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Back to School Bouquets

Well, the kids are definitely back in school.  We are starting to get into a bit of a routine.  I like to start the year off with a gift for my kids’ teachers.  It’s simple math: Happy Teacher = Happy Students!  Last year I made fresh Apple Scones for the teachers, and the year before [...]


Instagram Necklace

Are you digging instagram like I am these days? I’m having so much fun playing with filters and sharing my stylish pictures instantly with my friends. I’m such a visual person, so thumbing through all my instagram friends’ images is quite addictive. I love how nothing really needs to be said or explained, and it’s [...]


Chubby Baby

Olivia is the cutest little chubby baby ever, and I’m not biased at all. ;) She is in the 90th percentile for height, and 97th percentile for weight.  I don’t have small babies — my older daughter Denali and my son Dylan were both 9 lbs, and Olivia was 9 lbs 2 oz. I really [...]


DIY Pollen and Allergy Free Flowers

I love having natural elements like fresh flowers around my home, because they just make me happy.  I’m not talking expensive, fancy florist flowers -  just a $4 bunch from the grocery store or some clippings from the yard will do. But the nursery is one place you really don’t want fresh flowers. Once your [...]

Under Bed (or Crib) Storage

I don’t think you can ever have enough storage; we definitely can’t in our little house. I especially needed some extra storage for the girls’ room.

sophie leash

DIY Sophie Leash

We LOVE Sophie!  When I was preggo, I laughed at the thought of owning a $25 squeaky toy.  But my sister-in-law bought Sophie for Olivia.  Now I’ve decided that the French knew what they were doing when they made this toy, because Sophie is our favorite toy.  She goes everywhere with us!  Just this week [...]


Whose body am I in?

Olivia is now 6 months old, and I’m getting kind of tired of getting out of the shower and not recognizing the body I’m in.  In my head I’m not still 15 pounds overweight, but when I get a glance at myself in the mirror, I’m rudely reminded that I am. I recently cleaned out [...]

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