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Twelve Gifts for Two Kids

{Note: This round-up skews towards “boys” since that is what I know and love… but most of these can easily skew towards “girls” or “one of each” with some different selections in patterns or kits!} One of my favorite parts of our first visit with Pint-Sized Picasso is that within five minutes of meeting, he […]


The Elf on the Shelf… Does Good Deeds

It started almost four years ago when Mini Michelangelo was gifted an Elf on the Shelf. It seemed innocent enough—every day the elf would hang out in your house, watching the going-ons… then every night he or she would fly back to the North Pole and report in to Santa. The next morning, we would […]


Celebrating National Adoption Month

In the United States, November is recognized as “National Adoption Month.” The particular focus of this month is the adoption of children currently in the foster care system. Clearly, we did not adopt our boys through the foster care system. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy marking this month as a reason to […]


The Teal Pumpkin Project

For years now, we’ve been very “treat aware” in our house given that some of our closest friends have kids with severe nut allergies. We’ve always handed out nut-free candy… and are the first to offer up our extras for trade. It’s been a win-win. No extra candy in the house… and no candy that […]


Fakin’ it ’til we make it

{Always checking what’s on the horizon…} {Just another long-lost blogger here, popping back up.} So, what happened?! Life happened. Apparently when the going gets tough, the tough go hide in a deep, dark hole. At least that’s what this tough girl did. Really though. I’ve alluded to the rough transition here. It’s still very rough. […]


An adoptive mama’s playlist

Around here, music tends to gravitate towards the likes of Laurie Berkener, Raffi, Elizabeth Mitchell… and the complete soundtrack of Disney’s “Frozen.” But there’s only so much “Let It Go” a gal can take, so the other day I passed over my iPhone to Mini with an offer of “I’ll let you DJ if you […]


I blinked, and it was over…

… and I’m really not sure how that happened. Or more exactly, how this happened: The first year of school, over. Done. Finished. And oh, what a year it was. It’s a week later, and I’m still reeling. I’m still wondering how in the world that first year went by so fast. (And at times, […]

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