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Introducing Our Leading Lady

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the sweet lady that has wrapped us all around her finger.  Meet Rowan Naomi. Rowan Naomi.–7 lbs. 7 oz.–19 inches After deciding that we felt someone was still missing from our family, we went for #4. My pregnancy with this baby was rather uneventful. While we knew […]


Three Under Two: Surviving the First Year

Two and a half years ago, I gave birth to our sweet Graham Man when our twins were 22-months old. Then you pretty much didn’t hear from me for a year or so. Time to blog was non-existent. So, for the approximately 3.2 people reading this who have or will ever have three kids under […]


Putting Twins in the Same or Different Classes

When the twins were little bitty, I couldn’t imagine them being apart someday in school, partly because they had literally spent all day every day of their lives together and partly because it sounded easier to keep up with one teacher’s rules, homework, etc. I stayed home for a while and then went back to […]


It’s Okay If This Stage Just Isn’t Your Thing

I always loved babies. I was the teenager that always wanted to help in the church nursery so I could rock babies  I love to listen to their tiny little noises, feel their itsy bitsy fingers wrap around my own, and see those little baby smiles. There’s nothing better in the world to me than […]


There IS a Number Four and It is a . . .

We went back and forth on whether to have a fourth baby for a long time, but we finally decided that we just felt like we were still missing someone. Even though we were pretty content with our three boys, there was this nagging feeling that we might regret it later if we didn’t have […]


Twins and the Temptation to Give Identical Gifts

The Little Dudes aren’t very little anymore, and we’re always running into new things to ponder as they grow and develop into their own very unidentical personalities despite their identical faces. This holiday season is the first year, I’ve really struggled with the concept of giving gifts to twins. In the past, they were little […]


When Your Dreams And Your Kids Collide

Hey, old friends and those of you who weren’t even thinking about having babies the last time I showed my face around here much! For those of you that don’t know me or have missed me or who were glad I’m gone but will quietly put up with my return, I promise I’ve had a […]

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