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favorite books early 2's

Favorite Books – Early Twos

I’ve always loved children’s books. I started to build our collection of books at my baby shower, when friends gave me several of their favorites. I started reading the books to Little M when he was a newborn and when I’d read a book that I liked a lot, I’d search the author’s or illustrator’s [...]

favorite parenting books

Favorite Parenting-Related Books

I’ve read a lot of parenting-related books over the past three years both during my pregnancy and after Little M’s arrival. I’ve loved some, hated a couple and found many just eeuh. The single most helpful advice I received about reading parenting books is to read the breastfeeding/sleeping/child rearing books when you’re pregnant and not [...]

A Month of Dinners

Recently I wrote about our relatively new family dinner routine. We eat dinner together sometime between 5-6pm almost every night of the week. Along with family dinners, I’ve also started meal planning in earnest. I’ve had grand intentions of meal planning for years, but I was never really able to get into it and stick [...]

Family Dinner

Family Dinner

In November Mr. Stroller, Little M and I packed our bags and went to my in-laws’ house for a week while work was done on our kitchen. While we were there my MIL made dinner and we all ate as a family around 5:15pm each night. Little M took his bath at 6 and by [...]

belgian waffles

Favorite Belgian Waffles

We love waffles in our house. We received a Belgian waffle maker as a wedding gift several years ago and I’ve tried different waffle recipes here and there. Carrot cake, pumpkin, cornbread, and apple spice, just to name a few. But this plain waffle is my absolute favorite. It has the perfect amount of crisp [...]


Quinoa, Squash, Sausage & Porcini Mushroom Risotto

Last night’s dinner was all about using what was in the fridge. I cooked three squashes last week that had been fall decorations. FALL decorations. They were from our CSA but were so cool looking that they sat on our mantle for a month and then in the fridge for several more. Squash last forever [...]

Toddler Latches Board

Toddler Latches Board

For Christmas this year Little M’s Nola and Grandpa made him a latches board. They took a trip to a big hardware store and bought every kind of interesting latch they could find. As Nola said, “anything a toddler would want to get into.” Grandpa cut, sanded and sealed a small piece of cabinet grade [...]

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