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Fitz cookie

Snapshot: Baby Cupcake at 18 Months

He’s one and a half! Can I still call him my baby??!! Fitz sure is a joy to be around! He is still pretty easy going and has a calm temperament, though he is starting to communicate more of his preferences now. He doesn’t say no (which is odd, considering we tell him no all […]

July 2017 Family Photo Shoot

The Cupcakes are…Excited about 2018!

July 2017 Family Photo Shoot Being a teacher, sometimes it’s hard for me to get too excited about starting a new calendar year. My school year starts in August and ends in May, and that’s usually when I set new goals for myself. But after hearing many others talk about what they did in 2017, […]

Fitz post surgery

Blessings through baby’s surgery

Following Fitz’s diagnosis with an undescended testicle, we found out more complications with his health that somehow also ended up being a blessing! The first blessing was that we were recommended to a children’s urologist that was also the father of one of the students in my class that year. It was nice knowing that while I took […]

Fitz born

When baby is born with something “wrong”

A few hours after Fitz’s birth, I was in that new mom happy haze, just sitting in the hospital bed with my husband next to me and my new baby in my arms. I hadn’t slept in hours (or days), I was recovering from labor and delivery, I had euphoria from seeing my first baby, […]


Looking back…Baby Cupcake’s birth

Since I’m new here, I thought I’d share a little about when Fitz was born! I always love a good birth story. He’s now 15 months old, but it’s still pretty fresh in my mind. Fitz was due at the end of July so my husband and I had all summer after school let out […]

Cupcake family

Introducing Mrs. Cupcake!

Hello! I’m so excited to join the Hellobee team. When I found out I was pregnant with my baby in October 2015, I searched high and low for pregnancy, baby, and motherhood tips. I quickly latched on to Hellobee and ravenously read everything I could about what I was going through. What I love most […]

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