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Mommy Confessions: Sometimes I don't like my toddler

Even just writing the title of this post, I feel like a terrible mother. Especially as a mother who daydreamed throughout her pregnancy about the idyllic life I would have as a stay at home mom, who couldn't wait to dive head first into full time child rearing, who admittedly (albeit silently) judged the hell [...]


If I Could Register Today, Part One

...well, I suppose, I could register today, but this poor little guy I'm cooking is likely going to inherit all of his big brother's baby gear. But of course, because this pregnancy has me nesting like a mad woman, my late night lack of sleeping abilities leads me to Amazon more often than I'd care [...]


Play Kitchen Food and Accessories

Last year, Colin's big gift from his grandparents was a play kitchen and accessories. At just past 18 months, he was just inching into the world of pretend play, and I wanted to capitalize on that interest and energy. In the many months that have passed since then, his interest in the play kitchen has [...]

Slow Cooker-BeefnLamb2

90 Slow Cooker Recipes That Will Make Mealtime Easier

Fall is a season that screams slow cooker to me.  During the summer, the heat outweighs my desire for comfort food and one-pot simplicity, but as the temperature drops, the days shorten, and my desire for comfort food spikes, my slow cooker spends more days on our counter and significantly fewer days stashed in the [...]

Potty Training: The Practice Stage

In my previous potty training post, I outlined the first three steps of the potty training process - modeling, explaining and play - as outlined by Janeen Hayward, Clinical Psychologist and sleep/behavioral consultant with Swellbeing. The next step - PRACTICE - requires a post all its own, since there was so much great information. For [...]

Names: Enter the Battleground

Years ago, one of the bloggers wrote a post asking for the assistance of Hellobee readers to find a name for her child. And man, that was a great idea! So here I am, to share a bit about where we are at with names and see if anyone has any advice or ideas! Because, [...]


Making a Birth Plan the Second Time Around

When I was pregnant the first time around, I created a birth plan after a ton of reading, research, guidance from my doula and lessons from a marathon weekend of what Mr. C called the "crunchy birth class." I was determined to have a birth with no drugs and zero intervention.  As I made my [...]

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