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Happy HelloBee (1 of 1)


As we close out this year, we have one more thing to celebrate and be grateful for in the Chocolate home -- Juliet completed her last physical therapy session in Early Intervention and was dismissed from that program this month! She is still in Early Intervention for developmental, since she is still too young to [...]


10 Gifts for Your Little Music Lover

I think it's pretty common for little kids to enjoy music, but Juliet takes it to another level. Since she was able to pull to stand Juliet has been dancing her way into our hearts. She loves to shake and move at any sound, whether it be you singing, to Drake's marching band (eg him [...]


The Morning Visitor

I know I shouldn't complain -- I didn't have to deal with this for over four years -- but it's finally happened: the dreaded child roaming the halls at all hours of the day and night. Every morning, and sometimes at night if I'm lucky, luckier still if I am already in bed asleep, I [...]

Parenting with ADHD

ADHD is such a common acronym these days, and it seems like everyone knows somebody — or somebody's child — who has been diagnosed with it. But back in the early '90s when I was first diagnosed, it seemed like a relatively uncommon disorder. My mother has always said I came bounding into the world [...]


Puzzles for Every Age

Since Drake was young we have bought him puzzles since they were a nice quiet toy for him to play with alone, while helping him with problem solving and fine motor tuning. Since Juliet's arrival we have added more puzzles to our home because both her therapists from Early Intervention talk about how good they [...]

lego advent

10 Advent Calendars to Buy

I recently did a post about DIY advent calendars, but let's face it -- not everyone has time to craft once the holiday season kicks in so here is a round up of some advent calendars you can purchase instead.  After joining Hellobee, I learned about the book advent which I personally love. You can do all Christmas [...]

advent - muffin tin

25 DIY Advent Calendars

I have never done an advent calendar before. Truthfully I never even heard of one until a few years ago. But now that I have kids, every holiday seems more fun and magical, and at this age it's fun to see their excitement and anticipation build for these special celebrations. Drake has been talking about [...]

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