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Setting Up Self-Serve Stations

Before A was born, I decided to set up a snack drawer for M in our fridge. She had just learned how to open the fridge door and rather than lock her out, I wanted to work with it, knowing that she would eventually outsmart any childproofing attempts. I had heard from experienced mama friends […]


Living the Second-Time Mom Life

I remember writing a day in the life post for my personal blog, back when M was maybe two months old. It featured me frantically trying to get a shower all day long, in between running loads of laundry to the basement and tidying up the house. Thinking back on it now, with two month […]

M’s Not-So-Pinteresty Valentines

My parenting philosophy, while not a really formalized idea, basically revolves around “whatever is easy is good.” My kid wants to wear two different socks to preschool? Whatever; it’s easy and I’m not gonna fight it. She expresses her personality and I’m fine with it, and I get a kick out of seeing what she […]


Getting Around in our Thule Chariot

About a month ago I was suffering through yet another -25C (-13F) day, stuck inside with the kids, scrolling through my social media feeds when I saw a friend had posted a photo of herself, and her toddler, out for a walk on that exact same day. Her kid was sleeping snuggled up in their […]


Breastfeeding Baby Two

Breastfeeding my firstborn was a battle for a long time. We started out well, but fought a shallow latch, tongue tie, thrush, and the need for exclusive pumping. Through sheer stubbornness we never had to supplement with formula, but it was really rough until we finally got things smoothed over at six months or so. […]


Bringing the Happy Colour Back

I wrote before about how we are keeping our three-year-old in preschool while I’m on maternity leave, until summer, when she’ll be out of school and at home with me and her brother. After she’d been home for two weeks around Christmas she was asking me when she could go back to school, so even […]


Our Umbilical Granuloma Experience

Let me put this out there right away: belly buttons make me squeamish. My own, other people’s… they bother me. I don’t know why. But when I was pregnant with M, one of the things that made me most nervous was knowing I’d have to deal with an umbilical cord stump. Hers stuck around for […]

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