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4 Pieces of Advice I Didn’t Take

Being pregnant, or being a parent for that matter, is like listening to constant talk radio. Sometimes you pick up something worthwhile, but mostly it’s just constant nattering and background white noise. It starts as soon as we are thinking about having a baby. I swear they know before you even start trying. Then you […]


Transitioning to a big girl room

One of the main problems about taking a very long break from blogging is that you realize that you have a lot of catching up to do before you get to the current day. Add that to the fact that I seem to write in ten minute increments before something else comes up, and it […]


A day in the life as a SAHM with a 5 month old and an almost 3 year old

If you have read any of my earlier day in the life posts with Lil’ Tea Cup, you know that I am a Mama that thrives on a schedule ( you can find them hereĀ and here if you are interested). However, I knew that when I had Lil Tea Pot things would change and that […]


My New Year’s Baby

Oh my, where to begin… I didn’t blog my pregnancy with Lil’ Tea Cup. I am not sure why exactly, but when I found out I was pregnant with Lil’ Tea Pot, I suddenly had nothing to say all over again. Something about pregnancy seems to bring out my intensely private side – which frankly […]

Sullivan H

Remember me?

Oh hey there! It’s the long lost Mrs. Tea! It’s been a very long time since I have written anything for the blog. In fact, the last time I posted was when I announced that I was expecting again. I have been poking around on the boards here and there but I have sadly lost […]


The Jig is Up

I am so overjoyed to announce that we are expecting baby #2 in December of this year! Big Sister Kisses This pregnancy has shocked me a bit in terms of how different it has been from my first with Lil’ Tea Cup. Perhaps it was simply wishful thinking, but I assumed that because I had […]


A day in the life as a SAHM/WOHM and an 18 month old – edit

Around 15 months, Lil’ Tea Cup dropped her morning nap. It ended up happening just as I was scheduled to return to work, even though I had been wondering if it was time for quite a while. For about a month before both naps were turning into lots of playtime and a tiny bit of […]

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