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Little Marbles' First Birthday

Little Marbles’ second birthday just happened! I labored over her first birthday party for weeks, so it’s only fitting that I finally give it a proper and well-deserved post. I started thinking about LM’s birthday right after Christmas. In fact, the theme for the party came to me while antiquing in Mr. Marbles' hometown in [...]

Selfish or Self-Care?

I had a friend ask me once if I experienced Mommy Guilt and I answered yes, but at the time could not articulate what I felt guilty about. As a mom, I always feel guilty about something, but as a working mom, I feel the most guilty about not being at home with Little Marbles [...]


A Portrait for The Marbles

Every year, I make it a point to ensure we get a good family portrait. When we initially got married, it was just photos of Mr. M and me, but after Little Marbles was born, it was even more important to document our growing family. This year we booked with Brooke Fitts of Brookelyn Photography and [...]

Postpartum Exercise

I definitely have a lot of incentive to work out. The thing is, the last thing I want to do when I get home after a long day of work is go run on the elliptical or head to the gym. The sad part is that I have an on-site gym at our office, and [...]

Friends for Mama

Mr. Marbles and I were one of the first of our friends to get married and have kids. We've always been close with our friends and are generally outgoing. Unfortunately, none of our closest friends have kids or are even remotely close to having kids. Finding parent friends is also a whole different ball game. [...]


First Shoes

The mama perk I was most looking forward to was dressing up Little Marbles. I had visions and a closet full of the cutest outfits with matching accessories (namely, shoes, my poison of choice!). Much to my chagrin, LM, does not like shoes. Let me rephrase that, she does not like wearing shoes. LM is very content [...]



It’s been a couple of wild and emotional weeks at the Marbles’ household. The holiday season leading up to the Lunar New Year is the busiest time of year for me at work. Last year, I was very pregnant, but still managed to come out of the busy season fairly unscathed. But this year, it’s [...]

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