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Spending Freeze Recap – Week 2

Okay, at the beginning week two of the spending freeze: Food was still abundant. Cars were at just over half tank of gas respectively. January 8 – I went to the climbing gym after work for a half hour of power as I like to call it and Mr. Gumdrop got a ride from a […]

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Spending Freeze Recap – Week 1

An interesting thing about the spending freeze experiment is that it gets harder as it progresses! After week one we were in high spirits and felt like it mostly added positive changes to our lives. For example, when faced with the choice of preparing healthy homemade meals for lunch all week vs. preparing nothing and […]


Our January Spending Fast

Moving to Thailand for us was a planned out endeavor. While a lot of our peers took a gap year or travelled right out of college and we would have liked to, Mr. Gumdrop and I knew our combined debt needed immediate attention. We ended up paying off our student debt and house in the six […]


Mini-Meditations for the Holidays

Have you ever been driving and so completely tuned out that you arrive at your destination and have no actual memory of getting yourself there? I used to have this all the time (now I have to be fully engaged because I’m driving a scooter on Thailand’s roads). But I would be so consumed by […]


Creating our own traditions

6 Month Old Jujube Help! This year is our first as a family of three and even though Jujube will be only 7 months old at Christmas, I want to create our own holiday traditions with and for her. Being in a tropical climate in Thailand has made it really difficult to get into the […]

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Mrs. Gumdrop’s Healthy Muesli Breakfast Muffins

Before I went into labor, I did myself a favor and froze several batches of my Healthy Muesli Breakfast Muffins. They are simple to make but being able to pull a batch out of the freezer and pop them in the oven was such a treat at that time – plus they are so hearty […]


A Practical, Ethical, Gift Guide

I love Christmas giving! I’m also a pretty practical gift-giver. Mostly I try to think of things that have been helpful or brought joy to my life or things I want for myself or my kiddo, and hypothesize if there are people in my life who might also appreciate it, or ask directly for recommendations. I love […]

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