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Oral Immunotherapy – The Second Appointment

The second appointment is also referred to as “the two day appointment”.  After your first in-office appointment, they will schedule you for a second “two day appointment” about 6 weeks later. It needs to be at least 6 weeks out in order to give the lab enough time to get the blood results back to […]


Oral Immunotherapy – The First Appointment

Hi Hive! It’s been awhile, but we did go to our first in-person appointment at SoCal Food Allergy back on June 11th, 2018.  The first appointment was all about data collection, and was a 3-4 hour appointment just like they said. They start by asking you a food intake questionnaire.  We did this in person, but […]


Five Friday Favorites – April 13th, 2018

Hello, and Happy Friday!! I’m so excited to share with you all some of my current favorites. I had so many – it was hard to whittle them down to just five, but here they are! 1/ The Amope Pedi Perfect Rechargeable Foot File – I have to admit I’m somewhat of an oddball in that I don’t […]

great wolf lodge

A Staycation at The Great Wolf Lodge

We have a Great Wolf Lodge about 20 minutes from us, and after seeing so many fun pictures from friends we decided to book it ourselves for a mini staycation. Our kids absolutely loved our time there and have been asking to go back ever since we went last year. They give the kids complimentary wolf […]

fashion waste

Recycle Old Clothes at H&M!

Have I been living under a rock?  Maybe I just online shop too much, but I recently found myself at the checkout line at H&M when I saw a large sign that said something along the lines of “bring back your unwanted clothes and receive 15% off your next purchase”.  Apparently this program was launched […]


10 Easter Basket Ideas for School-Aged Kids

I cannot believe it is almost Easter! Doesn’t it feel like 2018 just started??  Where does the time go? Every year feels faster than the last, that’s for sure. Personally, I think Easter baskets are a great excuse to stock up on things that are just around the corner, like summer and back-to-school. Every year, […]

Oral Immunotherapy – Next Steps

We had our teleconference orientation with SoCal Food Allergy on Friday, and got a more detailed understanding of what to expect in our upcoming appointments. Other practices might handle things differently, but this is what we can expect at this facility: FIRST VISIT: The Consultation Our very first visit will be more consultative than anything. This is […]

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