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Why Being a Country Kid is Awesome

Mrs. Bee and Mrs. High Heels recently detailed why they love raising kids in the city and suburbs respectively. Those great posts made me realize it’s time for me to write a shout out to country living. Mr. Blue and I live in a town of just under 200,000 people, but I grew up in […]

quiet moment

Taking Time to Notice the Happy

Having twin toddlers is a special kind of crazy. I love those little bundles of energy, but it sometimes feels like my day is one big blur of tantrums, emotional breakdowns, and discipline. For a while, I was truly feeling like I must be a terrible mother because my kids were just unhappy and miserable […]

Occam’s Razor & Our Toddlers’ Sleep

You know about Occam’s Razor? In my own words, it’s basically that between two options the one with the fewer assumptions, the simpler solution, is better. Oh, if only I had applied this principle months ago to the little dudes’ sleep issues. You see, we’ve been in toddler sleep hell for about 3 months. For […]


My Nursing Clothes Wishlist

I breastfed for such a short time with the twins that I only had 2-3 nursing tanks and a couple of nursing bras. This time, breastfeeding has been going great and I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to keep going until at least a year. While I know that there are many regular clothes that […]

Gardening with toddlers 2

Gardening with Toddlers: The Planning and Preparation

This spring we tackled a new . . . ahem . . . shall we say “adventure?” Gardening with the little dudes. Regardless of how much extra work and frustration would inevitably result from gardening with two two-year-olds, I knew this would be a great opportunity to do something new and fun that would be […]


The Second Time Around: Thoughts of a Very Pregnant Woman

This post was written January 2, 2015.  Thankfully, I am no longer a very pregnant woman.  Y’all, I am about to pop. If I hadn’t been much bigger and more uncomfortable when I was pregnant with the twins, I’d be pretty convinced that it was a literal statement. I’m a couple days shy of 38 […]

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The Most Important Parenting Lesson Having Twins Has Taught Me

When I jumped into the world of parenting, it was in a two for the price of two kind of deal. My sweet, big boys are identical twins, which means that genetically speaking they’re pretty much as close to being the same person as any two humans can be. In fact, we always say they […]

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