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Some New Picture Books

With Drake and Juliet’s birthdays approaching, I am looking at what new books I can give them. I always gift books as part of any gift giving celebration as a way to enhance their love of reading, as well as to get new books into our rotation at bedtime. I love this age where both […]

Waiting to Potty Train

Juliet will be three very soon, and ever since she turned two I have heard the question, “when are you going to potty train her?” Despite that I’m still not really thinking about potty training yet. I have a few books from when Drake was little that I have read to her, I bought her […]


What I Would Buy Now for Baby

Fiona has lived in hand me downs since she was born. With the close spacing of 3 kids, all in a 5 year gap, I haven’t had to buy new stuff for Fiona which has been nice on the wallet. But the researcher in me loves browsing online and in stores at all the cute […]


Fiona’s Style

Let’s face it — kids’ clothing is adorable. With summer coming, I am so excited to see all the cute summer styles I have bought these last few months. I went a bit overboard this year with Fiona’s closet since it might be the last time I get to shop for a baby. I am […]

Bent Out Legs Part Two

A little while back I posted about Juliet’s legs, which are slightly knocked kneed and bent outward due to her positioning in the womb. At the time I was coming to peace with my decision not to pursue any intervention after taking her to the orthopedic twice and being told she would become more conscious of it […]

For Kids Who Dont Like Toys

For the Boy Who Doesn’t Like Toys

When Drake was a baby, I spent hours researching all the latest, greatest, and cutest toys for him. I loved walking down the brightly colored aisles at Toys R Us looking at all the adorable toys, reading reviews online, and comparing prices. As Drake grew our playroom became more and more cluttered, until one day I […]


15 Summer Grilling Recipes

It’s finally starting to feel like spring again here in New Jersey. I am so ready to be dining al fresco again and have been pinning all kinds of grilling recipes to try out this spring/summer. Here are some I can’t wait to try! Mediterranean Chicken with Greek Dill Yogurt via Mediterranean Dish

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