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Rainbow Crafts for Spring

Drake’s preschool class had a rainbow-themed spring party right before Spring Break. The other class mom and I decided to make a rainbow fruit platter as part of the snack/decoration for the party. While the other mom worked on the mini Easter egg hunt, I was tasked with finding a craft to fit the rainbow theme. These were […]


A Book for Every Season

Since Drake is in school right now, he loves coming home to tell me all about the things he has learned. We had such a cold and snowy winter this year, one of the snowiest since Drake’s birth, and he was very keen on the idea that it was winter and that it snows in […]


Cars for Toddlers

I am in the market for some car toys because Juliet apparently loves them. It’s funny because we don’t really have any car toys since Drake never cared for cars or vehicles and still doesn’t. One of Drake’s friends loves The Cars movies and has tons of their toys; on a playdate once I found […]


My Dream Registry (after having 2 kids)

It’s been five years since I registered for baby things. I remember wandering around Babies R Us after Juliet’s birth and marveling how the baby gear landscape had changed in just three short years. Now armed with the knowledge that comes from having two previous babies, I thought it might be fun to create my dream registry now. […]

From Two to Three

We are almost at the halfway point at this pregnancy. The weeks fly by, and I don’t even realize it. I swear August is going to sneak up on me before I know it! I am still trying to turn over the idea of becoming a mom for the third time, having three kids under […]


Easter Egg Roundup

Mr. Chocolate’s family is really big into dyeing Easter eggs. It’s a tradition to have Good Friday dinner and then dye eggs as a family, with some extended family coming for the tradition. Before we had kids I never had any huge feelings toward the activity, but now that Drake and Juliet are here it […]

easter basket stuffers under $10

10 under $10 Easter Basket Stuffers for Easter

Growing up my family never did much for Easter, so it was never a big holiday in my mind. Mr Chocolate’s family celebrated a with a small basket which his mom always sent them on a riddle hunt to find, as well as Easter egg hunts with the cousins. When Drake was born Mr Chocolate wanted […]

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