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It’s not easy being three

Ria has been three for just over two months, and I have to tell you: three is different then two.  About a month before her birthday it was like someone had flipped a switch and she just changed overnight.  She stopped being a sweet little toddler and turned into this little kid.  No hint of […]


Sunny’s 14-15 Month Update

Wow – Sunny has been up to a lot in the past two months!  My little baby is turning into an adorable little toddler.  The biggest change is that she’s walking now!  After two or three months of taking a couple steps at a time, she is now fully walking since about 14.5 months.  She’s […]


How our Kids Started Sharing a Room

We live in a small, two bedroom house.  We wanted two kids, but figured that this would be no big deal; they would just share a room.  We ended up with two little girls, so that makes it even easier.  They can just share a room forever (or until leaving home, I guess). Right?  Right. […]


13 Month Update

Whenever I look back at my previous monthly update to refresh my memory before writing a new one, I laugh at what I thought was going to happen soon.  I wrote last month that I thought Sunny was going to walk any day now.  Nope.  Also, I thought she was just about to cut her […]

Taking self portraits with your children

For 2013 I’m doing a Project 365.  This means that I’m taking a photo a day for a year.  So far, I’m doing well and I’m already learning new photography skills.  One thing I’ve been working on is self portraits.  I’m aiming to be in at least one photo a week, so that in the […]


Dinosaurs and Manners

Ria is almost three and is amazing us daily with how articulate she’s becoming.  The toddler babble is well behind her and her vocabulary and grammar gets more complex every day.  This is kind of amazing because she’s hilarious now.  It’s also interesting because it seems that we need to teach her better manners.  Before […]


A Family Fiesta

So Sunny turned one at the beginning of February and Ria turns three at the end of the month.  We had a little combined party for them last week while we were visiting my family.  I know I had planned to do a Night Owl Party but I threw a fiesta bridal shower the week […]

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