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A Diaper Bag for Two: Baby and Potty Trained Toddler edition

Why does it seem that parenthood comes with SO. MUCH. STUFF? Before I had kids, I always carried a huge purse, filled with all sorts of things I deemed important enough not to leave the house without. And now, after lugging around my children’s crap day in and day out, when I leave the house […]

Moving with Kids: Tips for a Minimally Chaotic Move

Since Mr. Confetti and I have been together, we have moved seven times. Yep, you read that right. Seven. Times. Moving is no small feat. In our younger days, we moved from apartment to apartment,┬áboth juggling full time jobs, with Mr. C working upwards of 75 hours a week. We moved two weeks before I […]

Our little guy's shiner at birth

Facing a PHACE diagnosis – Asher’s Medical Adventure

When Asher was born, he came in such a hurry that he was born in one big push and got a black eye in the process. For his first three weeks, it healed slowly, and as the major bruise faded, we noticed what looked like some prominent veins across his eyelid, on his forehead and […]

My two adorable sleep terrorists

Hello from the Land of Confetti: Where We’ve Been

Hi guys, remember me? Once upon a time, I had enough free time to sit down, open my computer, and open my heart to all of you fabulous internet strangers (and some non-strangers, of course) who have welcomed me into your lives. Then I had my second baby. And for a while, I kept on […]

Our last Cubs game as stadium neighbors (and Asher's first)

Rocking the Suburbs…?

I grew up in the suburbs of a mid-sized Midwestern city where suburban life was the norm. Big fenced back yards, finished basements where I could hang out with my friends, a home large enough for a bedroom for each kid with one to spare. After college, Mr. Confetti and I moved to Chicago (before […]

Back when big brotherhood made Colin smile

Being a big brother is hard

New motherhood is hard. I think anyone can tell you that. As I prepared to welcome our second child, I looked forward to life with baby. After a couple years of tantrums, power struggles and general toddler challenges, the idea of a baby who just eats, sleep and poops, doesn’t mouth off and generally aims […]

Newborn night wakings and Mommy Sleep – the 4-7-8 method

Sleep has never been my strong suit. Pregnancy insomnia hit me hard with both of my boys, and after Colin was born, the combination of night wakings, hormones, a nearly complete inability to nap during the day and being lousy at sleeping in general left me feeling exhausted all the time. I couldn’t take any […]

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