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The Baby Keepsakes I Love

My little ones aren’t babies anymore, and I’m finding I miss some of those sweet baby moments. However, I had several different baby keepsakes that I love, and I’m glad I took the time to do. Quilts – Both my babies had quilts hanging up in their nurseries. A family member gifted one to my […]

The Richness of a Conversation

“Dada home?” our little guy was sitting on the front porch steps next to me and repeatedly asking this question. I was frustrated that he kept asking the same question after I already answered no. Our little guy would do this every day. Then I began to understand that he wasn’t asking if daddy was […]

My Go-To Mom Phrases

Apparently, I have a few parenting phrases I use often because BeBe echoes the words back to me before I can finish saying them. I truly sound like a mom of a big kid. But, I stand by my phrases because they work! So, ha! Here are my mom phrases or “momisms” as we call […]

Perfectionism and School

At the beginning of the school year we were encountering some homework struggles with BeBe, but not the usual issue of trying to get your kiddo to sit and do the work. BeBe was the opposite. She finished her homework quickly and correctly but didn’t want to turn in her packet with eraser marks. We […]

A Language – Based Preschool

Last summer we were undecided about preschool plans for our little guy, so I toured almost every preschool and daycare in town. I visited amazing preschools, and a few that were subpar. Each time I found a wonderful preschool with a strong curriculum, lovely staff, clean facility, and glowing recommendations, I still came away with […]

Advocating for School District Services

Our son recently aged out of the Early Intervention program when he turned three. A few months before his birthday, we took him to a developmental screening hosted by the school district to determine what areas of development he still needed help with. I had hoped this would be an easy transition, but I found […]


Winter Reads

With the subzero temperatures, it’s great to have a few good books to read. I’ve been on an autobiography kick lately, and I seem to find some interesting parent perspectives in each one. Here are a few books I enjoyed about life choices and parenting. Kickflip Boys: A Memoir of Freedom, Rebellion, and the Chaos […]

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