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He still fits in a baby swing, it's too hard for me to imagine him in Kinder!

Kindergarten and Late Birthdays

Just about a month ago, we attended Ace’s first ever parent/teacher conference. We had already gone to a few of the Montessori open house nights, and of course we toured the school before we started, but this was our first opportunity to sit down with the teacher and ask personal questions. I have to admit […]


Holiday Gift Guide for the Grandma who has Everything

The grandmothers in my children’s lives don’t really “need” anything for the holidays. Every year we try hard to come up with unique gifts that show them how much we love spending time with them, even though some of them live far away. If you have a grandma who already “has it all” maybe one […]

Flying Alone with 2

When Lou was a few months old, we made plans to fly to the Bay Area and visit family. My cousin was graduating from high school and we wanted to be there for the big celebration. However, we really wanted to make the trek out there worth it, so we decided to go for a […]


Nine Months with Baby Lou

I look at my nine-month-old and I don’t know where the time has gone. It seems like each month speeds past faster than the last, even when I am getting zero sleep and running on fumes. Even the days don’t seem to stretch on the way they did when Lou was a newborn. The days, […]


Kitchen Tools for Winter Entertaining

Pretty much every birthday in our family falls between October and February. Add in all the major holidays, and the fact that our extended family is huge (locally we have 9 cousins alone!), and you can understand why we spend a lot of time celebrating during the winter. Because we have so many people to […]


Homeschool Co-op to Montessori Preschool

After two years of classes, the homeschool co-op that I helped run called it quits early last summer. It was a really good run, and while I knew it wouldn’t last forever, I was still so sad to see things end. The co-op had met 2-3 times a week since 2016, first in the homes […]


12 Plastic-Free Toys your Toddler Will Love

Before I had kids, I tried hard to limit my plastic purchases. After a few years though, the plastic started to creep in. This year, after learning more about the devastating effects of over consumption of plastic products, we are committing to buying used when possible, and buying plastic-free gifts otherwise. If you have a […]

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