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Traveling through the ages, gear edition

Many mamas have already put together great posts about what to buy for airline travel with children of various ages, but while packing for our seventh or eighth plane trip with my son (and my third set of solo flights), I was pleased to note how many things I bought have been useful in various […]

When the Independent Kid has health issues…

One of the downsides to raising an independent kid is that when things have to be done to him rather than by him, it seems extra difficult for him to accept. With few exceptions, we organize his world — physically and otherwise — to allow him to do things himself, so when parents and doctors […]

When Mama travels, Mama-edition

I’ve written about how we handle my travel for my family’s sake, but I also have a few tips for how I respect my own needs when I travel. I maximize my time away. If I’m going to take time away from my family, alone, I’m not going to spend it watching reality TV in […]

When Mama travels

As a corporate mama, I travel periodically and have done so since my son was a year old. The details of scheduling and communication have changed based on his age, but one important lesson I’ve learned and remind myself of is that my son and husband find new and surprising ways to connect and function […]


Troubleshooting when things aren’t working

Last night, my 2.5 year old son threw a tantrum the likes of which we’d never experienced with him. Ever. From around 7:00 PM when we tried to start his bedtime routine, until 8:05 PM when he finally settled down while his daddy read him a book, he raged. He jumped up and down. He […]

want need wear read

Want, Need, Wear, Read

I’m a consumer despite my best attempts to be an investor, so I’m reigning my gift-giving instincts in by trying to stick to one gift per category. Want: Because my kid is too young to request specific things, we redefined this as “things that aren’t practical or necessary and that we normally wouldn’t think to […]

We’re making some big life changes

In September we hit a critical point in our parenthood: every day felt soul-suckingly repetitive. Wake up, rush to get ready, off to school/ work, get home, do dishes/ laundry/ pick up, bedtime routine, fall into bed… rinse, wash, repeat. We couldn’t accomplish anything permanent; anything that wouldn’t get undone by just living life the […]

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