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12 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

My family didn’t grow up with many holiday traditions, so I was determined to create my own now that I have my own family.  One simple tradition I’ve always yearned for was the simple act of stuffing stockings and opening them on Christmas Eve, then saving the big gifts for Christmas Day. I look forward [...]


30 Holiday Potluck Ideas

Every year, a sign-up sheet is passed around our office for our annual holiday potluck. Every year, I’m stumped on what to bring besides the same ol’ boring veggie tray or chips and dip, so I’ve compiled a bunch of holiday potluck recipes that would go well over a large crowd.  I believe the best [...]


48 Activities Inspired by Popular Children’s Books

I recently blogged about 8 Ways for Cultivating a Love of Reading in Children, and mentioned that one way to build upon their reading interest is to do activities based on books.  As I continued to work through how I’d make that more of a reality in my home, I decided to compile a list of [...]


Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Christmas Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I love an excuse to buy books for my kids, and what better reason is there than Christmas?? My kids get books for Christmas and birthdays whether they like it or not (it’s never been the latter!). The books listed in this guide are either books we already own, or plan to buy as we [...]


How Toddler Sleep Rocked Our World

We fooled ourselves into thinking that sleep training solved all our sleep problems, and although we had a good two years of amazing sleep (minus a regression or two or three), it didn’t last. Like many things in life, we learned through the hard way (i.e. our own experience), that sleep training and consistency are [...]

tips for cultivating a love for reading in children

8 Tips for Cultivating a Love of Reading in Children

My love of books is so strong that I have always hoped that my children would have that as a shared interest.  My heart actually breaks a little whenever someone tells me they don’t like to read.  My favorite way to unwind is with a book in a coffee shop, or curled up under a [...]

miscarriage care package

Putting Together a Miscarriage Care Package

One of my friends recently experienced a miscarriage, and I was so heartbroken for her.  I felt helpless standing idly by while she went through what was one of the most trying times of her life.  I knew there was nothing I could do or say to take the pain away, but wanted to show [...]

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