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Fakin’ it ’til we make it

{Always checking what’s on the horizon…} {Just another long-lost blogger here, popping back up.} So, what happened?! Life happened. Apparently when the going gets tough, the tough go hide in a deep, dark hole. At least that’s what this tough girl did. Really though. I’ve alluded to the rough transition here. It’s still very rough. [...]


An adoptive mama’s playlist

Around here, music tends to gravitate towards the likes of Laurie Berkener, Raffi, Elizabeth Mitchell… and the complete soundtrack of Disney’s “Frozen.” But there’s only so much “Let It Go” a gal can take, so the other day I passed over my iPhone to Mini with an offer of “I’ll let you DJ if you [...]


I blinked, and it was over…

… and I’m really not sure how that happened. Or more exactly, how this happened: The first year of school, over. Done. Finished. And oh, what a year it was. It’s a week later, and I’m still reeling. I’m still wondering how in the world that first year went by so fast. (And at times, [...]


Chinese Take-Out Fake-Outs (Two slow cooker meals)

Yup. Another slow cooker meal. Actually, two! [In case you haven't guessed... we currently live off of slow cooker meals here. I thought it would be my temporary solution after Pint-Sized came home, just something to get us through the transition phase. Well, four months later and we are still in transition... and I keep [...]

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What’s for dinner?!

It used to be that upon hearing that phrase, I’d used to break out into a cold sweat. For the simple reason that I usually had no idea. In recent years, I’ve become much, much better about menu planning and grocery shopping… and the result is that now I can usually answer that question within [...]


DIY Lemonade Thank You Gifts

The end of the school year somehow snuck up on me. That, or I spent one too many weeks in denial about it. Regardless, last Monday rolled around and I realized that I needed teacher thank you gifts… pronto! Not only did I need them quickly… I needed nine of them. Yes, nine. (How does [...]



Today, Pint-Sized Picasso turns TWO. It’s a little bit of an unfathomable idea for me since I feel like just the other week I was blogging about missing his first birthday. It feels like just the other day I was in court on the day after Christmas. And has it really been four months since [...]

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