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The Benefits of Playing Card Games for Kids

Olive is 4 1/2 and learned how to play Uno a couple months ago. She is hooked and we call her the Uno Queen because she almost always wins! We play Uno or cards almost every day in our home, and I can see the many positive impacts it has had on both kids. Charlie has […]


Zara Sale!

Zara’s biannual sale is live online and in stores now! Because everything on their site is on sale, you won’t find massive discounts, but you will find an incredible selection. The sale typically lasts a month or so, but the most popular sizes and items will sell out quickly. I always find a ton of […]


Educating a 4 and 6 Year Old

As we settled into our new lives in El Nido, we looked into sending Charlie and Olive to a local private school. When we attended their orientation, we discovered that all the classes were taught in Tagalog – and there was a big focus on the history of the Philippines. Since we’re not planning to be in the […]


The Most Flattering Swimming Suits

My body has never been the same since having Charlie and Olive, even if the number on the scale is the same as it was pre-kids. The biggest difference is I have that belly pooch many of us are left with post kids that is so hard to get rid of. I hated the way […]


4 and 6

I haven’t written an update on the kids since Charlie turned 4 (he’s 6 1/2 now), but maybe it’s because I would consider this age to be another “golden era” of parenting for me. We’ve been through all the big first milestones of early childhood (starting kindergarten and first grade, losing 6 teeth so far, […]

We’re Looking for New Bloggers!

We’re looking for bloggers to join the Hellobee Team! Do you have a unique or interesting story? Are you great at researching and sharing information? Do you have a great eye for style? Whether you’re pregnant or have teenagers, we’re looking for a diverse group of mamas to share their parenthood journeys! We’re also accepting guest posts […]


Seoul, Korea with Kids

We just got back from a 10 day trip to Seoul, Korea, and we already can’t wait to go back! Most of my relatives live in Korea so it was my fourth time visiting, although I hadn’t been back in 12 years. It’s changed so much in that time and Seoul is now one of […]

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