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One word resolution

I have never been good at keeping my resolutions. Like most people I start January 1st, OK let’s be honest January 2nd, because January 1st is still considered the holiday season. Yeah, that’s right, I am bad at resolutions I even procrastinate starting them. Each year I do look back at the year and how […]

I may have said that if he took the nice pictures first then he could climb the bamboo.  It worked.

Surviving the day of a photo shoot

See if this scenario sounds at all familiar to you. Everyone looks spot on so you get into the car to head off to your photo shoot. Two minutes into the drive the baby spits up. No big deal, you can clean it up. It will dry. Then you hear the tell tale sounds of […]


Planing for a family photo shoot

Not all families do an annual family picture, but it is something that I always plan into our schedule. To be honest I have a bit of a love hate relationship with them. I love the end result. I love going back and seeing how our family has changed over the years. I love actually […]


Daughters and Halloween.

Last year we had our first run in with peer pressure and Halloween costumes. I will admit I was not ready for it. So far my sons have had no issues and they are in the second grade. They have picked their costumes, gone to school and everyone was fine. Last year was different. Last […]

Taking in the scenery in Sequoia National Park.

Celebrating our National Parks

I am a scientist. I studied life sciences and have a passion for living things and the environments they live in. I have worked on sharing these passions with my children. As babies and toddlers, we went to zoos, aquariums, and museums (especially ones with hands-on exhibits). Now that they are older we are getting […]

Museum and Beach day combined!

Adventure days

As our summer vacation was ending, Mr. Train was having a very busy time at work.  He works from home and has his own office, but when there are four kids running around screaming like banshees it can be a bit distracting. In order to help both of us from losing our minds, I decided that I […]

I hope Harry Potter will be a long time favorite in our house.

Embracing life with older kids

I have three boys in second grade.  Wait… what? How did that even happen? To make matters worse my daughter is in Transitional Kindergarten. They are all at the same elementary school now. I drive up to the school gate and all four of them jump out of the car and wave back with a […]

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