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A different sort of time capsule

There is a lot going on in our house these days…literally. We pulled the trigger on an extensive remodel which will encompass the kitchen, the adjacent office, the adjacent laundry room, and the basement. Additionally, the project will involve a new electrical panel and updating of the remaining knob-and-tube wiring (probably 50% of the house) […]


Our experience with Roseola

I am always stumped about writing posts on topics that have been blogged about before, but in the end I always feel like they’re somewhat useful because each person has a different take on things. Maybe someone will read this post and gain something useful from it. Thus…my post on Roseola. Baby Romi is nearly […]

Please Tell Me I’m Not The Only One…

An open letter to the woman who just walked by my house and looked inside my enormous picture window into my living room. Hi. I saw you. You saw me seeing you. I realize what it must have looked like to you. I must have looked crazy. I’m not. I know, I know, I was vacuuming […]

Advice Needed: When You Have an Issue With your Childcare Provider

During my second pregnancy, our part-time nanny got pregnant. At the time, Ohana was about 2.5 years old. Being a planner, I started thinking ahead about what we would do about childcare for Ohana and the new baby. Ohana was reaching that age of needing more stimulation and interaction outside the home, so it felt like great […]


How Do You Know You’re Done?

Somewhere along the way since deciding to have children, I had the number three in my mind. There’s no big reason why, it was just a feeling. Many people liked to say, oh just wait until you have kids then you may (*will) change your mind. Two kids is the perfect number! One for each […]


Down The Drain

Last week, the week before going back to work from my 4-month maternity leave, we scheduled a trip to see Missus Scooter’s family. They live in the mountains on the other side of Yosemite and it’s beautiful. We had a wonderful five night visit then made the four hour drive home. When I walked into […]


A Newborn Photo Shoot @ 2 Months

When we had our first daughter, Ohana, I was the quintessential first time mom and had everything planned and prepped, including her newborn photo shoot. The photographer who took my maternity pictures was hired and on stand-by. She told us that newborn photos were best taken between 7-10 days after birth, so we had her […]

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