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The M Coat

Last year, right around this time, I was trying to make a decision. It was just starting to get chilly and I was growing out of everything non maternity in a hurry. The last time that I was this pregnant, it was the middle of summer and while I relished the fact that I was […]


One More Year – A Little Update on the Tea Family

I made a rather difficult decision last night. It was something that had been on my mind for months and after weighing the options over and over again with my husband, I finally made a choice. I am requesting an extension to my maternity leave for another year. Since I am in Canada, this means […]

crafting with Norah3

Fingerpainting Without the Mess Taken to the Next Level

I love making things. I really always have. My Mom used to skip the toys and dolls and just bring a few crayons and a tiny notepad in her purse because she knew that they could keep me entertained and happy for hours.When I dreamed about becoming a mom, crafting was one of the things […]


A Room Without a Theme – My Little Boy’s Nursery

When I found out I was having a little boy, I was excited to do something completely new for our nursery. I wanted my lil’ Tea Pot to have his own specially prepared space that he would hopefully enjoy for years to come. After we moved Lil’ Tea Cup into her new big girl room […]

animal read aloud books

Favourite Animal Read Alouds to Gift and Enjoy

When I buy presents for children, I always include a book. It is also my absolute favourite thing for my children to receive. There is something so special about seeing a little one get excited about a new book, and nothing lights up the eyes of my three year old like a book about an […]

c section necessities

5 must haves for c- section recovery

Way before my days of pregnancy or having children, I often talked with friends about how I imagined I would give birth (we were weird like that). Being the type A girl that I was, I always pictured myself having a scheduled c-section. I mean you get to have a date and time picked out […]


Sleep Progression – The Good , The Bad and The Loud

Oh sleep. Is there anything as glorious? Or as talked about by parents? Although I am more of a quiet observer of the boards here on Hellobee, I think I can say with some certainty that the one of the most commonly talked about topics – perhaps the most talked about even – is how […]

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