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Ballerina Gear

I never imagined putting my daughter in ballet classes because I was such a tomboy growing up, and planned to put her in martial arts classes instead. But Olive received ballet shoes for her birthday from a friend, and she is in a super girly, pink, princess, stage right now. She instantly fell in love […]

old navy women sale

Old Navy 40% Off Sale

Old Navy is having a great sale with 30% off everything, or 40% off if you have a Gap card. I never used store cards before I got a Gap card last year, and it’s been well worth it. You get better/exclusive promotions, advance notice of sales, and reward cards through points. Since it’s the […]

dirty dozen

EWG’s 2015 Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen

The Environmental Working Group just released their 2015 list of the dirty dozen (actually dirty 14) produce that you should try to buy organic because they absorb the most pesticides. The clean fifteen on the other hand absorbs the least amount of pesticides, with avocados being the cleanest. You can read the full report here, and […]

potty training essentials

Potty Training Essentials

They say that girls are usually easier to potty train than boys, but Charlie was easily potty trained while Olive was more of a challenge. We kept putting it off because she didn’t show much interest, then we were traveling, jet lag, etc. But starting a new preschool last fall was a great motivator for […]


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Both Charlie and Olive had so much fun celebrating Valentine’s Day with their classmates.  I think it’s probably the third biggest holiday of the year for kids after Christmas and Halloween around these parts — they came home with so many Valentines and treats! I tried to do Valentines that matched each of their personalities. […]


Up to 50% off at Gap Kids Through Tonight

I buy most of the kids’ clothes from the Gap, and they’re having a sale up to 50% off through tonight. If you spend $100 on kids’ clothes, you get an additional 10% off with code KBDEAL, and 4% cash back with ebates. Their sales usually exclude jeans, pajamas, first favorites and Junk Food, all […]


Review: My Fitness Pal App

I recently started using the My Fitness Pal website and free app (on itunes and android) to keep track of how much calories I consume daily. It’s been very eye-opening because there were many days I was consuming more than double what I should have! Exercise has worked to help maintain my weight in the past, but […]

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