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Charlotte’s Newborn Photos

When Charlotte was 9 days old, we drove to our friend and photographer’s house to have her newborn photos taken. Leeann has never let us down, and it’s always a pleasure getting to work with her! We usually have our photos taken on location, like at a park or in a studio, but since this [...]


Charlotte Mae’s Birth Story

I had a scheduled section with our oldest daughter because she was breech. It was a wonderful birth experience and I went into my pregnancy with Charlotte knowing that I wanted a repeat c-section. My OB and I discussed birth options at my 8 week appointment and while I was a VBAC candidate, I much preferred [...]


homemade spaghetti sauce

There’s a recipe that’s been passed down my family for generations. My dad’s grandparents were both born in Italy and came to the States in the early 1920s. My nana is a first generation Italian-American, and she said her entire family grew up in the same area of the city. Literally, across the street from [...]

Postpartum anxiety

I got up at 1am to feed Charlotte. While I was nursing her I checked Facebook, and my feed was filled with local news stations reporting that a killer had escaped from prison. The prison is about two hours from our house. My heart was racing and I was convinced that he was on our [...]


Getting Our Toddler to Go to Sleep

Chloe had been doing a really great job of going to bed on time, which we set at 8 pm, for months.  We were a bit worried about daylight saving time this spring, but both the time change and her new bed didn’t change her bedtime routine.  It wasn’t until this July, when she caught [...]


coral, mint and gold nursery on a budget

I love Pinterest and how easy it makes collecting inspiration.  I started pinning ideas for the nursery weeks before we knew what we were having.  I was really fixated on two prints that I found, one for a girl’s room and one for a boy’s.  Both gave me inspiration on the direction I wanted to [...]


Preparing for a Sibling

For the last almost three years, Chloe has had our undivided attention, hasn’t really had to share (unless we’ve had play dates, and even then it’s hit or miss…), and has really gotten used to her routine. Next week, her entire world is going to be flipped-turned upside down.  (I hope you caught that reference!)  We’re [...]

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