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On not enjoying every moment

Over the past month, the twinblings hit their one-year birthday and with that milestone came a lot of press for the Starfish clan. We did a follow-up article with Cosmopolitan’s online magazine, and we did a story with NBC’s Today webpage. It was generally a lot of fun to share our update and story again, […]

The grandmothers with the birthday girls.

Highlights of a First Birthday Party

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the details and decoration of our girls’ first birthday party. I really liked how things turned out, but honestly I could have just set up some folding chairs and thrown a handful of confetti in the air and been just as happy because the real highlight of […]


Thin Uterine Lining Remedies

Although I had a couple of reproductive problems, the bulk of my time in infertility was due to the reluctance of my uterus to build a decent lining. I spent years working with different doctors to improve my uterine lining, and over that time I reluctantly became an expert on methods both invasive and natural […]

photo display 3

Pat the Bunny First Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated the girls’ first birthday with a large party! Given the girls’ current love of the classic children’s book Pat the Bunny, I tied that theme throughout their party. I created the invitations by loosely matching the cover of the book. Although I sent out paper invitations to the grandparents, I […]

Lilly on the left is 12 months old; Audrey on the right is 11 months old.

12 month and 11 month update

It is so hard to believe that my last monthly update is here and the second of the twinblings will be celebrating her 1-year birthday in only two short weeks! The past month has been full of change as we make the official transition out of the baby stage. Lilly on the left is 12 […]

Audrey is often awake before we enter her room in the mornings, and almost always in a good mood!

Day in the life with twinblings at one year

Right before I went back to work last August, I did a Day in the Life Post here. I go back to that post every once in a while and it amazes me how crazy my life was at that time. With the girls hitting their one-year birthdays right now, I thought it would be […]

Putting your spouse ahead of your kids

Both Mr. Starfish and I come from divorced parents and it’s fair to say that we are overly sensitive about the state of our relationship at any given time. We’ve now been together for 14 years and our relationship has had its share of ups and downs, and I am definitely not one to say […]

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