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Your First, My Last

As a first time mom, one of the things I anxiously awaited most was Drake’s first movements. I wanted to know what it would feel like… weird, bubbly, emotional. Week after week I would touch my belly and prod it, wondering when the little one inside me would finally greet my movements with one of […]


My Favorite Children’s Art and Children’s Book Illustrators

Long before I had children, I’d always been a fan of illustrators. A few of my college friends (as well as my SIL) are artists and graphic designers, and they introduced me to the beautiful world of art and illustration. My own personal taste has always leaned toward the whimsical and sweet with some Asian […]


A Moment For Everyone

In a few short months I am going to be a mom of three!?! It’s hard to believe at times. This pregnancy has been so different from my other two in many regards, but the biggest one is time. When I was pregnant with Drake I remember afternoon naps, hours of baby research online, leisurely […]


And then there were three

Drake and Juliet, along with myself and Mr. Chocolate are excited, a little scared, and happy to announce we are expecting one more to our little family! Wrangling two kids for this photo was¬†extraordinarily¬†hard… I can’t imagine three! This pregnancy has been a series of ups and downs. We experienced some bleeding issues early on, […]


Kindergarten Woes

Kindergarten? Kindergarten! How in the world did we get here?? As I type this and look at the little boy fast asleep in my bed, I can’t fathom how we are a month away from registering him for Kindergarten in September. Where did the years go? Kindergarten is for big kids! They ride the bus! […]


7 Non-Toy Gifts for Preschoolers

Christmas in our house was crazy! There are toys in every single room of our house and I recently received a few more gifts from family through the mail. We are so blessed, but I admit I am a bit toyed out now. I know I am not the only mom who feels like this; […]

birth order

How Birth Order Affects Personality

Birth order has always fascinated me. I think a lot of that has to do with me being an only child, and my life-long interest in large families. When I was in high school I took a psychology elective where we covered Alfred Adler and his birth order theories. He broke down the traits most […]

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