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I’m scared!

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. This is one of my absolute favorite axioms/universal truths. Something about this simple yet incredibly powerful statement rings true with me every single time I hear it, even when I don’t want it to; even when I really don’t want to be exactly where I’m supposed […]



I’m a big fan of the babymoon. A babymoon is akin to a honeymoon, except typically taken before a baby arrives. It’s generally viewed as a time to connect, relax, and enjoy activities that may be on pause for awhile after baby comes. Like honeymoons, babymoons can range wildly based on the interests and lifestyle of […]


Yoga Glow

The first time I did power vinyasa yoga, I walked out completely drenched (it was in a heated room), red in the face, and thoroughly high on life. I didn’t have the right clothes, didn’t have the right mat, didn’t know any of the poses or jargon, didn’t know any of the people, but all […]

Pregnancy and Body Image

One of my closest friends, a yoga teacher, recently said to me: “the cruelest part of pregnancy is how you see yourself.” At first blush, this sounds pretty harsh, doesn’t it? Of course she told me this after I had once again been on a rant because I found myself comparing my pregnant self to […]

old days

An Unexpected Sibling

Several months after Missus Scooter and I met and began a serious relationship in 2007, we found ourselves talking about children. One of the reasons why we ‘work’ is we have always more or less been on the same page. Back in those early days, we both felt that kids were inevitable but we were […]

laney insem

TTC Story: Our Final Installment

I last left off in our TTC story staring at an email from a woman who possibly had vials of the same donor that we used to conceive our daughter, Ohana. She also happened to be the mother to a half sister of my daughter. Big stuff. I had been searching for more vials after using […]


Pass the TTC Baton!

I last left off our TTC story facing the reality that I was going to start trying to conceive and Missus Scooter was going to stop. When this happened, it felt very sudden. Of course I had thought about it over the course of the year she was TTC, but I never fully embraced the idea […]

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