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Registry for Baby #2

If we had a baby and didn’t buy anything new to prepare for her arrival, we would be fine. We have everything we really need, but since having Liam, a lot has changed and there are some new things I’d like to get if we have the funds. We likely won’t end up with everything [...]


Splurge and Save: Firetruck Birthday Party

I love planning parties, but I also love finding ways to make parties cute and fun without breaking the bank. I’m planning Liam’s third birthday party (yes, it’s six months away, but this is totally normal for me) and since he loves firetrucks, I’ve decided this party will go along with that theme. I’ve rounded [...]


Last time and this time

I’ve heard it a thousand times: every pregnancy is different. While some things have been pretty similar to my pregnancy with Liam, not everything is exactly the same. I think many of the differences have to do with this not being my first pregnancy, but there have been other factors, as well. Click here to [...]

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Liam: 2.5

Weight: 30lbs Height: 37.25 in Clothing size: He is starting to grow out of his 18-24 month clothes and is in mostly 2T. Personality: Liam is a really great kid. He is not a wild child and I don’t feel like the twos are terrible at all for him, but he does have his moments [...]


20 Easy Halloween Snacks for Preschoolers

I am a room parent at Liam’s school this year and when I found out, I was so excited to start planning his class Halloween party. I started pinning snacks and games like crazy, picking the perfect ones that I could prepare ahead of time. However, I soon discovered that as room parents, we just [...]


Liam’s Wishlist @ 2.5 Years

Since Liam’s first Christmas, I have kept an Amazon wishlist for him with items that he needs or that I’d like to get for him. I go through it every once in a while to delete things he’s outgrown and add new things, and it has been really helpful if a relative or family member [...]


Easy Preschool Lunches

I’m not going to lie — so far I really enjoy packing my son’s lunch for preschool. Granted, he only goes twice a week and it’s only been a month, but still, I look forward to putting it all together! Here are some of the lunches I’ve been packing him since he’s started. Top left: [...]

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