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Seeing the beach for the first time after a very long road trip to Florida.

Lion Family, Party of 6

Hello Hive! It’s been a while since I have updated you all on our family, but we have had some big changes! Things have been a little wild in the Lion household for the last few months, for the best possible reason! In February we got a long awaited phone call and brought home two precious […]


Setting Up a Bedroom for Kids in Foster Care

Of all the new rooms I have decorated since moving into our new house, the one that I spent the most time thinking about is the one we have set aside for any children who will hopefully (eventually) come to our family through foster care. Throughout the entire house building process, this room was in […]


3 Ingredient Breakfast Popsicles

Anybody else have a kid obsessed with popsicles? I have two of them. They would do just about anything for a popsicle. After weeks of forking over the too much moolah for the healthier versions of my kids’ favorite summer treat, I realized that it would be pretty simple to be making these myself. This […]


Building a Custom House

Well, we are officially moved into our new home, and our final appraisal (and check to our builder) should be going through this week. Now that we have wrapped up building our own home, I thought I would share all about the process we went through. Back in October of last year, Mr. Lion and I […]


Lion Family Update

Hello again everyone! I have been pretty MIA from the blog for a while because life has been pretty insane for us. We have some big changes coming up for our family, and I hope to be blogging a whole lot more again! May is Foster Care Awareness Month, so it seems like the perfect […]


Putting On My Oxygen Mask

Those of you who have been around Hellobee for a while may know that my years so far as a parent have not been all sunshine and roses. Complicated pregnancies, the death of my mom, health complications for myself and both of my children, and a host of other challenges have kept us on our […]


5 Every Day Ways to Promote Early Literacy

Little Lion is approaching 4, and the older he gets, the faster he is learning! Sometimes it blows my mind how quickly he picks things up. This is probably my favorite age yet. It is so much fun watching him soak up the world around him. While this is not limited to literacy, LL is becoming […]

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