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Okonomiyaki – Japanese savory pancake

Sometimes our CSA order comes with weird and wonderful things. Last week’s item was the leafiest, beefiest head of cabbage I’ve ever seen. My immediate thoughts for uses: borscht and cabbage rolls (the Ukrainian in me, no doubt), but these are laborious endeavors. I remembered a Japanese homestay had made my family Okonomiyaki years ago – basically a […]


Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

I have found the perfect cookie. My only criteria was that it would retain its softness after it had fully cooled from the oven. So I guess I like cookies with a cake-like consistency. I have an 8 1/2 x 11″ page recipe in my folder with the words “best cookie recipe ever” scrawled across […]


21 Quality Wind Instruments for toddlers and children

As Christmas draws closer and closer, I’ve been looking for musical instruments. Sure, everyone from Fisher Price, to Doug and Melissa, to even the fancier European wooden toy companies offer musical toys. But I’m looking at things that transcend the idea of a musical noise maker that’s only good from ages 3-6. So here I begin […]


The search for better lactogenic cookies

Why do lactation cookies suck every last drop of moisture from your mouth? Have you ever had a zinc lozenge do that? Lactation cookies are so much worse. Oh, and they come out of the oven the very same pale shade of beige that they entered the oven with. Never a good sign. They often crumble […]


21 ikea christmas gifts for the littles

Ikea has some pretty great stuff at incredible prices, and their children’s department is no exception. Until November 25th, they are having Ikea family member prices on select items, including their MAMMUT stools, chairs, and tables – the latter two come in soft shades of pink, blue, and green. I’ve been eyeing some Montessori type furniture for […]


10 graphic tees and more from Uniqlo

UNIQLO is my go-to place in Hong Kong to buy fun $10 graphic tees for adults, and I would call it something to the effect of a Japanese Gap, but with rights to Disney, Peanuts, and many artists – from Andy Warhol, to Keith Haring, to Michel Basquiat and more. Their children’s section always has […]


Superhero first birthday

One year ago I gave birth across the room from a former workmate whose family hails from Argentina. I call her Mrs. Argentina. I imagine we’ll have at least one joint birthday party together, but for this year I had a relatively simple barbeque, and she put together what I would call a pin-worthy party. […]

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