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The Healing Plan Update — Online Dating??

I planned for this month to be all about getting into a day care groove, sleeping more, finding time to remedy my dismal fashion sense, and generally moving forward in life.  And most days I have.  This month I managed to find time to get my highlights and hair cut for the first time in […]

The Daycare Juggle: Five Tips for Getting into a Good Groove

I have a confession.  I’m not an organized person.  In the comment section of my elementary school report cards, without fail, my teachers would write that I was an excellent student, but my lack of organizational skills was hindering my performance.  As best as I can remember about my elementary school days, this was a […]

Househunting: 5 Considerations for Finding the Family Home

With interest rates at an all time low, it’s a house-hunting I go!  And from the real estate reports, it seems I’m in good company.  In many areas, the cost of a mortgage is considerably less than paying rent, even after factoring in home-owner related expenses.  Take the little bungalow I rented in West Asheville.  […]

All Baby Needs is Love

What does it take to raise a happy, healthy baby?  This question has been on the front of my mind ever since I started grappling with being a single mama.  All I could think of was my poor baby swimming around in a sea of sadness that was me at eight months pregnant and dealing […]


The Nature Hour

The nature hour – this is sacred time. In a day chock full, for these sixty minutes alone there is no to-do list. We’re busy. The mornings are hectic with day care logistics, commute and getting ready for work. And the end of the day can be a blur with little time between dinner, cleaning […]


Spa Day for the Frugal Mama

Ever have those weeks when you just want to push the reset button?  I’m sure having one.  Between juggling daycare, sleep training, and getting myself out the door in the mornings,  most mornings I feel an enormous wave of relief just to be sitting behind my desk working by 9.  On top of our new […]

Let’s Talk About Self Care

The first time I flew with Baby T, the flight attendant personally reminded me that in the event of an emergency, I needed to put my own oxygen mask on before putting one on Baby T.  Sure, I had heard this very same announcement dozens of times before.  But now I was a mama.  My […]

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