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Parties for Every Season

I am already starting to think about Drake and Juliet's birthdays in the summer, which got me thinking about party planning in other months as we start to think about trying for our third child. Here are some great party themes for every season of the year. W I N T E R Though I [...]


What Little Sisters Can Teach Big Brothers

It's no surprise that Juliet has learned a lot from Drake. From morning to night she loves her big brother and follows him everywhere. Drake is a great big brother, for the most part, and really doesn't mind having Juliet tag along with him all the time. Since they spend so much time together, I [...]


20 DIY Christmas Ornaments

I admit I'm not much for the holidays. As a child of immigrants, my parents didn't really understand American customs. We did see family around the holidays and I believed in Santa for a while, but as a whole holidays were always small and never a big production. Even after I married Mr. Chocolate, I [...]


Add Ons for Book Themed Gifts

Gymboree recently released an Eric Carle line of clothes and PJs that Drake went bananas for.  He loved all the animals and went with me to the store to pick out the ones he liked best. Truth be told, I'm not a huge Eric Carle fan and so Drake wasn't familiar with the books -- he just [...]


Creating a Bond Between Siblings

Juliet has finally hit an age where she can engage and play somewhat with Drake. I have been eagerly awaiting this stage for both my kids, as I really love seeing my two littles interact.  The plus is that they both seem to adore one another and have for a long time. I was always [...]


20 Gifts for the Little Artist

We are big arts and craft lovers in this house. Drake has covered our walls through the years with his drawings and projects from school, and I love a good DIY. As Christmas draws closer I made a roundup of some fun and new art supplies and kits to gift your little artist this holiday [...]


DIY See Saw

Drake has been obsessed with see saws for quite some time.  He loves the one at a local park and it's his favorite thing to play on with Juliet.  I mentioned this to Mr Chocolate in passing, and then one weekend afternoon Mr. Chocolate made Drake's dream come true. I was so surprised how quickly [...]

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