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Hospitalization First Timer

This winter was going along pretty well until very recently Baby Pencil caught RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus)! While RSV can be handled pretty easily for older kids and adults, it can be very dangerous for babies under 1 years old. My pediatrician told me that when it came to any type of wheezing or breathing issues for young babies, […]


My easy morning makeup/skincare routine

I barely have any reason to put on any makeup since I’m mostly home all day, but when I do I make sure it can all happen within 10 minutes! Here are my current products that are part of my morning routine: 1.) Glowbiotics Tinted Sunscreen (and primer) – I love how this product is a […]


Facebook Mommy Groups

With the help of Facebook, I’ve been having tons of playdates with other moms in my area! The new era of Facebook mommy groups has totally changed my life. It’s so easy to make a shout out to 5,000 moms in your area and ask what’s going on in your city. I’ve made some pretty […]


Sleep Training at 4 Months

After the 4-month regression came around, I knew it was time for sleep training. There was no doubt in my mind that we would sleep train Baby Pencil. It worked so well with Toddler Pencil that I knew the benefits and that it was totally worth it. I completely understand that all babies are different […]


100th Day Celebration

Shortly after the 3-month mark comes the 100th day celebration – a Korean tradition that I barely knew anything about, but have come to enjoy celebrating over the years through friends and family. The extravagance of this celebration can go many different ways. I’ve seen very fancy 100th day celebrations and I’ve seen simple family dinners. With […]


Baby Pencil 3 Month Update!

I’ve been looking forward to the 3 month mark because I know it gets so much easier from here! And with sleep training just around the corner, I know that soon I’ll be getting much more rest. There have been many ups and downs in the past few weeks since we recently moved, but overall I’m so […]


Moving out of our combined family home!

Well, the time has come! After a year of living together, the Pencil family is moving out. The decision came much sooner than we expected, but as soon as Baby Pencil came we immediately felt the need to get our own space. I thought that throwing a 4th baby to the already crowded house wouldn’t be […]

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