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18 Hanukkah Craft Projects for Kids

In our family, I like to take things one holiday at a time. There is no mention of Thanksgiving until the month of November, and I don't take out Hanukkah books until Thanksgiving is over.  So now that I'm officially ready for the holiday season to start, I thought I would share some of the super-cute [...]

Why We Aren't Rushing Out of the Crib

It's no secret these days that Colin's days as the baby in our family are numbered. Beyond my growing belly, at 30 pounds, he is light years away from resembling his baby self. And as he grows more independent and begins mastering "big boy" skills like potty training and eating at the grown-up table instead [...]


Potty Training: Real Life Stories from the Confetti Trenches

Potty training. I can't lie and say I was excited about this hurdle in the parenting journey. As I have written about before, I learned as much as I could before dipping my toe in the waters, hoping to skip mistakes before I made them. Well, research and real life collided, as we finally ripped [...]


2.5 year update

The days are long, but the years are short. Profoundly cliche but never more true than when caring for a 2 year old. Especially a 2 year old who takes his responsibility of living up to the "terrible two" moniker seriously. And with that, I give you Colin's 2.5 year update. From the blue corner, [...]


Top 10 Best (And Worst) Things about the Third Trimester

Oh, the third trimester of pregnancy. It is a time full of excitement, anticipation and change. Your body is growing at rapid speed, and you spend most of your time daydreaming about what life will be like once your new addition arrives and rocks your world. As I've inched closer to my due date, I [...]

Mommy Confessions: Sometimes I don't like my toddler

Even just writing the title of this post, I feel like a terrible mother. Especially as a mother who daydreamed throughout her pregnancy about the idyllic life I would have as a stay at home mom, who couldn't wait to dive head first into full time child rearing, who admittedly (albeit silently) judged the hell [...]


If I Could Register Today, Part One

...well, I suppose, I could register today, but this poor little guy I'm cooking is likely going to inherit all of his big brother's baby gear. But of course, because this pregnancy has me nesting like a mad woman, my late night lack of sleeping abilities leads me to Amazon more often than I'd care [...]

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