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Things my 3 year old says

Max surprises me everyday with the things he says. Some days I wish he would stay this age forever, while other days he does everything possible to test my patience. I use the Day One app as my digital journal. I like it because it syncs across my iPhone, iPad and computer, which makes it […]


It started with a strep infection and ended with autoimmune hepatitis

A few weeks ago my 3 year old nephew, Ryder, went through an incredibly scary health scare that came out of no where. Today, my sister and her husband want to share their experience: My husband and I have wanted to write this post for a while, but wasn’t sure how to start. These past […]


Celebrating a first birthday!

This post was surprisingly hard to write because I’m not ready for our baby girl to be 1 year old. The emotions hit harder than expected. Zoe is our last baby and while we spend so much time celebrating firsts, it’s much sadder to celebrate lasts. I know I’m being overly sentimental, but I’m hanging […]


9 month update

Zoe started crawling last month! Most of the time she looks like a beached whale flailing her legs aimlessly in the air. We aren’t sure where her forward momentum comes from, but she somehow manages to drag herself from one spot to another. This also means she has started reaching for Max’s toys, which he […]

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Five Friday Favorites – June 22, 2018

Now that summer is in full swing, the Ice Cream family has been taking full advantage of the pool/water activities. We enrolled Max in Aqua Tots swim school a few months ago, and although it was rough the first few weeks, he is so much more comfortable in the water. Here are five things I’ve […]


A 7 month update and the start of sibling love

Max has stepped up his big brother game. One of the sweetest moments this month was when Max carried his favorite book and chair to Zoe’s room and sat down to read her a bedtime story. He started off by shushing the audience then read in a whisper. For pages he didn’t know, he just […]


6 month update

Zoe is 6 months old and just shy of delightful! While she still cries, it is a whole lot less than it used to be. We even managed to take her on a road trip to New Jersey to visit Mr. Ice Cream’s extended family! Sleeping We finally sleep trained Zoe after two nights of […]

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