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Pregnancy Leg Cramps

Those stabbing calf pains that wake you up at 2:00 a.m.? One of the not so fun parts of pregnancy. I thought I knew what leg cramps felt like -- until I hit the third trimester. It’s not a dull ache or general soreness, but an OMGWHATISHAPPENING sensation when you panic, suddenly realizing you can’t [...]


Present for Toddlers that Hate toys

My toddler hates toys. It’s not due to a lack of variety or a lack of quality. He has toy shelves in every room loaded with all kinds of activities that encourage open-ended imaginative play. He just chooses to completely ignore them, or on rare occasions, he might dump them all on the ground or [...]


Postpartum Freezer Meals & The Joys of Cooking with a Toddler

I did a lot to prepare for baby #1, but I failed miserably in anticipating just how difficult it would be to get dinner on the table. It was a major struggle to cook anything - one of my lowest points postpartum was a meal of tacos that never actually made it onto our plates. [...]


DIY Road Map Floorcloth

Two summers ago I made a DIY floorcloth for the Trikester’s play nook that I’m only now getting around to blogging. I thought this was a great time of year to share it, as it’s an awesome DIY Christmas present. Complete disclosure: this project is going to take you a week's worth of naps – [...]


Cauliflower and Spinach Au Gratin

If you don't live in the Northeast, you don't know the joys of Wegman's grocery stores. You West Coasters can keep your Whole Foods and Trader Joe's as long as I've got Wegman's. Not only is it an awesome place to shop, it's also great for recipe inspiration. One of my all time favorite recipes [...]


Selling a House & Parenting a Toddler

Last winter we decided to put our house on the market. At the time, the Trikester had just turned one and was a man on a mischief mission. Seriously, the kid was (and still is) into everything. Here’s a peek at what we were dealing with: Tables, shelves, chairs. You named it, he climbed it. [...]


And I'm back!

Long time, no talk, right? Last time I posted we were getting ready for the Trikester’s first birthday party. Here’s the invite photo we sent out:  The Trikester at 1  We just celebrated the Trikester’s second birthday party over the weekend. Here’s the photo that accompanied this year’s invite (notice how we’ve scaled back during the [...]

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