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Getting on the Same Page for Family Expansion

When my husband and I started dating, and discussions became more serious, we both were very much ready to enter the family zone of our life. We wanted time to establish ourselves as a couple, get married, buy a home, etc. But we both knew it was something that was important to us and high on […]

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A Year of Reflection

I always knew I would be one of those moms. The ones that felt heartbroken over how quickly her baby was aging. Turns out I know myself super well. Looking at pictures of the end of my pregnancy and those first days together as a new family are so intimately magical to reflect on. What a […]

The Year that Wasn’t – Reflecting on Having No Maternity Leave in Canada

As a small business owner, I was unable to take the one year maternity leave that the majority of Canadians are entitled to. For many years prior to us trying to have a baby this was a fear of mine, a scary unknown and something that made that leap into being ready that much more […]


Tie-Dye Birthday Party Planning

Our little birdie is rapidly approaching his first birthday. The first year is totally a living embodiment of the phrase “the days are long, but the years are short.” I am feeling quite nostalgic these days as I see memories pop up from one year ago with my big swollen belly. I’m reminiscing on the […]

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Weaning from the Dockatot

Since the DockATot is still a new product, finding resources on how to wean from one is kind of difficult. I scoured the Internet. It is a beloved baby product of mine, and I will not lie about how many times I filled a shopping cart with the next size up dreading this transition. I […]


Camping with a Baby

My husband and I love camping in the summer. One of my most favourite feelings in the world is a cold nose in the morning breathing in the crisp area while snuggled up in the warmth of your sleeping bag in a tent. I love the simplicity of life, constant fresh air, campfire smell and […]

Sleep? That's funny! Look who's the smug one now.

Theories behind why my child doesn’t sleep through the night

W was one of those newborns that slept like a dream. I had that baby thing down. I wasn’t sleep deprived! Up once a night? No problem. He went to bed late, but when he was down, he gave us a great stretch. I was functioning in the day like it was no problem. I […]

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