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The Joy of a Holiday Baby

It’s our little guy’s birthday month! When we first learned his due date at my prenatal appointment, the common response was; poor kid’s birthday will be overlooked by the holidays. However, it really is a fun season to have a birthday. Here are few reasons why. It’s a festive time of year. Everyone is a […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting Early Intervention

Our little guy will be phasing out of Early Intervention soon when he turns three-years-old. I’m so appreciative for the amazing therapists and progress he has made. As I was looking back at some of the notes and questions I had from evaluation meetings, insurance phone calls, and neuro-cardiac clinic, I realized my perspective and […]

Household Expectations for the Kids

With one kid, we could maintain the household somewhat easily. When we became a family of four, we needed everyone in the family to pitch in so the house wouldn’t look like it had been ransacked by gremlins. With both kids, we have given them small areas of responsibilities around the house since they were […]

Mommy Wars? Not Even Close

Occasionally an article will pop up about the “mommy wars,” pitting SAHMs and WOHMs against each other. And while the day to day experiences are different, I haven’t experienced the animosity of the mommy wars. I have the opposite experience of teaming up with WOHMs, especially once my oldest kiddo began preschool. When BeBe started […]

The Differences Between First Grade and Kindergarten

First grade is game on. Really, this is where all those years of preschool and kindergarten readiness start to show. BeBe finished her first month of first grade, and some strong differences stand out from kindergarten. For one, the physical space in the room is different. There are no toys in the room, only books, […]

Practical Tips for Life with Babies and Toddlers

I’ve been on the baby shower circuit lately with lots of discussions about infant feeding and sleeping, understandably so. But when I was a new parent, I wish I had been tipped off to some everyday, little tricks to manage life with babies and toddlers. Here’s my quick list of practical tips for babies and […]


Rhythm and Rhyme Children’s Books

The rhythm and rhyme of children’s books is the soundtrack to my days with little ones. Hearing my toddler repeat phrases with the story, and watching my older kiddo create silly rhymes are my favorite memories to make. We have shelves of book we inherited from family members or found on hunts through Goodwill. Here […]

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