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My nerdy science teacher may have been coming out a bit.  Yes in fact his shirt does say bactieria are our friend.

A Changing Identity Part Two: The New Mom Days

In my last post I talked about my identity before having kids. Those few years before I became a mother were some of the darkest I have known, and I struggled a great deal.  I thought the solution to finding myself would be to become a mother.  I knew once I became a mother that [...]

Before I was a mother, working in my field and loving every minute of it.

A Changing Identity Part one: Before I was a mother

A few weeks back my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group had a video and discussion about identity and how it changes throughout our lives, especially after becoming a parent.  As we were discussing at our table, I realized just how many of us had struggled or were currently struggling with our changing identities.  We shared [...]

Monster Spary; a mother's secret weapon

Something is in the closet

In our house we have had an ongoing infestation.  Well not our whole house, just the closets.  It’s not something we can call an exterminator for.  Mr. Train and I unfortunately cannot win this battle and I fear it will continue to plague our house for years.  Some nights it is out of control and [...]

One pair of red Converse "Captain America" glasses and we have one happy boy.

Getting Glasses

When my oldest son James started school this year and we really had to start pushing him to write more, we noticed a few things that lead us to our first optometrist visit. First, he was slightly behind where he should be for letter recognition and writing. Second he put his face very close to [...]

I can’t protect them from everything.

When our first child comes into this world and we hold their tiny little bodies close to ours, we snuggle and our heart becomes full.  We hope and pray for their futures.  We wonder about who they will become. We memorize each tiny minute detail of their face. And then of course we vow to [...]

Just after finishing our 10K!

Self-esteem and motherhood

Recently there was a post on the boards where someone asked a fairly simple question. How is your self-esteem these days?  My answer to that is not very easy for me to own up to, but I did answer on the board and I have been thinking about it ever since. I hate to acknowledge [...]

Making decisions for Kindergarten

I wrote last time about our school struggles, that ended with all three boys being in preschool together.  It was not our ideal plan (I don’t even want to talk about the finances of tuition for three kids in preschool in Los Angeles…it is ridiculous) but we are making it work and our boys are [...]

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