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Weekly Link Roundup – July 23, 2016

A little weekend reading for you in the form of some of the most interesting parenting links I’ve found around the web! PREGNANCY & POSTPARTUM On Pregnancy and Parenting with a Very Pregnant Ali Wong via Netflix Biologists Just Busted this Long-Standing Sex Myth via IFL Science Having a Boy? It Could Mean You’re at a […]

Weekly Link Roundup – July 8, 2016

I have tons of links to share this week! A couple of these are from earlier this year, but I hadn’t seen them before and thought they were interesting so I included them below. Our first friends from America are visiting this weekend, and we’re so excited! Unfortunately a typhoon has brought a lot of […]


New Generation – Sweets!

It’s difficult to choose a favourite from our latest batch of icons! And we have two new Sweets bloggers to introduce later today! Which one is your favorite?


Weekly Link Roundup

I come across so many parenting related articles and blog posts each week, I thought I would round them up regularly. We can all use a little extra reading on Friday, no? Hope you have a most fantastic weekend! E D U C A T I O N The Best and Worst States to Raise […]


10 Things My Kids Have Learned While Living Abroad

I’ve written before about the benefits of traveling with young children, even for those that are too young to remember the trip, because so much learning takes place outside of the classroom. Here are 10 things my kids (ages 4.5 & 6.5) have learned while traveling and living abroad for the past 8 months! 1) How to […]

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What I’m Reading

With regular internet and electricity outages in El Nido, podcasts and books are my main sources of entertainment. I have to admit that I do miss high speed internet, Hulu/Netflix (I don’t watch tv at all anymore), and going to the movies, but this will probably be the only chance in my life where I […]


The Benefits of Playing Card Games for Kids

Olive is 4 1/2 and learned how to play Uno a couple months ago. She is hooked and we call her the Uno Queen because she almost always wins! We play Uno or cards almost every day in our home, and I can see the many positive impacts it has had on both kids. Charlie has […]

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