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11 months baby o2

Eleven Month Update

Turning eleven months old means she’s only a month away from turning one. We have been talking about her first birthday party, but I’ve been neglecting it because I think in some ways I am in a little bit of denial. We’ve opted for a larger gathering, though, so I’m going to need to get [...]


What’s in a Name?

When Missus Scooter and I got married in 2010, neither one of us changed our last name. There was no purpose behind it, no philosophical position we were trying to preserve. We got married in our 30′s and didn’t feel a strong desire to identify as married people by changing our last names. When we [...]


Ten Month Update

She’s hit double digits! I can’t believe my baby is 10 months old already. Since I last wrote, things have gotten much more calm in our household. We survived the dreaded when-will-this-cold-ever-end and I-can’t-believe-a-child-can-produce-this-much-snot phase and we’re really enjoying things now. my little Valentine

prenatal supplements

Supplements: Then and Now

It seems like I’ve been taking a lot of supplements for a very long time. And… I guess I have. When we first brought our midwives on board (when I was roughly 12 weeks along), they gave me a recommended supplement list. They warned me ahead of time that it may seem daunting. I’ve written [...]


Having “The” Talk

Having “the” conversation with your kids is nothing new. Parents have been dealing with this issue since the dawn of time. And while I realize I am probably way ahead of myself (Baby O is almost 10 months old), I am already thinking about it. When she asks us about the words “fag” or “homo” [...]

old deck

Balancing Flexibility with Routine

Today marked the first day of a pretty big house project: a new deck! Missus Scooter and I have been really excited about the start of this endeavor because the deck we had before was really small and a bit janky. We couldn’t imagine letting Baby O crawl  around on it (flaking paint, uneven boards, [...]


Nine Month Update

It’s been a month since Christmas, marking 9 months since Baby O was born. I’m not gonna lie; it’s been one long, challenging month but also one marked with many new things! On Christmas Eve, Baby O started to come down with a cold which proceeded to hang around nearly the entire month. It went [...]

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