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Sticking with Activities

Back in the fall, when we signed M up for ice skating, she was thrilled. She desperately wanted to skate, so badly that the organizers let us in a few months early (she was turning three that November, but was supposed to already be three before she could start). She was so excited about her […]


Finding our Village

I’m at home this week with both kids — it’s spring break, and M’s preschool asked if we wanted to take her home for the week, free of charge. We normally pay present or not, but they had an influx of kindergarten kids who needed childcare, and they knew I’d be home with A because […]

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Cesareans and Choice

When I came home after having M — born via unplanned cesarean after 60 hours of labour, face up with a head that wouldn’t turn or tuck — many women sent me messages telling me about their own unplanned Cesarean births. People I hadn’t talked to since high school, loose acquaintances on my Facebook list, […]


Choosing Your Words: Cesarean Birth

As my body starts to feel more like mine again, post-cesarean birth, I’ve been thinking about Cesareans and their role in my life. I recently stumbled across this article, which is several years old but felt very fresh to me. The idea behind it is that we often say c-section, Cesarean section, or just ‘section’… Now […]


Making it Through the Fourth Trimester, the Second Time Around

Baby A is definitively out of that squishy newborn phase. He hit three months last week and he’s looking so much like a big boy these days. It’s amazing how quickly it flew by! As a first-time mom with M I had a hell of a time with the so-called fourth trimester, a.k.a. the first […]


The Infant Diagnostic Hearing Test Experience

Right after he was born, A failed both his immediate newborn hearing screening, and the in-town referral stemming from the first fail. That meant we were booked in for a more intensive audiology referral, for a diagnostic hearing test that would actually measure his response to auditory stimulus rather than just registering a pass or […]


Setting Up Self-Serve Stations

Before A was born, I decided to set up a snack drawer for M in our fridge. She had just learned how to open the fridge door and rather than lock her out, I wanted to work with it, knowing that she would eventually outsmart any childproofing attempts. I had heard from experienced mama friends […]

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