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I Forgot What 2 Year-OIds Are Like…

Two year-olds are straight up crazy people. There, I said it. Also, can I get an AMEN?? I seriously forgot how nutso 2 year-olds are. Before Lil’ CG came home, things were, dare I say, fairly easy managing one 6 year-old kiddo. At 6, Lil’ CB is fairly independent and predictable in his actions and […]

Digital Perm Collage

Korean Perms

It’s a well-established fact by now that I am lazy. It’s true. And while I love fashion and style and try my best to keep up my appearance, I’m all about shortcuts. And steps that are one-step. Maybe two. Told ya, L-A-Z-Y. My absolute favorite shortcut when it comes to my hair is to have […]

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It’s a birthmark

At least once a week, I am asked, usually by children or by elderly folks, what happened to Lil’ CG’s face. They ask how she hurt her face or if she has a rash. And I just tell them that nothing’s wrong; it’s a birthmark. Or, if I’m talking to the very young, I’ll tell […]


Our Favorite Christmas Books

With less than two weeks ’til Christmas, perhaps you’re still looking for some gifts or could use some extra Christmas-y stories to share with your little ones. We have a basket of Christmas books that we store with our Christmas decorations, and we love pulling them out at the start of the season and reading […]


What’s in Our Library Bag — December

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but we had so many great books in our last library haul that I just had to share these titles! Plus, if you’re looking for any books to gift little ones in your life, these would be some great choices! This is Sadie: An¬†absolutely […]


Annual Ornaments

I love Christmastime! And while some might argue that the most wonderful time of the year hasn’t quite arrived yet, our tree is up and ready! One of the reasons I was so looking forward to setting up our tree was because I was eager to add our annual ornaments and select new ones for […]

Trying to Raise Bilingual Children

I’ve always been fascinated by language acquisition — it was one of my favorite classes in college and since I¬†love languages and language learning myself, it’s a subject I love learning about. As someone who lives to defy stereotypes (bahahaha, not really), I was not one of the Asian kids who excelled in Math and […]

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