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Mrs. High Heel’s Summer Fun List

Ever since I read Mrs. Cowgirl’s original Summer Fun List two summers ago, I have wanted to implement one of my own – I thought the idea was completely genius! I am a huge checklist person… it just makes me so happy. Sometimes I even put things on my lists that I’ve already done just [...]


My Obsession with the Rock n’ Play

Lately, more and more of my friends are starting to have babies, and whenever I browse through their registries the first thing I look for is to see if they have the Rock n’ Play listed. If they don’t, I’ll tell them about this wonderful contraption and explain why it is all kinds of awesome, [...]

Effective Discipline at Age 3 with 1, 2, 3 Magic

I’ve found that as my kids grow, I’ve had to change up our methods of discipline a bit to fit with their age.  At age 1, there wasn’t much discipline going on, and a lot of redirection. At age 2, we started implementing time-outs, which we called “calm down time.” She did not seem to [...]


Jaren’s 17 Month Update

Jaren is 17 months already!  I’ve long stopped counting weeks, and I’m even losing track of months now.  He’ll be 2 before I know it!  I already can’t believe it’s mid-2014. I feel like we just started the year, where did the time go? I used to think people were crazy when they told me [...]

nontoy gift ideas for kids

8 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

The problem I’ve found with toys is that toddlers have such a short attention span, and grow so fast that they lose interest in toys quickly!  They’re often played with for a month or two (and some only get a week or two of play!), before they’re discarded and forgotten.  I’d love to give the [...]

Amelia Lyon Summer Shoot 2014

One of my favorite all-time photographers in California is Amelia Lyon. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and was thrilled we finally got a chance to work with her!  Her work is incredible. Her ability to manipulate light in her photos is one of the things that makes her stand out above the rest. She [...]


8 Reasons Why I Like Dora the Explorer

Noelle was first introduced to Dora the Explorer shortly after she turned 2, and she immediately fell head over heels for it.  Even now, as a 3.5 year old, it is still her show of choice!  She only gets to watch TV on weekends, so as soon as Saturday morning rolls around she’ll say, “Today [...]

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