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DIY Peel and Stick Christmas Tree Decals

Here is a fun activity for the little ones this holiday season: Christmas tree decals. Let them peel, stick and re-stick their time away. It is a fun way to get them to have quiet time to create without any mess. Vinyl decals are nothing new, but sheets of colored vinyl at the craft store […]

diy hand print turkey a

DIY Hand Print Turkey

We had them when we were little, and they are pretty much a given in any preschool or kindergarten class: hand print turkeys. But I wanted to make keepsakes that were pretty too. Clay hand print turkeys are an easy project even the most non-crafty mom or dad can make with their little one. They […]

diy printable book c

DIY Printable Coloring Book

My older son Henry came home with a book from school, and of course his younger brother Hunter went all kinds of crazy over it. He has insisted we make at least two a day. I get to write most of the story above the pictures — he tells me what to write — but […]

diy clown cupcake toppers a

DIY Clown Cupcake Toppers

Are you looking for something a little more whimsical for your next shower or birthday party? Why not try my redo of those old vintage clown toppers? They are just a bit kitschy without going over the top. Use modern patterned card stock to create a more current classic.


DIY Wand

Ever wonder how to make a simple wand for your fairy princess? Or maybe you are having a party and magic wands would be the perfect favor. Either way, make a wooden wand in an afternoon and give your little one hours of pretend time. Don’t worry, it is really easy. The longest part of […]


DIY Mini Party Tent

Little people have many milestones worth celebrating besides birthdays. Why not throw a mini party in honor of learning to tie our shoes or finally being potty trained? We know mom is celebrating, right? For whatever reason, or for no reason whatsoever, grab a few rolls of crepe paper, a fancy cupcake and have a […]


DIY Nursery Poster Art

Cool quotes on giant posters are everywhere. Why not make your own at half the cost of going to a printer? Find some fun wrapping paper or fabric and make your own nursery art. It’s super simple and addicting.

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