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My Solo Mama Routine w/ an Infant & Three Year Old

The scariest thing about having a second baby for me is taking care of that baby and my three year old while my husband is away. I lost a lot of sleep while pregnant thinking about how there was no possible way I could care for another baby alone. And then when Baby Brother Stroller […]

belly binders

Belly Binders: Bellefit v. Belly Bandit

When I was pregnant with my first baby, Little Stroller, I purchased an abdominal binder, the Bamboo Belly Bandit, after reading about the benefits of binding the midsection after delivery. My midwife was a fan of ab-binding even for non-caesarean section deliveries. Plus, all those ads with the skinny woman holding a baby (who’s clearly […]

lactation breakfast oatmeal

Lactation Breakfast Oatmeal – Dairy & Gluten Free

I’m a big fan of lactation cookies. What’s not to love about a cookie? But I’m not one of those mamas whose baby weight magically “melts” away while breastfeeding. With Little Stroller I held onto ten pounds until he weaned…at two years! So while I want to protect and increase my milk supply as much […]

Mrs. Stroller & Little Stroller

Baby Brother Stroller’s Birth Story

Baby Brother Stroller is already 12 weeks old. It’s crazy how quickly time is passing, and even crazier that things are only getting marginally easier now. We’ve had a rough go of it. Before it’s all a distant memory I want to share my birth story. Labor was only about 14 hours long, which is […]

Pax Cover

Welcome baby Paxton

We welcomed baby Paxton Xavier on November 24th at 4:04pm. He was a whopping 9 lbs 3 oz and almost 22 inches long! Running throughout one’s pregnancy and avoiding sweets does not guarantee a small baby. At all! I have no idea where he fit; no wonder my belly and ribs hurt so much in […]


Little Stroller’s Orange Big Boy Bedroom

When Little Stroller moved to his big new bedroom this summer, he enthusiastically requested an orange room with “choo-choo flags.” I planned to reuse as much as possible from his navy & white nursery since I had spent so much time sewing before his arrival, so we decided on a navy, orange & white color […]


Playroom for a Big Brother

Over the summer once the reality of our unexpected addition started to sink in, we started to really put some thought into how we’d use the rooms in our house since we put an addition on last year. When we first moved into the new family room I sectioned off a 5′ area behind a sectional […]

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