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DIY No-Slip Socks

Hardwood floors are beautiful.  Toddlers running around in socks, slipping and sliding on those hardwood floors, not so beautiful. Whether you have wood, tile, linoleum, laminate, marble, or pretty much anything other than carpet, you have undoubtedly experienced this.  These DIY no-slip socks are a super easy and cheap way to keep your little one [...]


DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

It's time to haunt up your house a little bit with a spooky Halloween Ghost Garland!  This is an easy project that makes a big impact, day or night.


DIY Stained Clothespins

A while ago I needed a few clothespins for an art project we were doing, and the only bag I could find was huge.  So we were left with a ton of wooden clothespins.  I started thinking of all of the ways I could use them, but they looked a little naked.  Nothing a little [...]


Stamped Notecards

I love cute note cards and stationery.  I probably have a whole drawer full.  But since that whole drawer full is not yet unpacked and I needed a few thank you notes, it was either a trip to Target or get crafty.  My girl loves getting crafty just as much as I do, so we [...]


DIY Activity Wallet

Please welcome the latest diy contributor to Hellobee, the amazingly talented photographer, crafter, and mom Kaley Ann! ~~~ Do you ever feel like you need a whole bag of toys to keep your little one occupied while you are on an airplane, at a restaurant, or in the doctor's waiting room?  Then even if you [...]

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