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15 Best Books for Keeping a One Year Old Engaged

Juliet loves books. ┬áHer favorite thing to do every day is to raid Drake’s bookshelf and immerse herself in his books…literally. At bed time Juliet loves rocking with me as I read to her, but because of her age and attention span it’s hard to get her to sit and listen to all books. Over [...]


In the Blink of An Eye

They say childhood passes in the blink of an eye; one minute you are rocking a newborn in the middle of the night, the next you are waiting anxiously by the door at midnight for that baby to come home. Time flies and it’s true. When I wake up, my mind still feels like I’m [...]


18 Acorn Crafts for Kids

Fall is here and Drake and I love exploring our backyard and neighborhood as the leaves change colors. Like a lot of kids, Drake loves collecting things and in the fall acorns are abound. Drake used to bring me acorns all the time when we were outside, so one day I decided to let him [...]


10 Halloween Books for Pre-schoolers That Aren’t Scary

For the amount of children’s books we have in our house, there is a huge lacking in the Halloween books on our shelves. Drake is in school this year though, and his teacher has been asking all the kids to bring in their favorite Halloween stories to share with the class as they lead into [...]

halloween kid crafts

28 Halloween Crafts for Kids

This year I am one of the class moms at Drake’s preschool. Our first party is coming up and it’s a Halloween party, so I have been scouring Pinterest trying to find a craft to do with his class before their party. I found some really neat ones I thought I would share here.

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Six Months in Early Intervention

In September Juliet completed her sixth month of early intervention! Every six months early intervention does an assessment to see if the child has been improving under services, review the goals that have been met, whether services need to be continued, added, stopped, etc. I have blogged in the past about Juliet’s evaluation since they [...]

first pet

Choosing a Child’s First Pet

I have been thinking about getting Drake a pet for some time now to help teach him about responsibility and caring for another living being. I know this might sound funny as we have 2 dogs and 3 cats already, but when I say pet I was thinking more along a tank pet. This idea [...]

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