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The End of Foster Care

One thing I’ve learned, is that change isn’t always easy. It isn’t always good, and it isn’t always bad. Sometimes it just is. Foster care ended for us almost two months ago, and I’m still having a hard time putting a word on the feeling it left. I don’t want to call it empty, because […]


Party of Three

It has been six months since I first told you about our family dynamic changing to one of a foster family. As often comes with fostering a child, our time has come to a close. I have to be honest — when we were struggling through infertility, and then the adoption process, I thought to […]


Deep Dish Cast Iron Cookie & Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

I was asked during a job interview once what my greatest accomplishment in life was (I was 23, come on man). At the time I didn’t have an answer, so I gave a sarcastic one. But if I were asked now, I would probably say this cookie. As soon as I saw this recipe on […]


Foster Parent Week

I had no idea there was such a week, but this week apparently is it. I would imagine that most foster parents overlook it because life is so hectic. For example, this is my calendar. Anything red, gray, or purple is foster care related. Green is related to the four of us. So you can […]


Five Take Out Pizza Alternatives

We’re pizza lovers. Any place, any time. My husband and I have pizza and wine night every Friday, and our little ones love pizza too. Ordering pizza adds up though, and sometimes, it’s fun to mix it up. Here are some of the ways we make pizza that doesn’t require placing an order. English Muffin […]

Mom to Two

We went out with some friends for our birthdays in early February this year. Around 10pm I was fading fast, and that became the topic of conversation. I was so tired because I had a nearly one year old, and I had been tired for a whole year. Then shortly after that conversation, I became […]

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Backyard Chickens: The Basics

This is part one of a series I’m putting together about raising your own chickens. From what I’m reading, getting chickens is the cool thing to do now. With the eat local movements and growing your own food, chickens are really the perfect way to get on board. You can eat their eggs, they can […]

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