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Travel and the 18 Month Sleep Regression

When Lil Miss Wagon was 19 months old, we took a trip to visit family about 4 hours away. Before our trip, LMW was sleeping beautifully: going to bed around 6:15pm and falling asleep on her own every night, sleeping all night long. Plus she took a 2-3 hour nap every day. Her 5am wakeups [...]

makeup for moms

My Mommy Makeup Routine

As a WOHM (Work Out of Home Mom), I’m faced with the daily challenge of making myself presentable each morning with a very limited amount of time and energy to do so. There are a couple of areas where I still need to get my act together (ahem, hair and wardrobe) but I’ve pretty much [...]


Diaper Bag Review: Babymel Amanda

I absolutely loved my last new diaper bag, the Kate Spade Stevie which I reviewed here, except for one major thing: two-strap bags don’t work on me because I have very narrow, sloping shoulders. So as soon as I put the bag on my shoulder, the strap farther away from my body immediately slips off [...]


Toy Review: AquaDoodle Draw ‘n’ Doodle Mat

We received the AquaDoodle Draw ‘n’ Doodle Mat from a friend as a gift, and boy oh boy, does the whole family love this toy!! It’s pretty simple: you fill the pen with water and then you can “draw” with water through the felt tip. Drawing with the water on the mat reveals colors, and [...]

Decluttering, Donating, and Selling

I think we’ve all heard, a million times over, how much stuff you can accumulate with a growing child in your house. Now imagine there’s two children. And that you have received tons of hand-me-downs from generous friends and family. And that your husband hates to waste anything and refuses to get rid of things [...]

Pregnancy and Eye Health

I’ve always had horrible vision. I started wearing glasses in early elementary school and wore them full time until I got contacts my freshman year of high school. Since then I have worn contacts full time. Before I got pregnant with Wagon Jr., my prescription was -6 in my left eye and -6.5 in my [...]


18 Month / 4 Year Update

Now that Lil Miss Wagon is getting older and Wagon Jr. is 4 years old, I’ve decided to just do updates when we get updated stats from the pediatrician. This probably means individual updates for each kid (WJ’s next one being at 5 years old, yikes!), so this will probably be my last combined update [...]

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