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we are team….

PINK!!!!! We are thrilled to share that Chloe has a healthy little sister, who is growing right on track.  We were wonderfully surprised to hear that we are having another girl!  I can’t wait to wash all of Chloe’s clothes and buy a few new pieces for baby Charlotte — yes, our little peanut’s name [...]


outdoor toddler toys

Chloe was about 6 months old our first summer as a family of three, and the only outdoor activity she really enjoyed was splashing in her baby pool. Our backyard gets a lot of sunlight and even with umbrella shade I was nervous to have her out for very long. Last summer, she was 18 [...]


Budgeting When a Crisis Hits

I met my husband when I was 22 and we were married when I was 24. We had the luxury of living at home most of our engagement, so we went into our marriage with few bills and a comfortable amount in savings. We were living in an apartment at the time and we were [...]

surviving the first trimester

My husband sums up my pregnancies in a pretty accurate way.  The first trimester: Oh my god, what were we thinking?  The second trimester:  This is SO EASY.  Let’s have another baby!!  The third trimester:  GET THIS THING OUT OF ME. He isn’t too far off, even though he’s probably teasing me a bit. My [...]

transitioing into a toddler bed

transitioning to a toddler bed at 28 months

We tried transitioning Chloe to a toddler bed last summer. It was a traumatic experience for everyone involved, including lots of tears (not all were shed by the tiny person) and exhaustion. She had been trying to climb out of the crib and we already had the mattress lowered to the lowest possible setting. It [...]

pregnancy after infertility

My nuchal translucency scan was yesterday. Before we started the ultrasound, the sonographer asked me a series of questions. Is this your name and birth date? Yes. Do you smoke? No. Do you drink? No. Is this your first pregnancy?  No. What number pregnancy is this for you?  … Five.  How many live births have you had?  … One.  Were the [...]


maternity must-haves

I didn’t need maternity clothing with Chloe until I was about 10 weeks along, but needed them almost right away this time around. I got really lucky because that means I can wear nearly everything I had bought from my first pregnancy! I did need to wear maternity clothing a lot sooner this time around [...]

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