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andalou face mask

Five Friday Favorites

Right now I am in the beginning of my second trimester of pregnancy, so my Five Friday Favorites are dedicated to staying afloat during this pregnancy trimester. Andalou Face Mask Pods: I use these about once or twice a month when I feel I need an at-home “spa day.” They are good for my sensitive […]


3rd Time’s a Charm

Ever since my ectopic pregnancy in July 2017 we have gone back and forth about trying for our third and final family addition. We had an early loss in February 2018 that set us aback and had us rethink about becoming a party of five. But now is it July 2018 and, here we are, […]

The One that Wasn’t Meant to Be

This post was originally written¬†during Summer 2017. It has taken me a while to get comfortable with sharing this experience. Finally, I feel like I am in a place to put this out there in hopes that others who may have experienced or are currently experiencing an ectopic pregnancy can find comfort in my story. […]


The Tiny Builder Gift Guide

StarCakes is currently in a building phase. The first thing he plays with when he gets to his Pre-K classroom is the blocks. In addition, he has always loved Angry Birds, both the game and the movie, so when he’s home he would use his Jenga blocks to recreate¬†bird and pig scenarios that he would […]


Gifts for the Frozen Fanatic

GemCakes loves Frozen. Actually, I think “loves” is an understatement. She is obsessed with Frozen, specifically Elsa from Frozen. Whenever she hears the song “Let It Go,” she has us put her Elsa dress on, braid her hair, put on her crown and cape and then gets into position to sing her little heart out. […]


A Family Vacation in Portland, Oregon

The Cheesecake family took a food-filled and city-centered week-long trip to Portland, Oregon back in August. We loved that Portland was so public transportation friendly and easy to navigate for us suburban folks. The weather was pleasant and made daily excursions into the city easy. Here’s a breakdown of the places we visited and ate […]


Back-to-School Prep for Pre-K

StarCakes will be starting Pre-K in late August where he will be attending a half-day program three days a week with other 4-year-olds. After reading through his classroom handbook, the nerd in me is ready for back-to-school shopping! I started making a list of the items that I want to get for him before school […]

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