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30 “Thanks for Helping Me Grow” Teacher Appreciation Gifts

I gifted bamboo plants to Charlie and Olive’s teachers last year because I┬áloved the sentiment behind the “thanks for helping me grow” tag, as well as giving them something that lasts. Bamboo is seriously hard to kill, even for my black thumb! For Teacher Appreciation day this May 5th, I’ll be giving succulents, another hard […]

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Destination: Woodstock, NY

We use all our vacation time to visit family, so we’ve never taken a vacation with just the four of us. After a long, cold winter I was itching for a getaway, so two weeks ago we decided to take a little weekend trip upstate. Mr. Bee found the cutest cabin nestled in the mountains […]


School Birthday Party Gifts Made Easy

With over 50 classmates between them both, Charlie and Olive attend a lot of birthday parties. I think birthdays become so special to kids from 3 on, and they love celebrating all their little friends’ birthdays. Sometimes we even have two parties at the same time and have to split up with each kid, although […]


24 Stylish Kid Shoe Brands

I buy a lot of the kids’ shoes from Gap, Old Navy, and Zara, and the stylish options for kids’ shoes these days are pretty ridiculous; most of the shoes below actually come in adult sizes! You’ll see some tried and true favorites that we buy year after year in the next size up, as […]


Girly Picture Books for Preschoolers

I’ve blogged in the past about Olive being a reluctant reader. When she was a baby, we stuck mostly to lift the flap and texture books because they were the only ones that were able to maintain her attention for any extended period of time. We had a breakthrough when she was about 2 years […]


After School Care and Free Play

When Charlie started public pre-k, we never considered other after school care options because the on-site program was the most convenient and affordable option ($300/month until 6pm M-F). We couldn’t even register for 2, hour-long classes a week for less than that, and a sitter would have cost much more. The program had some sports […]


Easter Project Roundup

Spring Break started for Charlie and Olive yesterday, and they’re off for the next 10 days! They have a fun week planned with mini-camp, a sleepover, and a trip upstate with some friends. Phew I never did anything like that during my spring breaks growing up! My parents were immigrants so we didn’t celebrate most […]

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