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Sadness and Wonder

I’m in the middle of a long, drawn-out miscarriage. Well, what I thought was a long, drawn-out miscarriage. Now that I’m a little more educated about all of this, it seems to me that all miscarriages are a slog, both physically and emotionally. This is one of the many lessons I’ve learned while navigating this [...]

noncandy easter basket fillers

Easter Basket Fillers

Easter is one of those holidays where I have to restrain myself from overdoing it.  Even though it isn’t a gift-oriented holiday, it falls during an opportune window for us.  It has been four months since Christmas, and it is four months until Scribble’s next birthday.  I don’t tend to buy many gifts “just because,” [...]


A Day’s Worth of Meals

I have so enjoyed reading about all the baby bees and their daily meals!  It has really inspired me to see everyone’s fun and creative meals, and it has given me valuable insight into portion size and the frustrating realities of catering to picky toddlers. So I thought we would play along! Scribble has an [...]


Day in the Life of a Part-Time WOHM

Toddler parenting is a lot more structured than infant parenting.  When Scribble was an infant, our day centered around his sleep schedule, and the length of his naps was variable.  Now he has just one nap a day, so we get out a lot more.  Also, Scribble needs to burn energy during his day, which [...]

Becoming a Parent all Over Again

Shortly after Scribble turned one, parenting suddenly felt a lot more difficult.  I Googled around to see if anyone shared my anxiety.  I heard a lot of equivocation and euphemism.  Parents spoke of their toddlers “driving them crazy,” or making them “want to pull their hair out.”  I wasn’t sure if this was literal, or [...]


3 Simple, Slimmed-Down Treats for Valentine’s Day (or any day!)

I love making treats for special occasions.  But after two months of bad eating (thanks to the holidays, New Year’s, and the Super Bowl), I’m not feeling anything too heavy.  Here are some lightened-up bites I’ve made recently.  Hopefully one of these treats will help make your Valentine’s Day a little sweeter! This is a [...]

January 2013 007

The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Meal Planning

This is such a simple idea, it hardly merits a post! But it has really improved my meal planning experience, so I thought I would share. I’ve never been much of a meal planner. For us, meal planning ends up costing extra money. I would rather go to the store, shop sales, then decide what [...]

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