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Playroom for a Big Brother

Over the summer once the reality of our unexpected addition started to sink in, we started to really put some thought into how we'd use the rooms in our house since we put an addition on last year. When we first moved into the new family room I sectioned off a 5' area behind a sectional [...]


This Happened

I’ve been fairly absent for a little while now. Two trimesters to be exact. Yep, that happened. I wish I could say it’s all sunshine and roses, but when you’re very firmly one and done, a surprise like this is a lot to swallow. But that’s how life works and thankfully Mother Nature gives moms [...]

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

I don't know about where you all are, but it's really hot here. And despite having central A/C on 24/7, my beloved morning cup(s) of coffee are way too hot to handle right now. For the past few years I've been brewing coffee in our french press at night to have over ice in the [...]

Creamy Mac & Cheese

Creamy & Cheesy Macaroni & Cheese

I am the biggest fan of really good macaroni and cheese. When we were little, my mom would make it for our sitter to give us on nights when she had school committee meetings and would be gone all night. I loved mac & cheese night. As any good mac & cheese fan, I've hunted [...]

s'mores granola bars

S'mores Granola Bars

We took Little M on his first camping trip a few weeks ago and treated him to his first s'more. Yum! I'm kind of the world's biggest s'more fan and haven't been able to get them out of my head since. Last night I decided to try making my own less-messy version of a s'more [...]


Favorite Toys at Two

What's surprised me most about toys is how long Little M has remained interested in some of his toys - the longevity of some of these things is really remarkable! His stacking cups from when he was an infant, for example, were interesting to hold and look at back then, but now he loves to [...]

Exterior Porch

Family Friendly Mudroom

Over a year ago, our home addition project began with my wish for a family-friendly mudroom. Our main entrance, which was off of the side of the house, entered into our tiny kitchen and dining room, and I just didn't want shoes and coats in the dining room anymore. Today, while we're struggling to get [...]

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