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Spectra S2 Breastpump Review

There’s a new player in the breast pump field! Meet the Spectra line of pumps. It’s not an Ameda and it’s not a Medela, but it’s still an awesome pump that can totally run with these big names. Above: The Spectra S2 breast pump. When the Trikester was born, I picked an Ameda double electric, […]


Spring Books!

This year, February was the worst weather month EVER recorded in Syracuse, NY, sadly earning us a place on the Weather Channel’s list of top 5 worst winters in the U.S. I was cooped up for the month with a toddler and a newborn, so it was especially excruciating in this household. Even though April is finally […]

39 weeks

Weight Watchers for Nursing Mamas: A Review

50 pounds. Yup, just typing the number is terrifying. This time around, I gained 50 pounds while pregnant with Luigi, meaning my scale hovered around the 200 mark during the last few weeks of pregnancy. I don’t remember exactly how much I gained when I was pregnant with the Trikester, but I think it was […]

Helping a Friend with Preemies in the NICU

My best friend, L, delivered micro-preemie twin girls almost a year ago. Born unexpectedly at 25 weeks, their early arrival was anything but planned. As a friend, I knew how to throw a shower, sew a baby quilt, and shop for onesies, but I didn’t know how to support a new mama and her micro-preemies. Over the […]


Toddler Art Kit for Pinterest Projects

I love to craft and complete DIY projects. I was super pumped to share my love of “making stuff” with the Trikester, but until recently, he just wasn’t developmentally ready. Now that he’s a little more capable, I’ve started scouring Pinterest for toddler craft ideas. In pinning project after project, I realized that I needed […]


A Week of Animal Activities for Toddlers

Luigi is almost two months old! I’m finally feeling comfortable as a mom of two. We still have bad days, but he’s a super easy baby, so things are starting to settle down. Now that I’m actually in a groove and have a few functioning brain cells to spare, I need to find ways to occupy […]


DIY Ball and Car Chute

With the arrival of Luigi, we’ve been working hard to find fun activities to keep the Trikester occupied. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, but I’ve got to give credit to Mr. Tricycle for this project. We’re doing some kitchen renovations, and when he was out at Lowes getting plumbing supplies, he came up with the […]

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