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Bringing Literature To Life Part One

Since I was a kid I can remember loving books. My dad would read to my sister and me each night, and I have fond memories of sitting on our beds listening to him read to us. He read with enthusiasm and changed his voices for characters, and continued long after we could read the […]

frozen birthday

Frozen Birthday Party for Boys

When my kids saw Frozen for the first time, it was in the theaters back in November of last year. When we left the movies, Nick and Joe were so excited they told me, “Mommy, we want to have a Frozen birthday party with snow and an ice palace. It would be so much fun.” […]

Not everyone is blessed with a twin in their life.  You two truly ahve something special.

Nick And Joe Turn Five

I wrote this post on the night of my boys’ birthday way back in July.  It took me this long to actually get my some pictures and get it posted. I don’t know how time seems to keep getting away from me, but I blinked and it is already October. My Dear Boys, Today you […]

I treasure these pictures.  I love seeing how our family has grown and changed.

Fall Family activities

I absolutely cannot believe that it is already October. It seems like just yesterday we were swimming and enjoying our summer vacation. I am astonished at how truly fast time flies by. Even though I can’t wrap my head around what time of year it is, I found myself getting very excited and I couldn’t […]


Getting ready for the first day of preschool

For the last three years I have sent each of my kids to their first days of preschool. I was talking to a mom who was recently sending her triplets off to college, and she called it their launch. I laughed a bit at the term she used because I really felt those first days […]

Summer Theme Week: Star Wars

In our household, Star Wars has been and continues to be a huge obsession. If I let them, I am pretty sure they would sit and watch Star Wars movies, the Clone wars cartoons, the Lego Star Wars movies and every Star Wars parody ever made all in one day. I would like to say […]

Water Color Batman Craft

Summer Theme Week: Superhero

At the end of Fairy Tale week, I let the kids decide what we would learn about next.  They agreed that the following week should be Superhero week. I was a little nervous at first. My creative side works best when I have a deep understanding of my topics. Superheroes are not exactly my forte, […]

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