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Destinations: Duluth, MN

When most people think of going on vacation, Minnesota is not even at the forefront of their minds. Minnesota is a very underrated state though, and having been a lifelong resident, I didn’t always appreciate all it had to offer either. But it’s a beautiful state that is worth a visit – though preferably in […]


Thematic Book Round-up: The Moon

My three year old loves the moon. He has to point it out everyday, say goodnight to it, and is sad when there is a new moon. One thing my mom did while she was homeschooling us was play into our interests to encourage learning and education. I’m trying to take the same approach with J […]

jungle jam

Review: Jungle Jam The Radio Show

My siblings and I loved radio shows more than TV, and I have fond memories of growing up listening to Jungle Jam. When I was pregnant, my mom bought me several of the Jungle Jam CD’s and when J was about 2 ½ he started listening to them and immediately fell in love. Now every time […]


The last six months: where we’ve been

I cannot believe it’s been six months since I’ve posted; to say I’ve been busy is a bit of an understatement! Even though my days feel nonstop, life has been good – really good. But let me backtrack a bit, because a lot has happened since my last blog post! I have a three-year-old now!  […]

12 books on behavior and sharing

Books on Behavior and Sharing

When J started daycare, he had a lot of social issues related to being overwhelmed by the sheer number of kids and new environment. We really had to work with him to help him learn coping strategies and ways to effectively deal with his feelings. We turned to books early on to help identify his feelings, […]


Finding a Day Planner

I’ve always been a more type B person, but when it comes to planning, scheduling and organizing my time and life – I couldn’t be more type A. I feel I will never switch to a completely digital schedule – no iPhone calendar has ever felt the same as organizing my life on paper, writing […]


For the Love of Dinosaurs

I loved Mrs. Confetti’s post about maximizing opportunities regarding your child’s obsessions and how to develop and enjoy that love of theirs with them. At the time, I started thinking then about what my toddler’s obsession is. J doesn’t have obsessions, but he has things that it is very apparent he loves, and a little […]

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