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11 things no one tells you about having a scheduled c-section

I spent the majority of my first pregnancy wondering what labor and delivery would feel like. I went back and forth about pain relief options and how I wanted to labor and where. We took a childbirth class that focused almost exclusively on vaginal deliveries, and somewhere around 33 weeks I decided that I needed [...]

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Charlotte's Newborn Photos

When Charlotte was 9 days old, we drove to our friend and photographer's house to have her newborn photos taken. Leeann has never let us down, and it's always a pleasure getting to work with her! We usually have our photos taken on location, like at a park or in a studio, but since this [...]


Charlotte Mae's Birth Story

I had a scheduled section with our oldest daughter because she was breech. It was a wonderful birth experience and I went into my pregnancy with Charlotte knowing that I wanted a repeat c-section. My OB and I discussed birth options at my 8 week appointment and while I was a VBAC candidate, I much preferred [...]


homemade spaghetti sauce

There's a recipe that's been passed down my family for generations. My dad's grandparents were both born in Italy and came to the States in the early 1920s. My nana is a first generation Italian-American, and she said her entire family grew up in the same area of the city. Literally, across the street from [...]

Postpartum anxiety

I got up at 1am to feed Charlotte. While I was nursing her I checked Facebook, and my feed was filled with local news stations reporting that a killer had escaped from prison. The prison is about two hours from our house. My heart was racing and I was convinced that he was on our [...]


Getting Our Toddler to Go to Sleep

Chloe had been doing a really great job of going to bed on time, which we set at 8 pm, for months.  We were a bit worried about daylight saving time this spring, but both the time change and her new bed didn't change her bedtime routine.  It wasn't until this July, when she caught [...]


coral, mint and gold nursery on a budget

I love Pinterest and how easy it makes collecting inspiration.  I started pinning ideas for the nursery weeks before we knew what we were having.  I was really fixated on two prints that I found, one for a girl's room and one for a boy's.  Both gave me inspiration on the direction I wanted to [...]

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