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Gentle Sleep Training at 8 Months

I think every family has a certain level of comfort for the type of training (if any) they can do with their babies. For us, I knew that crying was something I really struggled with; however, a certain amount was going to be necessary, as my son has cried before most sleep experiences regardless of […]

Sleep Training with a Coach

We are a little over a week into our sleep training adventure with a gentle approach. There have certainly been hiccups, course changes and a whole lot of teething, but I can say with confidence this process is helping immensely for us in working towards meeting our main goals, and made us reevaluate some of our […]

Unexpected Emotions Leading into Sleep Training

I will be the first to admit that crying is not something I handle well. Not to be dramatic or anything (I’m totally being dramatic), but a car ride with 15 minutes of straight purple faced inconsolable crying feels like a piece of my soul is dying. Listening to anyone struggle to put my son […]

When You Decide to Hire a Sleep Coach

When it comes to our journey in parenting, by and large the toughest thing for us has been the baby sleep. W is a baby that will fight sleep like its his sole purpose in life. Unless you hit his magical sweet spot, it can be a very exhausting and loud process. It’s been the […]


What I wish I knew about baby sleep before the baby came

One thing I really wish I had read about before the baby was a book on baby sleep. Not that I believe it would have made things any better really, or changed my obsessive Googling habit of “insert age nap schedule,” but maybe just prepared me for the amount of time I would spend thinking […]

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How to survive the trenches

Recently we went through the toughest of times, the most emotional, and the busiest. We were flying by the seat of our pants, and there were many weak points filled with tears, stupid arguments, high stress levels and pure exhaustion. In those moments, I felt incredibly overwhelmed and like there was no end in sight. The […]


The Burden of Care and Mom Guilt

I’ve been struggling with a great deal of mom guilt lately. Sure, I had felt guilty about the odd thing here and there, but I hadn’t experienced the rip your heart out heavy guilt that comes with the territory of parenting. As we readied ourselves to transition W to care outside of the home (two […]

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