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When Did You Stop Believing in Santa?

My son just turned 8 this month, and I wonder if this will be the last year that he believes in Santa. Since we moved to the Philippines two years ago, we started downplaying Santa because we couldn’t explain why Charlie and Olive got so many presents for Christmas while many local kids didn’t get […]

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Zara Sale!

One of my favorite sales of the year is live now. Shop quickly – the best styles always sell out fast!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We’ll be signing off for the Christmas weekend and will be back next week with light posting. My family will be having a huge traditional Filipino Christmas dinner like we do every year we’ve lived in the Philippines, filled with lots of food, games and karaoke. I can’t wait until my kids wake up Christmas […]

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Gifts for Yourself

Moms are the Christmas magic makers so I think we should gift ourselves a little something too after all the hard work that goes into a holiday season! A karaoke machine from Korea (so I can sing Korean songs) has been at the top of my wishlist, but here are 15 practical yet still indulgent […]


15 Things My Parents Did That Parents Can’t Do Today

It’s amazing how much parenting has changed in just one generation. When I was a kid growing up in the city, all the neighborhood kids played outside completely unsupervised until the sun set. We had so much freedom to do just about anything we wanted – ride bikes, climb trees, get into mischief. Luckily nothing […]

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23 Unique Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

Olive’s 6th birthday just passed in October and I shared a a gift guide for 6-year-old girls back then. She’s pretty easy to please when it comes to gifts since her love for stuffed animals and mini toys haven’t waned over the past couple of years. But I scoped out stores like Etsy, Magic Cabin, Hearthsong, Anthropologie, and […]


Gift Ideas for an 8 Year Old

Charlie’s 8th birthday is this week so I’ve been thinking about gifts for 8-year-olds for a while now. As he gets older the toy options lessen, so I try to focus more on things that are educational or encourage activity. These are all things that I know he would love! 1) Squigs – Pretty much any […]

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