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Newborn night wakings and Mommy Sleep – the 4-7-8 method

Sleep has never been my strong suit. Pregnancy insomnia hit me hard with both of my boys, and after Colin was born, the combination of night wakings, hormones, a nearly complete inability to nap during the day and being lousy at sleeping in general left me feeling exhausted all the time. I couldn’t take any […]


Asher: One Month Update

I’m so excited to begin sharing monthly updates about our Asher bug with the hive. This little guy has stolen our hearts and is growing like a weed already! Since this is month one, we have to start from the very beginning! Stats/Feeding: At the beginning of the month, when he was fresh out of […]

Asher's first bottle

Taking the E out of EBF

Before Colin was born, I did everything I could to prepare. I read books. I joined Facebook moms groups. I read mommy blogs, surfed the internet and took a breastfeeding class. Somehow in the process of preparing, these three initials stood out in my mind as a parenting goal that should be paramount: E. B. […]

Last bump shot - taken in triage before changing into the gown

Asher’s Birth Story

Here is the story of our son Asher’s birth.   As my due date, January 23rd, crept closer and closer, I worked very hard to wrap my head around the idea of going overdue again. I figured that the more I prepared myself, the less bitter I would feel about it (as compared to my […]


Introducing Baby Confetti 2.0

The Confetti family is so happy to welcome Asher Isaac to our family.  After stewing long and hard about whether to induce, this little guy rendered the debate moot. He arrived without any intervention necessary, making his grand entrance on his due date, Friday, January 23rd, at 6:26 a.m.  He was 7 pounds 3 ounces and […]


If I Could Register Today, Part 2

Hi, Bee readers! I’m back again talking registry dreams. Since this poor second baby will be inheriting his brother’s “big ticket” items, this is the arena where he will likely actually see some of these new items (although with no shower or sprinkle in the horizon, it will likely be paid for by yours truly). […]

A few weeks ago, already growing impatient with my lumbering pregnant form.  I've only gotten bigger since then.

To Induce or Not to Induce – That is the Question

It’s official – I am ready to pop.  Days shy of 40 weeks pregnant, I am feeling pretty over it. As much as I know that welcoming baby to the outside world is a game changer – it gets harder before it gets easier. At this point, I don’t even care. I am swollen, waddling, aching, not […]

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