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Potty training for honey badgers: Boot camp

Behold: Our experience with 3-day potty training, in all its painful, TMI glory. DAY 1 7 a.m. — Little Y is wide awake when I walk into his room. “Is the diaper fairy taking my diapers away today?” he asks. At the beginning of the year, I’d told him the pacifier fairy was going to […]


Potty training for honey badgers: Prologue

I’ve always taken a low-key, wait-and-see approach to potty training. Little Y never seemed to show a lot of interest in the process, and a wet or dirty diaper rarely bothered him. He could walk around all day with a pound of poop in his pants if I let him. Honey badger didn’t care. When […]


Tried and True: Books We Read Over and Over ( … and Over)

There is no shortage of books in our house. Even when I (finally) put my foot down and tell my 3-year-old, “No, you absolutely cannot have another toy car,” chances are decent that I may still buy him a book. Unlike toy cars, you can never have too many books. (Also, books aren’t as much […]


What We Bought (and What We Tossed) for Baby No. 2

One of the most daunting tasks for first-time mamas is researching a never-ending list of baby products. I remember the neurosis very clearly – in fact, the first time I set foot in a Babies ‘R’ Us, I almost hyperventilated. There was just so. much. stuff. The second time around, I thought very little about […]


Life With Two Kids: Still in the Weeds

Where we last left off, my second son had joined our family. Fast-forward nearly nine — NINE! — months, and my little baby isn’t so little anymore. Frankly, I thought it would be way easier by now. I knew I would just have to muddle though those first few sleepless months, and then wait for […]


Feeding My Spoon-Hating Baby: Whatever Works

My first son adored purees. Within a few days of introducing them, he was gobbling down entire containers of fruits and veggies and whining for more. Frankly, I liked spoon-feeding. It was fairly easy to limit the mess, I knew my kiddo was getting a nutritious introduction to solids, and purees made feeding on the […]

things never do

The Things I Said I’d Never Do as a Mom

We all have a list like this, right? The things that made us roll our eyes with righteous indignation, elbow our friends and hiss, “Look. Look at that. I’ll never do that when I have kids.” Riiiight. Feast your eyes on my shattered parenting ideals, people. I said I would never … … Let my […]

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