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Help us welcome Baby Y!

Last week, Papa Y and I added another member to the Yo-Yo family. Meet Baby Y (2.0): Snug as a bug He arrived two days past his due date and was a beefy 9 pounds, 10 ounces and 22 inches long. Given his size, I’m so thankful delivery went smoothly. Interestingly, the nursery nurses insist [...]


Being a Part-Time WAHM: A Reality Check

Taking care of Little Y is my full-time job, but I’m also a freelance writer and editor. Other moms often seem interested in the logistics of making a buck while being the primary caregiver for a kiddo or two, so here’s a rundown of how I balance things – or don’t, as the case may [...]


Preparing for a Sibling: Toddler Transitions

Toddlerhood is full of those heart-wrenching “My baby isn’t a baby anymore” moments – and now that we have another kiddo on the way, Little Y truly won’t be the baby of the house.  So here are some ways we’re preparing – and some things we’re deliberately putting off. Ditching the Crib Little Y has [...]


A Surprise Pregnancy: Emotional Differences

Just like my pregnancies have been night and day physically, they’ve been polar opposites emotionally, too. So follow me down this rabbit hole if you dare. It ain’t pretty, but it’s real. Little Y was very much planned. Like, taking-Clomid-and-stalking-Fertility-Friend planned. After I found out I was pregnant, I was the typical first-timer: I had [...]


A Cheap and Cheerful Playroom

Late last fall, after Papa Y and I decided to build a new house, I started poring over floor plans. At the time, we were renting a townhouse with a cramped first floor. Little Y’s toys were constantly underfoot, and even after he was asleep, I felt a little like I was living inside a [...]


A Surprise Pregnancy: Physical Differences

As I mentioned previously, my current pregnancy came as a bit of a surprise. Even more of a shock? Just how different the physical experience has been this time around. Nausea When I was pregnant with Little Y, I had zero sickness. Zip, zilch, nada. I was that lady you love to hate. I went [...]


A Surprise Pregnancy

Back in early February, a little voice told me I better pee on a stick. I was tempted to dismiss that little voice. We had not been TTC in any way, shape or form, and my period wasn’t even late yet. But I don’t get many little voices – at least ones I’ll cop to [...]

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