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What to Buy at Old Navy Right Now

I usually buy a lot of the kids’ clothes from Old Navy because they have a big selection of affordable clothes and basics they usually bring back year after year. Often people will be surprised when I tell them that something the kids wear is from Old Navy…. they’ve really stepped it up in the [...]


What to Buy at Gap for Boys Right Now

It’s true that there are many more clothing options for girls, but that doesn’t mean our little boys can’t be stylish! Charlie is turning 5 soon and he’s at the age where he fits into the largest size in the toddler section, and the smallest size in the boys’ section. Because he’s a small kid, [...]


Throwing a Birthday Party at the Park (and a Free Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable)

We celebrated Olive’s third birthday at the park this past weekend! Typically it’s too cold to have an outdoor birthday, but due to temperate fall weather we were able to do it this year. And Olive loves the great outdoors so this is the type of party she’d love best. Overall it was probably more [...]


What to Buy at Gap for Toddler Girls Right Now

Olive outgrew most of her clothes from last year, so I recently updated her wardrobe with some fall and winter pieces. Charlie can usually get at least 2 years’ worth of wear out of his clothes… sometimes even 3 with pants (the benefits of being small), so he didn’t need much this year. I have [...]

cute costumes for girls

40 Cute Halloween Costumes for Kids

October is my favorite month of the year because it has the best fall weather, and I love Halloween! Charlie has decided to go as Captain America, and Olive wanted to be Dora but it’s going to be too cold so she’s going as a black cat. Your tiniest ones will probably look adorable whatever [...]


25 Children’s Activities for a Park Birthday Party

I’ve always wanted to have an outdoor birthday party for my kids, but both of them have cold weather birthdays. Luckily we’re having a very temperate fall this year, and the weather is warm enough to have Olive’s 3rd birthday in the park! I love park birthdays because kids have fun running around even if [...]

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The Grocery Shopping List for Kids

I loved Mrs. Chipmunk’s perpetual shopping list and decided to make one for myself because I’ve tried various apps, but good old-fashioned paper lists just work better for me. I shop at a bunch of different places, so customizing a list according to what I buy where makes the most sense. I plan to laminate it, [...]

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