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Finding a Day Planner

I’ve always been a more type B person, but when it comes to planning, scheduling and organizing my time and life – I couldn’t be more type A. I feel I will never switch to a completely digital schedule – no iPhone calendar has ever felt the same as organizing my life on paper, writing […]


For the Love of Dinosaurs

I loved Mrs. Confetti’s post about maximizing opportunities regarding your child’s obsessions and how to develop and enjoy that love of theirs with them. At the time, I started thinking then about what my toddler’s obsession is. J doesn’t have obsessions, but he has things that it is very apparent he loves, and a little […]


Packing for an Airplane: Using the Dollar Store

Mr. Pen’s family lives in New York, so he tries to make a point to visit every year. This year, due to my school and work schedule, I’ll be unable to join him – but he’s planned a fun-filled trip with J and spending lots of time with his family he scarcely sees. In preparation […]


1000 Books Before Kindergarten

I love setting goals and would love to impart that ambition to my son, so when I found out about the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Program at my local library, I was excited to have something new to do with Jacobi that also had an end goal! While I definitely want to continue reading well […]

My Makeup Routine

Until recently, I have never found makeup I truly loved. Everything was mediocre, and I tried so many drugstore and high-end brands until I finally found what works best for me. Now, in the summer my makeup routine is slightly different. My pale Norwegian/German skin tends to change shades throughout the summer, so I need […]


Taco-less Taco Bowls

For the past week I have been doing the WHOLE30. The Paleo diet is something that has intrigued and interested me for years, and I have adopted many of their principles into my lifestyle, but I’ve never done a full “paleo plunge.” Even though I considered myself a healthy, clean eater, I’ve still struggled with […]

Choosing a Daycare

I have to admit — we visited one daycare. One. I had contacted a few others, and viewed the websites of most in my area. For many, I had my decision formed based on their website and information on it, others I formed a decision based on email or phone contact.  But one daycare center […]

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