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Most Popular Posts of 2016

Many of us have the day (or even week!) off, so posting will be a little light this week. Here are some of the most popular posts on Hellobee over the past year! .  .  .  .  . All About the Instapot Pressure Cooker by Mrs. High Heels Mrs. Sun’s Journey to Having Twins Part […]


Holiday Post Roundup 2

We did a holiday post roundup after Thanksgiving, and here is a roundup of posts that have gone up since then! We hope you and your family have a most wonderful weekend no matter how you’re celebrating it! G I F T  I D E A S 25 Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays by […]


Living Abroad, One Year Later

We’ve been living in the Philippines for just over one year now. In that time I’ve had so many evolving feelings about living abroad and going back to the US, and I feel completely different today than I did 6 months ago. On City Life vs. Island Life The first 6 months living here was […]


25 Christmas Crafts and Activities for Kids

We hear it’s freezing in most parts of the US right now! It’s hot and humid here in the Philippines, but we’re still in full-on Christmas mode. We’ve decorated our tree, put up Christmas lights, have been listening to Christmas songs, watching Christmas movies, reading Christmas books, doing a Pokemon figure advent calendar, and planning […]


My Christmas Toy Wishlist (For a 5 and 7 Year Old)

We don’t have many toys here and I’ve omitted my mile long wishlist of educational toys, but this is what is on my wishlist for my kids this Christmas. My kids love arts and crafts, stuffed dolls, and imaginary play! 1) Candy Construction – How adorable is this gingerbread house building set? 2) Fort Kit – My […]


20 Practical Gifts for the Travel Enthusiast

We’ve traveled about once a month over the past year we’ve been living in the Philippines, so I have packed many suitcases in that time! We’re avid travelers and while I try to pack light, there are some things that I always bring with me to make the journey more organized and comfortable with kids. […]

Christmasy  xmas style tree decoration

The Ultimate Holiday Song Playlist

Growing up in an immigrant family, we didn’t really celebrate Christmas but I’ve always loved the holiday season and have completely embraced it since having kids. I want them to have many nostalgic memories of our holidays together, and listening to Christmas music is a must! Since our internet at home is too slow to […]

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