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The Jig is Up

I am so overjoyed to announce that we are expecting baby #2 in December of this year! Big Sister Kisses This pregnancy has shocked me a bit in terms of how different it has been from my first with Lil' Tea Cup. Perhaps it was simply wishful thinking, but I assumed that because I had [...]


A day in the life as a SAHM/WOHM and an 18 month old - edit

Around 15 months, Lil' Tea Cup dropped her morning nap. It ended up happening just as I was scheduled to return to work, even though I had been wondering if it was time for quite a while. For about a month before both naps were turning into lots of playtime and a tiny bit of [...]

How to Survive the Early Days of Motherhood

I remember the moment when I realized that everything in my life had changed after I had Lil' Tea Cup very clearly. I was in the shower at the hospital, the morning after I had given birth. I had a head covered with shampoo and had just gingerly put soap on a cloth while trying [...]


On Returning to Work - An Update

Is it getting any easier? I get this question a lot. Like every day a lot. How do I answer? Some days, I have a cheery response about how Lil' Tea Cup is having a great time at her grandparents, which is the truth. Some days, I can’t muster the big fake smile and just [...]

favorite gear for getting out and about

Gear for out and about the first year

Thinking back on it now, I realize that I was concerned about some very funny things when I was preparing for Lil Tea Cup's arrival. However I did seem to have a pretty good grasp over what we needed to get out and about - thanks to all those bloggers out there! All of these [...]

Norahs room updates

Live and Learn - Setting Up a Nursery

Setting up Lil' Tea Cup's nursery was my favorite decorating project that I have ever done. I used to sit in there for hours on end - dreaming of rocking her in the glider and hanging her tiny clothes up -  imagining what she would be like. It was and still is my absolute favorite [...]

lemon rice soup

Comfort Food - Our Favourite Lemon Rice Soup

There is nothing, in my opinion,  that warms you up better on a cold day then a hot bowl of soup. Ditto goes for when you are under the weather, which I know so many of us have been during this cold and flu season. I am probably in the minority here, but I am [...]

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