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Books on Art

Drake is a prolific artist, whether it’s drawing on his MagnaDoodle, chalk outside, painting, or just plain ole paper and crayons, our home is filled with his art. I love that he enjoys drawing so much and puts so much of himself into it, and  love watching him experiment and try drawing many of the same […]


It’s A…

GIRL!!! Drake and Juliet are so proud to introduce the newest member of the Chocolate Family, Fiona Karlie! Arriving August 4th at 6:13 PM, she is tied with her big brother in birth weight at 8 lbs 8 ozs and 20 inches long. We are all so in love! We are all home together again […]



I guess it was only a matter of time until Drake’s love of animals expanded to dinosaurs. They open up a whole new world of interesting species, habitats and behaviors to be studied. Drake’s interest started when his grandma turned on Dinosaur Train (a PBS show) one day while she was babysitting. When I got […]

books i want to read

Books I Want to Read

In a past life, the one where I had free time, enough energy to stay up past 8 PM, and the mental comprehension for reading books written other than Seuss and Boynton, I used to love reading. It’s been a long time since I got to read for pleasure again, but recently I had to take […]

Going Long

I always wish to go the full 42 weeks of pregnancy. I know this isn’t a statement often uttered by pregnant woman, especially when they enter the 3rd trimester of their pregnancy at the start of summer. But it has always been my hope during every pregnancy, and this one is no different. I am currently […]


The Escape

It happened innocently enough. It was a Tuesday afternoon and I placed Juliet down in her crib for her regular nap. Since my pregnancy has really kicked in, I normally take this time to rest/nap myself and let Drake watch some TV on his own. I got Drake set up with his snacks and show and left […]


Nature Books

Drake loves animals and learning about them. We have been going on about two years I think, and the obsession is still going strong. As an animal lover myself, I love sharing a passion with my child. Drake has picked up all kinds of facts and about all these animals and I want to continue […]

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