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New Sibling Books

Before Juliet was born, I tried to find a few new sibling books to read to Drakey to help him prepare for Juliet’s arrival. I ended up purchasing My New Baby and I’m a Big Brother (there is also an I’m a Big Sister version) after hearing several recommendations about them. Now that we are expecting again, I […]


Things for a 3rd Baby

There isn’t much we need to buy for this new one coming. All my kids will be within 5 years of each other, so most things are still working or in good condition. And since I have a boy and a girl, I’m set for a lot of clothing and things like blankets as well. […]


Juliet’s One Year Early Intervention Review @ 21 Months

Juliet had her yearly Early Intervention review today. It was cutting it close since her authorization is up at the end of the month, and between bad weather and sick kids, we had to postpone the meeting several times. I met with Juliet’s case director as well as her regular developmental therapist. Since she was […]


15 Spring Crafts

What a long winter it has been! We are finally melting out from under this snowy winter and despite the weather report saying we are due for another snow storm on the first day of spring, I am ready to welcome in spring’s warm rays. Drake has been eyeing our yard for days now since […]

Help Us With a Girl Name for Baby #3!

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved reading. I was a very hyper child, hence my diagnosis of attention defect disorder with hyperactivity, but when it came to story time I could sit for hours. My mother took this opportunity to read to me often and take me on weekly trips […]

Checklist Before Baby #3

I really enjoyed reading Mrs. Oatmeal’s list of things to do before Baby # 2 arrived, so I thought I’d see what kind of list I could come up with before our Baby 3 comes. I remember having a small list of things to do with Drakey before Juliet was born. I was working right […]


DIY Birdhouse

Mr. Chocolate’s mother is an avid bird watcher. She has various bird feeders and baths in her garden, and from that I think Mr. Chocolate developed a bit of a bird sense himself. One of the first things he installed when we moved into our home two years ago was a little bird feeder that hung […]

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