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Grace is here – a VBAC birth story

Grace Natalie was born on February 21st at 4:31pm. She weighed 7lbs, 2oz and measured 20in long. We are all so in love! On Friday the 20th, Liam and I ran a few errands and had a picnic in the park. He had fun running around playing and I tried to keep up. On our […]


Family Photo Outfit Inspiration

I wrote about my tips for how to choose outfits for family photos, but one of the first things I do is browse Pinterest for inspiration. I look for photos where the outfits look interesting, fun, and comfortable. If I have a certain theme or idea for our pictures, I’ll focus on that when I […]

tumbprint valentine

Valentines Toddlers and Preschoolers Can Make

The past two years, I have made photo cards using a cute picture of Liam to send as Valentines to friends and family. It’s something fun I like to do and the people I send them to seem to like receiving them. However, this year, Liam is in preschool and he and his classmates will […]

Trying for a VBAC

I was not happy to have a c section with my first delivery. When it happened, and for some time after, I was very upset and had a hard time understanding that what really mattered was that Liam and I were healthy. Now that almost 3 years have passed, I am so grateful that there […]

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How to Coordinate Outfits for Family Pictures

I love getting pictures of our family taken and looking back on how we’ve grown. So far, we have done three photo shoots as a family of three and I hope to continue as our family grows. We are lucky that one of my close friends is an amazing photographer and is willing to trade […]

The pros and cons of being a teacher and a mom

I would love to be a SAHM. I know it’s hard work, but I would be happy to do it full time. However, leaving my job means more than losing my salary, which we do need to maintain our current lifestyle. I would also lose my fantastic health and retirement benefits, not to mention that […]

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Inspiring Holiday Kids’ Table Ideas

Setting the table is one of my favorite parts of preparing for holiday celebrations. Usually we have the kids sit with the adults at the big table, but I know many families who like to set a separate table for kids. Either way, these tables are inspiring for any holiday table. I’m definitely using craft […]

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