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A few weeks ago, already growing impatient with my lumbering pregnant form.  I've only gotten bigger since then.

To Induce or Not to Induce – That is the Question

It’s official – I am ready to pop.  Days shy of 40 weeks pregnant, I am feeling pretty over it. As much as I know that welcoming baby to the outside world is a game changer – it gets harder before it gets easier. At this point, I don’t even care. I am swollen, waddling, aching, not […]

He'll always be my first baby, no matter how big he grows...

Sorry I’m Not Sorry

I have a confession to make. It’s a little bit awkward. And I am totally not judging you if you do feel this way. But I do not feel bad about the upcoming transition for my son to no longer be the only baby in our house. There, I said it. I have found myself reading […]


Maintaining Memories: Baby Books and BEYOND

In today’s high-tech world, there are so many strategies out there for streamlining the old school “baby book.”  As technology evolves, I worry about putting too much stock in maintaining memories through digital sources, in case we progress past what we currently use once our kiddos grow up (I’m talking about you, ancient VHS home […]


What’s In My Hospital Bag

When I showed up at the hospital for my induction for my first, I had 42 weeks to stew over what I should bring with me, and basically, my outlook was the opposite of “less is more.” I brought a huge suitcase, my own exercise ball, the boppy and my huge purse. I looked like […]


18 Hanukkah Craft Projects for Kids

In our family, I like to take things one holiday at a time. There is no mention of Thanksgiving until the month of November, and I don’t take out Hanukkah books until Thanksgiving is over.  So now that I’m officially ready for the holiday season to start, I thought I would share some of the super-cute […]

Why We Aren’t Rushing Out of the Crib

It’s no secret these days that Colin’s days as the baby in our family are numbered. Beyond my growing belly, at 30 pounds, he is light years away from resembling his baby self. And as he grows more independent and begins mastering “big boy” skills like potty training and eating at the grown-up table instead […]


Potty Training: Real Life Stories from the Confetti Trenches

Potty training. I can’t lie and say I was excited about this hurdle in the parenting journey. As I have written about before, I learned as much as I could before dipping my toe in the waters, hoping to skip mistakes before I made them. Well, research and real life collided, as we finally ripped […]

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