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Due Dates: why all the fuss?

What is it about those two little words…”due date”? They can cause stress, excitement, and so much anticipation…but yet, we all know it really is sort of irrelevant: that ONE date. I have started referring to a “birth window” (2 weeks around the due date), which seems so much more relevant, but society surely hasn’t caught […]

home birth supplies

How I am preparing for my home birth

I am 38 weeks pregnant and I’m going to have a home birth. I had a home birth with my first child and previously blogged about our decision to do so. Having a positive experience the first time, the choice to birth at home again with the same midwives really was easy. In fact, Missus […]


Did you have a birth team?

Before I got pregnant, I never gave much thought to who would be present at my labor and delivery. I always just assumed it would be Missus Scooter and my mom. As it turns out, this was not the case with my delivery with Ohana….and there will be different people at my upcoming labor. When I […]


How therapy has changed my relationship

When Missus Scooter and I began dating in 2007, we were living 3 hours apart and considered ourselves in a long distance relationship. At the time, she was a detective for a police department outside of San Francisco and had a Tuesday through Friday day-shift schedule. I worked a standard Monday through Friday 8 to […]

I’m scared!

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. This is one of my absolute favorite axioms/universal truths. Something about this simple yet incredibly powerful statement rings true with me every single time I hear it, even when I don’t want it to; even when I really don’t want to be exactly where I’m supposed […]



I’m a big fan of the babymoon. A babymoon is akin to a honeymoon, except typically taken before a baby arrives. It’s generally viewed as a time to connect, relax, and enjoy activities that may be on pause for awhile after baby comes. Like honeymoons, babymoons can range wildly based on the interests and lifestyle of […]


Yoga Glow

The first time I did power vinyasa yoga, I walked out completely drenched (it was in a heated room), red in the face, and thoroughly high on life. I didn’t have the right clothes, didn’t have the right mat, didn’t know any of the poses or jargon, didn’t know any of the people, but all […]

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