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Stroller Review: BOB Revolution Single & Duallie

Mr. Stroller and I are runners and even before I was pregnant with Little Stroller, I knew we’d need a running stroller. I researched running strollers like crazy, tried a few, and asked lots of fellow running friends to weigh in on their favorites. Hands-down the recommendation was to buy the BOB Revolution. We bought […]


Mocha or Chocolate Protein Smoothie

I have a list a mile long of foods I can’t eat on my elimination diet, including all the easy protein foods I love like eggs and Greek yogurt. Because protein is so important for nursing moms (and for pregnant moms, or for after exercising), I try to incorporate protein powder into my diet frequently. […]


The Best Diaper Bag & What’s in it

Little Stroller in 3.5 years old. Baby Brother is 8 months old. I was first pregnant over 5 years ago. That’s a whole lot of time to think about, look at and try out various diaper bags. I’ve written about Little Stroller’s daycare bag and my toddler diaper bag. But I’ve never been so enamored […]


Sleep & Nap Training to Save My Sanity

Baby Brother Stroller has been a difficult baby. His entry to the world was difficult (or at least my complications afterwards were), his feeding issues were difficult, and his food sensitivities are insane. But his being overtired was the biggest challenge to date. About a month ago I reached what I consider rock-bottom. It was […]

3 bean salad elimination diet friendly

Three Bean Salad – Allergy & Elimination Diet Friendly

Mother’s Day fell just a few days after I finally got to the bottom of the extensive list of the foods I was eating that were upsetting my breastfed baby’s tummy. I’d been dealing with a colicky baby for so long and was just beginning to turn a corner, so I didn’t want to risk […]


Allergen-Free Fudge Brownie in a Cup – Elimination Diet Friendly!

When I first started my elimination diet journey I was really into figuring out what kind of treats I could make that would still be okay for Baby Brother Stroller’s tummy. I made dairy-free versions of my favorite lactation cookie using coconut oil (best stored in the freezer) and then gluten-free brownies using Bob’s Red […]


Beyond MSPI: Food Sensitivities & Elimination Diets

Baby Brother Stroller is (was, I hope) an unhappy baby. He was colicky. He had three tongue tie surgeries. He cried. All. Day. Long. And was up all night. He only wanted to be in an upright position. He spit up a lot. Then he spit up even more. He wanted to nurse all the […]

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