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Curious George Educational Activities

Drake has recently been on a huge Curious George kick. Since he started watching the show, I’ve discovered that a lot of science is actually incorporated into the plots. On the surface it seems like a show that closely resemble the books about a naughty monkey and his adventures. But the show does a great […]


Quick Snacking Foods for the Busy Pregnant Lady

Now that I’m pregnant with two other children to care for, the biggest challenge I have encountered is finding time to eat, and eat well for the growing baby I have inside me. My days are so hectic and I’m often pinned in a car as we shuffle from Drake’s school and activities that I […]

Scared to Do It Again

Full disclosure — I’m terrified of giving birth even though I have done it twice before. In truth I almost feel more nervous and scared about the whole prospect of labor and delivery this time around than I did the first time with Drake. I think a lot has to do with knowing what’s coming: […]



I have always had a soft spot for sheep. Growing up they were my favorite animals and I loved feeding them bread at the local farm. When I was pregnant with Drake I contemplated doing a sheep-filled nursery, but ended up going a different way. As it happens this is the year of the Sheep […]


Upcoming Books

I always loved looking to see what new books were coming by my favorite authors and would keep tabs of author pages’ to anticipate coming down the pipes. Nowadays the only books I read are to my kids, but the pattern hasn’t changed and I wait over their books. These are some titles we are […]


Nailing Focus When Shooting Young Kids

I know when it comes to shooting little kids getting a good focused shot is one of the most important things parents want, but also one of the hardest things to achieve as well — those little guys move like lightening! I remember at the start of my photography journey getting so frustrated when I […]

Baby Gender Old Wives’ Tales

I’m more than half way through this pregnancy and just like many┬áI know or have met along the way, I wonder what I am carrying inside of me. While I don’t regret choosing to be Team Green (much the chagrin of many of my family and friends who are ever so curious), it doesn’t mean […]

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