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Grace’s Nursery

I had so many ideas for Grace’s nursery and changed my mind on colors and decor elements a hundred times. Ultimately, I┬ádecided on white walls with pops of peach, hot pink, mint, and navy. For hardware, I went with black and gold. I really love how it turned out and I hope Grace does, too […]


Grace is here – a VBAC birth story

Grace Natalie was born on February 21st at 4:31pm. She weighed 7lbs, 2oz and measured 20in long. We are all so in love! On Friday the 20th, Liam and I ran a few errands and had a picnic in the park. He had fun running around playing and I tried to keep up. On our […]


Family Photo Outfit Inspiration

I wrote about my tips for how to choose outfits for family photos, but one of the first things I do is browse Pinterest for inspiration. I look for photos where the outfits look interesting, fun, and comfortable. If I have a certain theme or idea for our pictures, I’ll focus on that when I […]

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Valentines Toddlers and Preschoolers Can Make

The past two years, I have made photo cards using a cute picture of Liam to send as Valentines to friends and family. It’s something fun I like to do and the people I send them to seem to like receiving them. However, this year, Liam is in preschool and he and his classmates will […]

Trying for a VBAC

I was not happy to have a c section with my first delivery. When it happened, and for some time after, I was very upset and had a hard time understanding that what really mattered was that Liam and I were healthy. Now that almost 3 years have passed, I am so grateful that there […]

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How to Coordinate Outfits for Family Pictures

I love getting pictures of our family taken and looking back on how we’ve grown. So far, we have done three photo shoots as a family of three and I hope to continue as our family grows. We are lucky that one of my close friends is an amazing photographer and is willing to trade […]

The pros and cons of being a teacher and a mom

I would love to be a SAHM. I know it’s hard work, but I would be happy to do it full time. However, leaving my job means more than losing my salary, which we do need to maintain our current lifestyle. I would also lose my fantastic health and retirement benefits, not to mention that […]

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