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The “Emotional” Phase

The Toddler Dudes turned one on March 11.  Approximately 2 weeks later, we had not babies, but TODDLERS.  I don’t mean that they started walking; they’ve been doing that since 10 1/2 months, which was kind of horrifying fantastic because parents of twins always hope for early walkers.  :-/  But moving on, when I say [...]

First-Time Twin Moms: Living in No Man’s Land

When your “first baby” is actually two or more babies, I have a theory that you are instantly transported to a no-man’s land where only other moms who had multiples first will ever live.  Let me take you on a little tour of the land of First-Time Twin Parents. You get that positive pregnancy test [...]

When it’s not “9 months on, 9 months off”

I remember hearing people tell new moms not to worry about their post-partum weight right away. “Nine months on, nine months off,” they said.  Well, what about when it’s NOT 9 months off?  I honestly always thought that if you were careful about your weight gain during pregnancy, that it wouldn’t be too hard to [...]


Introducing Peanuts

As with all medical issues, you should discuss any questions or concerns you have about your child and food allergies with your doctor.  I was never super worried about introducing most potential allergens, and for the most part, the boys haven’t had any reaction but utter love for almost everything they’ve tried.  Elliot, however, did [...]


Two-By-Two: Noah’s Ark Birthday Party

I am still in shock that I have one-year olds walking around my house, but with all the party decor hanging in my house, it’s a pretty constant reminder that they’re big boys now (and also that I need to get myself in gear and undecorate!).  We stuck with our “Two-by-Two: Noah’s Ark” theme. These [...]


Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia

I like fish.  I swear I do.  I don’t however like having my house smell fishy nor do I like fish that tastes fishy.  The idea of fish (healthy, allegedly delicious, good brain food) always sways me into trying new recipes, which I rarely make again when they inevitably disappoint.  I swear restaurants have some [...]

bran muffins

Three-Week Muffin Mix

This bran muffin recipe is one of my favorite breakfast treats, and it’s always a hit with my nieces (ages 9 & 10), too.  My favorite thing about this recipe, though, is that you can make the mix and leave it in the refrigerator for several weeks.  The recipe actually says the mix will be [...]

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