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Who is this baby?

Right now, I don’t know my kid. In the last two weeks, her normal schedule, routine, and preferences have done complete 180′s. She refuses to take more than 3-4 bites of solid foods before she starts opening her mouth and letting the food just roll off her tongue. She is currently working on her second [...]

No Social Anxiety for Moms

I’m not a social person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the company of others. I just much prefer to be alone, with my things, in my house, and my family. I have always had a hard time making friends, and it’s entirely my fault; I’m much too picky/shy/withdrawn. But, once a baby morphs [...]


The perfect age

When Baby Crown was born, I didn’t want her to change, ever. I wanted to hold that tiny little bundle in my arms, with her swollen little eyes, jaundiced skin and puffy cheeks (yes, puffier than they are currently, which is hard to imagine) forever. I couldn’t imagine her getting bigger, or having a personality; [...]


Surgery is scary, no matter what

They say having tubes put in a baby’s ears is one of the most common surgeries done on children, that there is very little risk, and the procedure lasts mere minutes. None of this eases the nerves of any parents in the waiting room while their child is back in the operating room. I promise. [...]


But, it’s for the baby!

My husband and I did the baby dance so often and with such regularity because we wanted what it’s meant to produce — a baby. And we were happily rewarded with a happy, energetic and lively little girl. But what I didn’t realize when I got pregnant was that when babies come into your life, [...]


Quirky personality traits, anyone?

During those long 40 weeks (or, in my case, 39), most parents are anxiously waiting to see what their little offspring will look like. Will she have my hair color? My husband’s eyes? My feet? And even after the birthing process is over, while we hold them in our arms, we still don’t truly know [...]


Mother’s Intuition is Real

I knew something was… maybe not wrong, but at least different about Sydney in the very beginning, around two months. Yes, babies have weak necks, but that still wasn’t an explanation for why her head was “tilted” in every picture we took, and to the same side, no less. But, after voicing my opinion, even [...]

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