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30+ Old-Fashioned Games and Activities

Apparently I’m part of a newly named segment of the population called “Xennials,” a microgeneration born during 1977-1983 between the Gen X’rs and Millenials. We grew up with an analog childhood and a digital adulthood so we’re old enough to remember the simple good old days, but young enough to be tech-savvy. We currently live on […]


12 Pasta Salad Recipes for Kids

We live in year-round hot, humid weather, which has me wanting to make cooler dishes like pasta salads. Many recipes are easy to adapt for kids if I omit things they don’t like, like red and green onions. Pepperoni, olives, cucumbers, and grated parmesan cheese are their favorite ingredients. Sadly I haven’t gotten them to […]


What We’re Reading, Watching, Listening and Playing

With summer vacation around the corner and more free time for kids, I thought I would share what my kids (ages 5 and 7) are currently reading, watching, listening and playing! There are no places to purchase any type of media locally, but we take advantage of technology subscribing to online services like Amazon, Spotify, […]


What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day: A Momcation

momcation (noun) – a break from all mom duties while your significant other takes care of the children and household; ideally the break is spent doing whatever the mom wants.  4 years ago I wrote about my 20-hour momcation where I spent the night in a hotel by myself after putting the kids to bed. I drank […]


My Kids’ Favorite Disney Movie Soundtracks

My kids were having trouble falling asleep at night because they’re not as tired lately. They have tons of free play but spend a good portion of the day indoors because it’s summer here right now and the sun is very strong. So they had energy to spare and since there was no need for […]

Birth Control and Periods After Kids

For most of my life, my periods had been relatively light and the main side effects were mild cramps and backaches… then I had kids. They’re now 5 and 7, and I can safely say that my periods now are nothing like what they were pre-kids. I had a glorious break from periods for pretty […]


Names and their Stats

The WolframAlpha search engine is a great way to find out lots of interesting statistics about names. I put in both my kids’ names and found out that Charlie is a more popular name for girls (#207) than it is for boys (#229) nowadays. The most common age of a male Charlie in the US […]

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