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Big Kid Milestones — Goodbye, Baby Teeth!

I usually meet Lil’ CB’s milestones with excitement and awe…take for example, the latest milestones of beginning to read and write; it’s so fun to see! But, there’s one milestone that I’m having a really hard time with, because I feel like, more than ever, it’s bringing us into true big kid territory. And what […]


What’s in Our Library Bag

Lil’ CB and I visit the public library regularly every 2-3 weeks. It’s one of our favorite things to do together and we usually spend an hour or so browsing and choosing books to take home. On each visit, we usually end up with between 20-25 books. Some are hits, others are misses, but all […]

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After over a year of waiting and having no movement within our adoption process for our Lil’ Cowgirl, about a month ago, we received the news that our girl’s paperwork was submitted for her Emigration Permit, or EP — hence the EEEEEEP! So, here’s what this means…EP approval is one the final steps needed before […]


Pops of Color to Revive Your Winter Blahs

Right about now is the time of year when I get sick of all the grey and dreary and cold winter weather. (New Englanders, you get a special shout-out because you’re probably feeling this x 1,000,000!) At the start of winter, I’m all about the cozy winter whites and head-to-toe in (less than 50) shades […]


The Gift of Giving

Mrs. High Heels recently wrote¬†a great post about the importance of fighting against entitlement in our children. Entitlement is an issue that irks me to no end and it is one that I will absolutely fight against in my children. While it is something that definitely takes effort and requires some hard parenting decisions, my […]


A Few of My Favorite Things

I’ve mentioned this before, but I tend to be a creature of habit, and often find myself wearing the same things (or slightly different variations of the same things) over and over again throughout a season. This season, I’m re-wearing some of my favorites from last year, but I’ve also added a few new pieces […]


18 Children’s Books With Diverse Characters

Hive, I’m not going to lie. My heart has been so heavy and broken lately over the events surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. I’m not going to write a long post about it because I don’t believe this is the place to do so, but I will say that what saddens […]

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