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Explaining a Cross-Country Move to a Toddler

Bunny is no stranger to moving. She did her first military move when from Italy to Georgia when she was just four months old, but since I’m pretty sure she didn’t have a care in the world back then, this move will be a whole new ball game. Now, at three years old, she understands […]

California palm trees in vintage style.

An Update from the Rabbit Herd: We’re Moving!

We’ve been busy over here in the Rabbit household. Not busy making any new bunnies, mind you, but just busy doing life. Although, as busy as we’ve been, life is about to get a whole lot crazier, because we’re about to pick up and move across the country! Mister Rabbit, if you remember, is in […]


Thinking about a Third

Having BunBun was a huge game changer for me. Pre-BunBun I used to shout from the roof tops that I only wanted two kids. “One for each hand,” I’d joke. (But I wasn’t really joking. I was completely serious.) Then I had her. Her birth was perfect, and she’s been such an easy baby that […]


Home for the Holidays and Making up Traditions

Long time no see, hive! I have no excuses for my 4-month break except one: life. It got crazy, busy, and in the way of fun things like writing on here. As for a quick update, (which will tie into the title of this post—promise), my husband went on a 2-month business trip to Arizona, […]


How Do You Find Balance as a WAHM?

As I’m typing this while corresponding with a colleague via email at the same time, my toddler is creating a make-shift table out of an old diaper box, and my youngest is trying to devour an extra-large block. You may think, “Ah, that’s the life. She gets to be home with her kids and work […]

girls sharing a room

The Girls Are Sharing a Room!

It’s time to let our daughters bond a little bit more, because they just became roommates. After countless sleepless nights for the Rabbit clan, we kicked the youngest out of our room (figuratively, of course). I have absolutely nothing against co-sleeping, but when I’m sleeping I like to sleep and not worry about rolling over […]

No zoo around? No problem! Head to a pet store for some fun!

Big City Fun in a Small Town

I’ve struggled a lot recently with our small town. At first glance, it’s not very kid/family friendly. Parks are limited, pools are practically non-existent; zoos, aquariums, and anything that resembles “fun” are hours away. I was stumped on how to entertain my daughter (especially in the southern heat when stepping outside makes you feel like […]

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