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Summer Reading Activities for School Age Kids

After BeBe’s first year of elementary school, I’m loving the relaxed summer schedule. But, I want to prevent the summer slide. This is when kids lose literacy skills during the summer because they don’t have a chance to practice their academic skills. With that in mind, and because we love books, I wanted to do something […]

Teaching Assertiveness

BeBe just finished Kindergarten, and I feel like we can finally catch our breath. Overall, it was a good year, but it was a major adjustment, with many lessons learned. One of the lessons is the need to teach her to be more assertive. This sounds counterintuitive with most young kids having a demanding streak, […]

Breaking the Pacifier Habit

I’m definitely team pacifier for many reasons, but I always dread when it’s time to break the habit. Loss of sleep and cranky days are the reason I gave my kiddos a pacifier from the beginning. However, we used a solid method for breaking the pacifier habit with both kiddos, and it worked well, even […]


Outdoor Toys for Spring

The weather is finally warm enough to detox my kiddos from TV and play outside. Spring through Fall we are outside all day. While we mostly play in nature, we have a few outdoor toys that have been passed along to us over the years. We break these out when all the cousins or neighbors […]


Shifting Away from Over- Protective Parenting

When our little guy received his Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) diagnosis, I went into over-protective mommy mode. I shut down any chance of him contracting an illness by restricting outings and visitors. Post-surgery, we didn’t drive anywhere because hitting the brakes suddenly could cause his sternum bone to crack open again. I took no chances. […]


Furniture for a Cozy Home

Creating a cozy home for our family has become more important as my kiddos outgrow the baby stage. Furniture pieces that are functional, reflect our taste, and stand-up to kiddos bopping around the house are what make our house feel like home. Here’s my list of favorite furniture for a household with little kids. Fold-Down […]


Babies and Kids’ Clothing Brands: Cost, Cut, and Style

I’ve mentioned before that I’m frugal. I shop clearance sales like a sport and often buy my kiddos’ clothes at the resale shop, especially baby and toddler clothes. I’ve developed an eye for the different fit and style of the brands we buy. Here’s my quick list of affordable brands and how they hold up. Carters […]

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