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The First Year: By the numbers

Happy Birthday, Baby Tricycle! Here’s a look at our first year together, by the numbers.


Two Mealtime Tricks

Although introducing solids is tons of fun, there are challenges. In our house, slippery foods and messy bibs were two of the biggest. Here are two little tricks we used to combat each issue. Paper towel placemats and highchair hooks to the rescue! Early on, one of the Trikester’s favorite foods was melon. Watermelon, cantaloupe, [...]


The BEST Play Time Ideas

I don’t know why it’s hard, but sometimes I struggle when it’s time to play with the Trikester. Maybe some of you have the play gene built-in, but for me, it wasn’t instinctual.  I didn’t grow-up around little kids, and although I’m a teacher, my interactions with teenagers are a far cry from what I’d [...]

what i wish I'd registered for

I Wish I'd Registered For...

When I created my original baby registry, I wasn’t thinking about the long-term. Instead, I filled it with things that we’d need immediately. At the time, I thought this was a great strategy, but if I had to do it over, I’d make some changes. When the Trikester hit six months old, he suddenly needed [...]


Tofu 101

Tofu often gets a bad rap, but I think it’s unfairly earned. I’m not sure why so many people wrinkle their nose in disgust, because when prepared correctly, tofu is great stuff! Tofu is a wonderfully adaptive protein - it’s an awesome vehicle for different flavors, and cooking methods can produce a wide variety of [...]


Post-Baby Workout Wear

In my post-partum mission to get fit, I’m happy to find myself on week 8 of Couch to 5K (I actually jogged for 35 minutes yesterday without stopping!!). Over the past couple of months I have developed a workout uniform that’s quite different from what I would have worn to workout before the Trikester arrived [...]


The Trikester: 7 Month Update

Yup...only a month late with this post. Why hello there, cutie pie! Sleep Woo hoo! We sleep trained this month and it has been WONDERFUL. Well, the actual training part was miserable, but the results are amazing. The Trikester now sleeps in his crib at night, and although I still bounce him on the exercise [...]

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