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Postpartum Experience – 1 & 2, Vaginal vs. C-section Delivery

I think one of the most common questions that people ask me, even at a year postpartum, is about the differences between giving birth to baby number one and baby number two. I think it is natural to wonder if things were the same or different – especially if you are about to have another […]


Getting Ready for Kindergarten – Part 2 – Preschool

If you read my first post on this topic, then you know that my first baby will start kindergarten in the fall. While she might be ready, I am still really struggling with the idea of her being somewhere other then with me all day five days a week. Lil’ Tea Cup’s main care has […]


Getting Ready for Kindergarten – Part One: School Choice

Starting in September of this year, we embark on the next part of our parenting journey in the Tea household – the adventures of the school aged child. As we start this journey, I thought that I would share a series of posts about how we are preparing our little girl for this next stage in […]


One – The Second Time

I remember details  – the smallest thing that caught my eye or a smell or a sound during an significant event. My brain keeps snapshots of these things in my memory, that to me are stronger then recalling the big picture. When I think back on last year at this time, I can smell the […]


The M Coat

Last year, right around this time, I was trying to make a decision. It was just starting to get chilly and I was growing out of everything non maternity in a hurry. The last time that I was this pregnant, it was the middle of summer and while I relished the fact that I was […]


One More Year – A Little Update on the Tea Family

I made a rather difficult decision last night. It was something that had been on my mind for months and after weighing the options over and over again with my husband, I finally made a choice. I am requesting an extension to my maternity leave for another year. Since I am in Canada, this means […]

crafting with Norah3

Fingerpainting Without the Mess Taken to the Next Level

I love making things. I really always have. My Mom used to skip the toys and dolls and just bring a few crayons and a tiny notepad in her purse because she knew that they could keep me entertained and happy for hours.When I dreamed about becoming a mom, crafting was one of the things […]

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