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Test Tube Flower Arrangements

I love entertaining and hosting a house full of people I love eating, drinking and mingling. I love seeing kids interacting with each other and even running wild. It gives me true joy to share holidays and special moments with friends and family. Last year when I hosted a break fast, I came up with […]

Easy Roses

Roses can be intimidating. Thorns? Delicate petals? Do not be afraid. Here’s a surefire way to make a chic and modern rose arrangement that perfect for a baby shower or any other special event in your life.


DIY Honeycomb Rainbow Garland

When it comes to entertaining, my theory is to pick a few small DIY projects for personalized added touches and keep everything else simple. I have a tendency to want to go overboard, so I set limits from the beginning. I created this rainbow garland using this gorgeous honeycomb paper I ordered on a whim. […]

Love Postage Stamp Map

Being in the stationery business has made me an avid lover of postage stamps. One might even call me a philatelist. Since I assist many of my customers with wedding postage, I’m especially fond of love stamps. We used a combination of vintage love stamps on my sister Ali’s wedding invitations this year. I was […]

Rainbow Centerpiece

I really, really, really love keeping fresh flowers in our house. It makes me feel like a grown-up. It makes me feel girly. And it makes me smile. A lot. But truthfully, I can be a little lazy about arranging, so I am always on the lookout for quick and easy florals that look spectacular. […]

Divide + Conquer

During R + M’s first year, we didn’t venture out of the house very often. I struggled with getting two kids in the car, assembling the bulky double stroller and schlepping around countless bottles/burp clothes/baby gear/etc. It was easier to stay at home and utilize the endless array of toys/contraptions/tv to keep the kids entertained. […]


Double Strollers for Twins

Almost every new mother-to-be asks, “What stroller should I buy?”  But if you are a future twin mom, the answer can be a little more complicated. I had a lot of stroller confusion when I found out I was having two babies. Although there are way less options for double strollers, navigating the needs of […]

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