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Failing the Newborn Hearing Screen

After A was born, on our second day in the hospital, he had a newborn hearing screen done. Apparently this is a newer practice for Manitoba — the legislation for universal screening kicked in for all babies born in Manitoba after September 1 of this year. I still wasn’t surprised to see the technician show up with […]

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Differences Between Recovery – Planned C-Section vs. Unplanned

When I had M in November 2013, it was an unplanned Cesarean that came after 60 hours of labour, during which I walked around for days with back labour, tried demerol and morphine for pain relief, received a pitocin drip and fentanyl (never again!) and ultimately stalled out around seven centimetres dilated with a baby […]


Keeping Track of Your Life When You Can’t Keep Track of Your Life

I sometimes find myself in a struggle between my Type-A self, who wants to have every decision made and planned and ideally crossed off a to-do list, and my realistic self who is a bit (okay, maybe a lot) tired, feeling pulled in numerous directions, and incapable of keeping anything straight in my mind for more than a […]

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Postpartum Body Image, the Second Time Around

One of the moments that sticks out to me, after I had M, was when I was getting dressed to go get my staples out. It was my first time putting on real clothes to leave the house, having lived in a nursing tank and pyjama pants for about four days. I was very swollen, still, […]


Keeping Our Kid in Preschool During Maternity Leave

We recently had a disastrous morning — well, frankly, we’ve had a LOT of disastrous mornings since we brought A home, but this one was especially bad. I can’t carry anything heavier than the baby, so Mac Daddy has been soloing preschool drop-off and pickup, and it hasn’t been easy to get M out of […]


My Time as an Exclusive Pumper

In all that I had imagined about parenthood when I was pregnant with M, exclusive pumping was never part of it. I expected I would breastfeed — I was formula fed myself, but Mac Daddy is very enthusiastic about breastfeeding, and I saw my older sister successfully manage it with my niece, so it felt […]

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“Are You Going to Have More Kids?”

When I first talked to my doctor about a VBAC, and again when we decided on a scheduled c-section, the same question came up — “Are you going to have more kids?” It hasn’t been entirely easy to answer. When I was in my early and mid-20s, I figured we’d have three kids. I’m the […]

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