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Mrs. Snowflake’s Friday Favorites

My 5 favorite things were kind of tricky to come up with at first. We don’t buy much outside of essentials like groceries and stuff for my health. One thing I really do love, though, is the Christmas season: it’s one of the main reasons I chose to be Mrs. Snowflake. Many of these favorites are […]

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Celebrating A Chronic Illness Christmas

Chronic illness doesn’t take a vacation day. I write about it a lot because it’s extremely consuming for me. There are so many challenges that chronic illness creates in my life: physical, emotional, financial. It’s honestly hard to focus on anything else sometimes, especially while working full time and raising our wonderful 5 year old, […]

A Blue Christmas

I love celebrating Christmas. I love Christmas music, decorating, and treasured family traditions. But Christmas is not a joyful time for all. There are many who do not celebrate Christmas, and the Christmas-centric culture is very difficult to escape, which can make those who celebrate something else or nothing at all feel like outsiders. Even […]


Growing Our Family by Eight Paws

In a recent post, I talked about how Snowy is an only child and we intend for her to stay that way. But this isn’t exactly true, because Snowy does have a very beloved “big sister,” our cat, Allie. I grew up always having pets. I got my beloved dog, Wishbone, for my 5th birthday, and […]


Snowy’s Favorite Things at Almost 5

I can’t believe I’ve been a mom for almost five whole years. My daughter, Snowy, is an absolute joy. She is a firecracker: a boundless bottle of energy from the moment she wakes up to the moment she falls asleep. She is fearless and loving. She is also really growing into her own when it […]

Raising a Newborn Amidst Multiple Undiagnosed Chronic Illnesses

Looking back and reflecting on my pregnancy with multiple undiagnosed chronic illnesses proved to be a powerful thing for me. I’ve never written about it before, and am surprised how much I remember. The next piece of my past I’m reflecting on, both for my benefit and for awareness for the chronically ill parenting community, […]

My Chronic Illness and My Only Child

Along my chronic illness parenting journey, I’ve learned some things I didn’t expect: like that I wish I would have gotten an epidural sooner while in labor, and that I would have used formula from the start instead of my painful and ultimately failed breastfeeding events. These lessons are somewhat controversial, but I wholeheartedly believe […]

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