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We’re Starting Potty Training – and you might be too

Potty training.  It’s one of the phases of parenting a toddler that I am dreading the most.  I just got home from an incredibly informative seminar where I learned a ton about the process (including some fabulous tips!), so I thought I would share the wealth of knowledge I stumbled upon.  The presenter was Janeen [...]


Reasons My Toddler is Freaking Out

Aren’t toddlers a joy?  My child often reminds me of a ticking time bomb.  One minute he is happy and all is right in the world.  Then you look at him the wrong way (or suggest something he doesn’t like, or don’t read his mind quickly enough) and he acts like the world is coming [...]

Colin, literally dragging his best buddy E into our village

Building a “Village” from Scratch

As Colin approaches his second birthday, the days blur together in a flurry of messes, play dates, tantrums and “eat, play, sleep” cycles. And although each day seems to blur into another sometimes, I remember those first few months of my parenthood journey so clearly: An endorphin rush at his birth followed by a hormone [...]

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21 and 22 month update

Hi, and welcome to my broken record report.  My baby isn’t a BABY!  My toddler is more and more of a little boy every day.  He is growing a neck, where he once only had baby chub.  He speaks in (strangely constructed) sentences, for heavens sake.  Wasn’t he just born?! As we rapidly approach his [...]


Building a Starter Collection of Dress-up Clothes

When I was little, I remember the joy of racing down my best friend’s stairs to her giant trunk of dress up clothes. Whether we were being princesses, fairies or firemen, there was always a whirlwind of action and imaginative play in her basement.  With the right hat on, we could protect our baby sisters [...]

cooking on sunday - meal plan and strategy

Cooking on Sunday – Sample Weekly Menu

One of the commenters from my original post about cooking on Sundays asked what a sample of a weekly menu looks like in our house. Since I know that everyone is always looking for kitchen inspiration, I thought I would share a couple of Confetti family weekly meal plans (nearly all of which is cooked [...]

Cooking on Sundays

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Colin usually eats leftovers for most of his meals. During my first 18 months as a mom, I would cook double batch meals every other night, and we would eat the same thing two days in a row. It minimized cooking every day, which helped me streamline my week. [...]

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