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C in BOB

BOB Stroller Reviews

We aren’t runners (or at least weren’t runners before babies), but boy do we love our jogging strollers! Specifically, we super heart BOB strollers. Above: The Trikester chilling in his BOB Sport Utility. With my first baby, I didn’t register for a jogging stroller, or even think I wanted one. My mother-in-law stumbled across a […]


Spectra S2 Breastpump Review

There’s a new player in the breast pump field! Meet the Spectra line of pumps. It’s not an Ameda and it’s not a Medela, but it’s still an awesome pump that can totally run with these big names. Above: The Spectra S2 breast pump. When the Trikester was born, I picked an Ameda double electric, […]


Spring Books!

This year, February was the worst weather month EVER recorded in Syracuse, NY, sadly earning us a place on the Weather Channel’s list of top 5 worst winters in the U.S. I was cooped up for the month with a toddler and a newborn, so it was especially excruciating in this household. Even though April is finally […]

39 weeks

Weight Watchers for Nursing Mamas: A Review

50 pounds. Yup, just typing the number is terrifying. This time around, I gained 50 pounds while pregnant with Luigi, meaning my scale hovered around the 200 mark during the last few weeks of pregnancy. I don’t remember exactly how much I gained when I was pregnant with the Trikester, but I think it was […]

Helping a Friend with Preemies in the NICU

My best friend, L, delivered micro-preemie twin girls almost a year ago. Born unexpectedly at 25 weeks, their early arrival was anything but planned. As a friend, I knew how to throw a shower, sew a baby quilt, and shop for onesies, but I didn’t know how to support a new mama and her micro-preemies. Over the […]


Toddler Art Kit for Pinterest Projects

I love to craft and complete DIY projects. I was super pumped to share my love of “making stuff” with the Trikester, but until recently, he just wasn’t developmentally ready. Now that he’s a little more capable, I’ve started scouring Pinterest for toddler craft ideas. In pinning project after project, I realized that I needed […]


A Week of Animal Activities for Toddlers

Luigi is almost two months old! I’m finally feeling comfortable as a mom of two. We still have bad days, but he’s a super easy baby, so things are starting to settle down. Now that I’m actually in a groove and have a few functioning brain cells to spare, I need to find ways to occupy […]

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