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What Anxiety Feels Like to Me

I’ve always been anxious, even as a little kid. I am sure that some of this was due to the instability of my environment because of my parents. I felt like I had no control. I can remember freaking out internally that one of my toys had been left outside overnight. I spent an entire […]

Becoming a Parent – Rites of Passage

I love participating in Hellobee board discussions and one came up recently about whether or not childbirth classes were helpful. When I think back about my first experiences as an almost new parent, I definitely remember childbirth classes being one of those things that I wanted to do, partially because I thought it might be […]

Being Proud of Yourself

As people, as mothers, and as women, there is a certain stigma associated with being proud of yourself. There is a belief that notates we should be humble and not speak of our accomplishments, and if we do then we are boastful, egotistical, even rude. I hate this notion so much, and as a person […]

When You’ve Experienced Loss

One of the hardest things about losing a pregnancy or baby is that there doesn’t seem to be an obvious place to go to get the comfort you seek. For me, I had no idea how many people around me had experienced loss, and this meant that I was unable to find my tribe of […]


Early Prep for Christmas

Ok, I know you are probably all thinking I am crazy by mentioning Christmas this early, but trust me, I’m onto something here. Every year I set a goal to be done with my Christmas shopping by the second week in November. I do this for a bunch of reasons, but my main reason is […]

October – Another Year

In October of 2012, I lost my first pregnancy to miscarriage. I went through a traumatic D&C that made me feel vulnerable and incredibly raw. The entire experience was awful. I remember being numb, swearing that I never wanted to get pregnant again because I didn’t think I could survive this feeling. It was the […]


Homemade Pickles- Cereal Family Traditions

My family has been making home-made pickles my entire life. In fact, the recipe we use is actually from my great grandmother’s grandmother, so this has been going on for many generations. I am a pickle snob and I hate store bought pickles because they just aren’t as good as the ones we make ourselves. […]

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