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Gifts for Grandmas and Grandpas

I always find myself wanting to thank my mom and mother-in-law for all they do in our lives with special gifts. Grandmas are such special people in our lives and for our children, but I find it really hard to figure out what to give them during the holidays. So I’ve done some research to […]

Third Trimester, Third Time

I’m entering the final stage of pregnancy this week — I’ve got five more weeks to go! At 35 weeks, I’m feeling shockingly better than in my previous pregnancies. I’ve always had nausea and mild vomiting, back pain and fatigue, but this go around, in the third trimester, I feel better than I usually do. […]

Private VS Public School and how we made the choice

In our community there are several different private, charter and public school options. As soon as we moved here last year we had to really consider where we would put our oldest in school because there are so many options, all of which seem great. We had never really looked into private school very much […]


Loving Five and Three

Lately, I’ve been having very dreamy parenting moments (knock on wood and say a few prayers as soon as I type this it’s sure to change). My girls are at a sweet age right now and I am loving their bond. As I am expecting baby number three this Christmas, I know we are headed […]


Registry for a third baby

The last two babies I had were girls and this time we’re having a boy so we need a few things, not to mention the fact that some of our baby stuff is getting really worn out having been through two babies already. As a third time mom, friends and family are asking if there […]


7 Reasons Why I Love Chalk Paint for Kids’ Furniture

I started using chalk paint last year and it is my new favorite way to paint and complete projects. I find it extremely helpful for moms of young kids because it is a non toxic way to complete lingering painting projects. If you have an old table, chair or shelf that you would like to […]

5 Things You Can do to Support First Time Moms

I’ve had the exciting privilege of having three close friends become first time moms this year. It has brought back so many memories of my own first-time mom journey and how navigating those waters can be a little bumpy at times. The hormones in the first few weeks, the sleep deprivation and the learning curve […]

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