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Our Ever Changing Family

Shortly after we adopted Isaiah, word got out that we’re good people who love kids, and we were approached by other birth moms who wanted to secure a safe and loving home to place their child in. We decided early on that we would never say no to a baby who needed a home, so we [...]

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How We Quit the Pacifier

Isaiah got his first pacifier in the hospital. I had always planned to allow him to use one, and didn’t have an issue with the hospital giving him one. He didn’t care for the green ones they give though, so we gave him the Tommee Tippee ones for his age that were also approved by [...]


Simply One

Before my baby was even a few months old, I was overwhelmed by the amount of attention the first birthday gets. When we have birthdays, family comes to our house, I cook, and we eat. We keep things simple because we’re not party people. So I knew there wouldn’t be invitations, decorations, and guests watching [...]

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One Year Old

Well, we made it. What a crazy/amazing year it has been. Before Isaiah was born we weren’t sure we’d even get the chance to adopt him, and here we are a year later with a full blown, almost walking, almost talking one year old. Eating: He is eating solids like a pro and he is [...]


Things You Did

It seems like I’ve seen a lot of videos posted lately about pregnancy and motherhood. I watch them, and I cry with them even though I didn’t experience pregnancy. So to my son, I say: You didn’t give me stretch marks. You didn’t grow in my belly for nine months. Mom and Dad will never pull [...]


Brown Bag Turkey

We decided to start a new tradition this year of staying home on Christmas Day. Previously, we always did the rounds on Christmas and by the end of the day, we were so exhausted and missed our couch. This year we wanted to stay home and relax. Isaiah helped with that because it was easier to [...]


Mama’s First Christmas

Christmas has been hard for me since we first started trying for a baby. I always wanted to be one of those couples who could announce to our families that we were having a baby at Christmas. It was hard to go through each holiday season and not have a child to buy for, or [...]

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