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My Five Minute Face

{I feel like I’ve had a lot of really heavy posts recently… I think it’s time to lighten the mood a little, no?!} I’ve been wearing make-up daily since I was 13 and “officially” allowed to wear it by my parents. (I may or may not have had a secret bag in my backpack with [...]


It’s not you, it’s me

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a month since I wrote here. It’s even harder to believe that we’re a whole month farther into our Family of Four… and still struggling to find our groove. Or maybe it’s that we’ve found our groove, but it’s not one I’m willing to accept quite yet. [...]


Finally Four

We. Are. Four. Really, need I say more?! We. Are. Four… Together. Finally! We’re feeling every emotion under the sun as we navigate our new family dynamic. There’s joy and there’s sadness. There is hope and there is fear. And there is a lot excitement and uncertainty too. But overall… there is just a feeling of peace. [...]

It’s “go” time!

Last I wrote, we were waiting… with no idea when we would be called back to Korea. We were told to hope for February, but no guarantees. So imagine our surprise (among many other emotions) when we received a call from our social worker last Wednesday evening asking us if we thought we could be [...]

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part…

I bet all of you didn’t know I had magical powers, but look! I just disappeared off the face of the blogosphere for a month and {wham!} I’m back now. Just. Like. Magic. I really think I missed my calling, I should have gone to Hogwarts. Clearly. All joking aside… I’m sorry for disappearing on [...]


Christmas Care Package

Here’s an ironic little tidbit for you all… I actually had this package all wrapped and boxed up, and sitting in my car, when we received the call that we had a court date. It had been there for a couple of days, waiting for errands to bring me near our post office. (The closest [...]

We’re leaving on a jet plane…

Soon. Sooner than I am actually prepared for. Don’t get me wrong… one part of me is ready to get on that plane… like yesterday. But the other part of me—the planner part—is still a little overwhelmed and shell-shocked. And wishing we had the 4-6 weeks lead time that some families get. Our flights and [...]

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