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We are enjoying our summer before it's back to school for all of us.

It’s time

At the end of this summer, I will be returning to the work force. It has been 7 years since I was last in the classroom; that means I have been out longer than I actually worked as a teacher. I am a crazy jumble of emotions right now. I am excited and scared and […]

James wanted to fill bucket after bucket of strawberries.

From the farm to the table for a city kid

When I became a parent, there were so many things that I wanted to do with my children. From the time my youngest was placed in my arms, my mind was flooded with ideas for memories we could make and things we would do together. One of those things was an understanding of our natural world. […]

Avengers assemble for a super hero Father's day

Funky Father’s Day Photos

Avengers assemble for a Super Hero Father’s Day Our Father’s Day tradition is to take a silly and often very nerdy picture of the kids for my husband. I can’t help the nerd part. That’s just our family. We are geeks to the core. Part of this stems from my love of making family traditions. Part […]

Infertility Changed Me

This week is Infertility Awareness Week and the motto is “You are not alone.” They are only four words, but they can be so powerful if we let ourselves hear them. For those of us who have walked this path or are currently in the midst of their infertility journey, one of the biggest emotions […]

who was series

6 ways to help kids investigate their interests

A long time ago I wrote about sharing my passions with my kids. At the time that seemed tricky because I had to take my lifelong love of science and bring it to a toddler’s interest level. I loved it and had a great time doing it, but my children have gotten older and are […]

My four little trouble makers.

They just love to test me

My four little trouble makers. These are my beautiful children. I could talk for hours about how wonderful they are, about how much I love them, and how much I love motherhood. And it would all be true. These four smiling faces are my world. But they have learned a new trick lately that has […]

Hogwarts letter and Train ticket

Bringing Literature to Life Part Two

Last time I wrote about how I was trying to bring literature to life for my kids. I really wanted to cement a love of reading by showing them how exciting new stories and characters can be. Although I was an adult when these books were written, I couldn’t help but fall in love with them. […]

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