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Who looks like whom?

From the moment the kids were born, there has always been a slight competition between me and Mr. Sunglasses as to who looks like whom. It’s not in a negative way, but it’s always fun to know whether your child has inherited one of your physical traits. As much as I tried my hardest to […]


La Fête : Theme, Location, and Budget

Since I get a little intense when it comes to first birthdays, I thought it might be interesting to create a “La Fête” series where I blog about the process of party planning. I opt to have pretty parties, but I want to debunk that it reflects a high budget! The first part of the […]


Sienna’s 10 and 11 Month Updates

Hello baby girl, I’m happy to tell you that I’ve gotten past the 10 month mark with your monthly photos, which is something I failed at with your brother (I stopped at 9 months). I hope you will love looking back and seeing how much you’ve changed from birth to 12 months. It’s sometimes so […]


How We Improved Night Time Sleep

You’d think that because I already have one child, I would have a better handle on sleep with my second, but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case.  Sienna is almost 11 months and still doesn’t sleep through the night. In fact only in the last 2 weeks has she gone from 4-5 wake-ups at night to […]


Mavrick’s Toddler Room Inspiration

Before we could start thinking about Sienna’s nursery, I needed to think about what we wanted to do for Mavrick’s toddler room. Because our son was moving into our bedroom and we were moving downstairs, there was too much space for a little 2 year old toddler. So we decided to divide it into half bedroom, […]


Sienna’s 7, 8, 9 Month Updates

Hey baby girl, It’s crazy how fast you are growing and becoming a little madame. I have to admit the stage beyond the 6 month mark has to be my favorite. I love how many milestones you’ve reached in the last few months, and seeing you grow and interact with others is beyond amazing. Here’s […]


The next chapter

Next week is my last full week of maternity leave, and let’s just say it’s a bittersweet feeling. As I mentioned in my post on maternity leave in Quebec, I’ve been able to stay home for 50 weeks. I love being home, but I also love working. I truly believe I’m a better mom because I […]

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