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Etsy Print Shops

I think prints can make such a wonderful addition to children’s rooms, helping tie in themes and add a splash of detail or color to the room. I’m still in the midst of working on Drake and Juliet’s rooms, but I am already dreaming of planning another nursery room one day, so here is a [...]


Gifts for One Year Old Under $15

Juliet got a wonderful array of birthday gifts this year. We truly feel blessed she was showered with presents, but truthfully at one she is just as enamored and interested with the wrapping paper, boxes… heck even a pile of laundry. Besides that she has so many hand me down toys to boot. When friends [...]

Being an Only Child

This post is about my own personal experiences and feelings about being an only child. I was about four I think when I realized that I didn’t have any brothers or sisters. At the time I played down the street at my babysitter’s house while my parents worked. The babysitter had two young children — [...]


Roadtrip Essentials

In just a few short weeks, we will be embarking on our first family road trip from New Jersey to Florida.  To say I am not daunted at the idea of such a long car ride with a 4 year old and a 1 year old would be a lie; I am terrified. Juliet has [...]


Photographing the Everyday

When I first got into photography, I remember staring at pictures of children frolicking in wildflowers, having tea parties in enchanted forests, and rolling in lush rolling meadows. I wanted those images until I realized that that wasn’t real life (at least for me). Most days my life is mired in typical suburbia with its [...]


What to Buy Before You Get to Disney

I have been knee deep in Disney preparations, and one of the common things asked on Disney forums is what items to buy and bring ahead of time.  The logic behind that is simple: while you can find most items at Disney, the markup is much higher. Bring some stuff ahead of time saves you [...]

Juliet’s Cake Smash Photoshoot

I’m about a month late with this, but this weekend Juliet finally got to smash a cake for her one year old celebration. I wanted to wait until a weekend where Mr. Chocolate was around since I knew if I mentioned a cake Drake would want to be in on the action, and I didn’t [...]

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