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Claiming the Name

When I was growing up, for whatever reason, my first name was incredibly popular with Korean-American girls. That, coupled with the finite number of Korean last names, meant I knew several girls with the same first and last name as me, and sometimes even our Korean middle names were the same. To say that it [...]


Life With an Adventurous Eater

We are incredibly blessed that Lil’ CB is a great eater and always has been. Our little foodie is the kind of eater that will gladly try anything and often try it before you tell him what it is. His lists of favorite foods boasts delicacies like mussels, sushi, shrimp, anchovies, meats of all cuts, [...]


Favorite 4 Year-Old Toys

At 4 and a half, Lil’ CB’s bike and basketball hoop are probably his most favorite toys. But, he hasn’t abandoned his little boy toys quite yet! Lil’ CB has definitely moved from playing with a toy for a few minutes here and there to focusing on one type of play for much longer stretches [...]


Loving the Lovey

Lil’ CB was still in Korea on his first birthday, so as part of his birthday gift, we sent an updated photo album including photos of our 60-pound lab mix, Piper. We were pretty sure that Lil’ CB didn’t have many encounters with large dogs, so we wanted to be sure that he saw at [...]


Books About Hard Topics

Hard topics are always harder to address with young children. Their little minds are still learning so much about the world, and to encounter something hard or ugly at a young age can be difficult not only on the child, but also on the grown-ups caring for that child. Picture books are always a wonderful [...]

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Mind the (Age) Gap

My younger sister and I are 6 years apart. While we are close now, it wasn’t always this way. In fact, for most of our childhood, I was the mean, bossy older sister and my sister was the annoying little sister. With the way our schools were laid out grade-wise, we never even attended the [...]

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We’ve Got a Secret…

Yes, we’ve got a secret to share… …it’s a really good one, too.

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