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Christmas Jammies for the Kiddos

Mr. Blue grew up with the family tradition of always getting new pajamas for Christmas. They always received theirs on Christmas Eve to wear that night. This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions and it's not one that I grew up with, so I really look forward to picking out cute little jammies for [...]

Placentas get me every time

A very long while ago, I wrote about how much I hoped for "normal" this time around.  And at 29 weeks, I must say that my wish has been granted for the most part. We moved when I was just out of the first trimester and while finding and getting set up with a new OB was [...]

Three Under Three

We are so excited about this little bit that is joining our family in a few months but yesterday, I may have had a wee panic attack about having three kids under two years old.  Granted, the older two will only be under two for a couple of months, but I'm still terrified of managing [...]

More Than Monsters in the Closet: Night Terrors

You've been asleep just long enough to fall into a deep sleep. Suddenly, you hear your child screaming such a terror-filled scream that you immediately run to them without a look at the monitor or a pause to see if they'll go back to sleep. You run into the room and find your toddler sitting, [...]

Hopes for "Normal"

In my mind, I clearly remember the first time I noticed the bright pink sign on the door to my room in the post-partum wing. The night before, Elliot & Finn arrived in the world and were swept away to the NICU. I had been down to see them after we got the clear from [...]

Protein for Baby Wannabe Vegetarians

The Baby Dudes are pretending to be vegetarians. At least I think they're pretending. I suspect as they get older they'll increase the amount of meat they eat, but in the meantime, we've had to get more creative in our sources of protein and iron.  This problem was amplified by Elliot's allergy to chickpeas and [...]

Twin Pregnancy v. Single Pregnancy: First Trimester

To sum up my twin pregnancy, I'll say this:  I had a relatively complication-free twin pregnancy, and I would still choose to relive the days with newborn twins over living through another twin pregnancy any day of the week. During my first pregnancy, I struggled. A lot. In almost every way. In fact, I was [...]

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