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40 Party Balloon Ideas

Balloons are one of the most inexpensive ways to make a big visual impact at a party, especially if you don’t use helium. They’re so versatile and with a little diy, you can completely transform them. Here are some of the best, most creative, and easy ways to use balloons for your next party! Yay Balloon […]


What’s On Our Bookshelf – 6 Year Old Edition

Charlie and Olive enjoy many of the same books, and I shared Olive’s current favorite books here. At 6 years of age Charlie definitely has a longer attention span, better comprehension, and broader tastes since he can read on his own, but reading books out loud are still an important part of each day for us. […]


14 Things I Miss About Living in the US

Undoubtedly the United States is one of the most convenient places to live in the world, where you have easy access to just about anything you want or need. Our current lives on a remote tropical island in the Philippines are much simpler, and almost everything, even basic necessities, can feel like a luxury. Though […]


Stylish Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

One of my closest childhood friends recently moved to Korea, and I’ll be in Korea on her due date! She’s pregnant with her second child, and with second and third children I like to gift things they might not purchase themselves since they have most of the basics already. These are some of my favorite […]

10 podcasts to check out

10 Great Podcasts to Check Out

Our internet at home isn’t fast enough to surf Instagram or stream Netflix, and we don’t have many cable channels, so my main form of entertainment in El Nido is podcasts. I’ve been listening to a bunch of different ones and thought I would share some of my favorites, besides Serial and This American Life. When […]

picture books 4 year old

What’s On Our Bookshelf – 4 Year Old Edition

When we moved to El Nido, we had to leave behind all the children’s books we’d amassed over the years. Luckily I found a used bookstore in the island capital 5 hours away with books from elementary schools and libraries in the US and UK. Children’s books are very hard to find here (new and […]


Day In The Life – Philippines Edition

edit: Our internet went down and this post went up unfinished! Such is island life. It’s been updated now! We’ve been living in the Philippines for exactly 3 months now, so I thought it was about time to share a day in the life. Because our schedules are not as rigid as they were in […]

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