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Easter Egg Carton7

DIY Easter Egg Carton Teacher Gifts

I’d always wanted to gift Charlie and Olive’s teachers office supplies, and I thought Easter was the perfect opportunity because I could use egg cartons as containers. You can fill the cartons with anything you like – school supplies, chocolate, candy, beauty products, etc., and even take it up a notch by painting the cartons like […]


Art Supplies for Kids 5+

I did a huge roundup of must-have arts and crafts supplies last year, and Mrs. Tricycle recently wrote a great post on must-have Pinterest art supplies for toddlers. Charlie draws independently every day, and Olive is becoming a little budding artist herself. Her preschool teachers tell us that she always heads for the art table during […]

St. Patrick's Day2

St. Patrick’s Day Class and Teacher Gift Printables

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, and I wanted to share a quick and easy printable for classroom and teacher gifts. You can download this “A Teacher is Like a Four Leaf Clover Hard to Find and Lucky to Have” tag here. I bought some $1 lottery scratchers, taped them to the back of the tag […]


Easter Bunnies

Easter is coming up on April 5th, and if you’re looking to add an Easter Bunny to your child’s Easter basket, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites below! 1) Blabla Pierre Bunny – BlaBla’s 100% cotton dolls made in Peru are modern day classics. They’re available in 3 different sizes and in 3 different styles: Pierre, […]

elementary school lunch

Elementary School Lunch Gear

Charlie has to walk a couple of blocks to his after school program, and with his school stuff, lunch bag, and swimming gear, his backpack was getting way too heavy. I’ve tried a lot of lunch boxes over the years and though I’m still a fan of Yumbox and Planetbox, I really needed something much […]


What We Eat in One Week

Since I’m horrible at meal planning, I’m always fascinated by what other families buy and eat and how they plan it all out. I try to batch cook on Sundays, or sometimes I cook 2 dinners every other evening during the week so I don’t have to cook every night. Because I don’t like planning, I […]


Ballerina Gear

I never imagined putting my daughter in ballet classes because I was such a tomboy growing up, and planned to put her in martial arts classes instead. But Olive received ballet shoes for her birthday from a friend, and she is in a super girly, pink, princess, stage right now. She instantly fell in love […]

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