gloss finish but […]

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